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Casio 2018 GX56BB-1 Watch G-Shock XL King of G Shock Black on Black

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Item model number: GX56BB-1
  • Batteries: 1 CR2 batteries required.
  • Date First Available: June 8, 2016
  • ASIN: B01GR7MF4S
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #39,403 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    • #24 in Women's Outdoor Recreation Sport Watches
    • #58 in Men's Outdoor Recreation Sport Watches
    • #28 in Women's Sport Watches

    Great looking watch when I got it . Loved it until in the shower it fogged up and never was the same . Meant to have rated underwater capacity .. didn’t even pass the shower test .really sucks and as someone who has has 3 previous g shocks goes against the whole point of having a rugged watch . Also if you use the auto light expect your watch to consistently have low battery warnings so that’s a pointless function as well

    I received a "returned" watch. Watch was stained, greasy...etc. God only knows what the first owner did while wearing it. Looked like it was re-packed by a chimp.
    Seller claims that Amazon is at fault. That it is Amazons practice to re-ship returned items to the next buyer. I can understand to a degree, but at least check it out first!
    Needless to say, I am returning it. Maybe the next one will be factory fresh. After all, that is what I payed for.

    I own a Casio Edifice ECB500D-1A. It is a watch, which I wear, each time I went out. Sure, it is a sports/dress hybrid, kind of watch. However, the watch cost, too much to wear in the outdoors and has, too much of a fancy look to wear, more than, casually. Therefore, I went on the hunt for an all-black, military, stealth-looking, solar-powered, heavy-duty watch, which I can for the outdoors. I saw the G-Shock GX-56BB Blackout Series and was in awe. It had the features I wanted and more.

    **THE GX-56BB IS NOT MULTIBAND 6!!!!**

    BUILD: The GX-56BB is made of resin with a solid, matte black finish. The dial window is made of mineral. The digital display is gold. The combination gives the watch a stealth-like, military, look. The GX-56BB is large and well-built. It has a thick, 17.50-millimeter case, which consists of a new, triple-layered, structure, which has a soft and hard, urethane with Alpha GEL. Part of that structure can be seen on the inner-edges, beneath the solar panels. The Alpha GEL is what makes the watch have shock absorption, vibration isolation and dissipate heat. That triple-layered build is awesome, making the GX-56BB, durable and virtually, indestructible. Once, I saw a magazine, which showed, each layer of the structures, more in-depth and in 3-D. As a bonus, the watch is 200 meters (650+ feet), water-resistant, magnetic resistant AND mud resistant. With that said, I have always wanted a mud resistant watch, which is why I wanted the Casio G-Shock Mudmaster. However, I got this watch with that feature for less than half the price. Also, to add to the durability and indestructibility of this watch, I would recommend, purchasing wire-face protection, bull bar. The bull bar adds increased protection and style to the watch.

    FEATURES: As I mentioned above, the GX-56BB is not Multiband 6, which is a feature of the similar, but increasingly expensive, Japan version (GXW-56BB-1JF). This means, with the GX-56BB, the user will have to manually set the time. With Multiband 6, the time will set, automatically via radio waves from the watch’s built-in antenna. To start off, one of the coolest features of this watch is the tough solar power. This is a rare feature for a sports watch. The power-saving mode is an added bonus to this feature, adding longevity. Users will know, when this feature is activated, when they see “PS”, directly under the date on the display. One example of the power-saving function is, if the power-saving mode is selected, if the watch is in darkness for an extended period of time, the watch will shut off. The power-saving mode is, so sensitive, if the watch is under the user’s sleeve for an extended period of time, the watch will power off. The power-saving feature can be manipulated. For example, when out of use, place the watch, face-down! Now, if the watch is exposed to any kind of light, the watch will restore power and all of the settings will remain the same. Next, there is the mud-resistant feature. I decided to test the mud-resistance of this watch, while I was at Myrtle Beach. While in the water, I buried the watch in the wet sand for a few minutes. Afterward, I took the watch out and it was completely covered in muddy sand. I plunged it in the water and the watch was still, functional. Not to mention, the watch looked like it had not been in any kind of elements, whatsoever.

    OTHER FEATURES: The GX-56BB has a world time feature of 31 time zones OF 48 cities and UTC (Universal Time Coordinated Universal Time). Another feature is daylight-savings time, which can be turned on/off. Another cool feature is the watches EL backlight with afterglow. The color of the backlight is, as a combination of blue and green on the display. In addition to the backlight, the GX-56BB has an auto-light feature. This feature can be turned on/off. With auto-light activated, the display must be aimed towards the face and the light will power on. Users will know, when this auto-light feature has been activated because an “A.EL” will be displayed, right above the seconds. The GX-566BB has four, daily alarms and a snooze function. Then, there is a button operation tone, which can be turned on/off and an hourly time signal, which can be turned on/ff. The GX-56BB, also has a full-auto calendar, countdown timer, a stopwatch, and 12/24 time formats.

    VERDICT: The GX-566BB is a jack-of-all-trades, making it a must-own, ESPECIALLY for the outdoors. In addition to the price, build, and the features, which I mentioned for this watch, the purchaser is surely, getting a steal.

    Great watch! really love the blackout face. The watch is pretty big but has a very rugged and tough look to it. I do wish it had atomic time keeping but i know that would bring the price up as well. I am glad it has the solar feature so i don't have to worry about changing the battery anytime soon. Overall at around a hundred bucks i feel this is a great watch to add to your G-shock collection.

    Greetings my name is Albert Camacho, I like Casio watches, I have more than 20 years using only this watch brand. Buy this model GX-56BB for the reason that it is solar and in my country Rep. Dom. Is a very sunny, and I thought to buy this watch that was not going to have problems with clock for at least 10 years.
    The reason for giving this score has been for the reason that after 3 months of wearing the watch, one day I bathed in a pool with my children and the next day the screen is totally covered with moisture.
    The company that sold the product one of the causes of that can happen, is that this effect is regular in these models when there is a lot of humidity, this answer makes me uncomfortable because in my country it is sun all year round. Well I have another older model which is not solar and has never presented a fault like that.
    I have put two photos of the model GX-56BB and another of my old model which I am still using.

    I've owned many sports watches, most of them cheaper than this one. However, this is the first one that I've ever gotten water inside (perhaps it was always there). I have no idea how the water got in, as I have not gone diving with the watch and at most have swam briefly in a small pool. In any case the watch is NOT water resistant. Because of the water damage it's almost impossible to read the time. When the weather changes and the watch fogs up and you can't read it at all. Although it has a nice "tough" look about it, it does have many limitations. Even without the water fogging up inside, it is very hard to read the numbers in low light. In either direct sunlight or pressing the light button at night it is ok. Again, low light is the problem. Overall, I would not reccomend this watch at all. Save your money and buy a cheaper, more reliable watch.

    The size, the finish and the style is immense. You can wear this to any occasion. For those that were wondering about the size like I did. I attached a picture compared to one of the more common rounded g-shock.

    Overbuilt, masculine, and absolutely functional, this is one of my favorite EDC watches. I bought it specifically for military training, where I need to use the stopwatch frequently, and it has been a lifesaver. The buttons are massive and easy to press (great when wearing gloves), the screen is huge, and the illumination works perfectly. When training in the dark, I never leave without this on my wrist.

    Everything I expected in a G-Shock. Big, tough, those signature difficult-to-push buttons, all the timezones, stopwatch and countdown etc., all the features we are used to. I don't find it difficult to read the black on black display, although I can see how some people would. This is the first G-Shock I've owned with the dual prong latch. But the nice part is instead of fiddling with two individual prongs, it's a forked prong, so putting it on is very easy. If I had all kinds of cash I might also buy the black and red version of this watch. The blacked out look is cool but a tiny bit of colour would be interesting. Still I am very happy with this purchase.

    WOW, primero que nada esta enorme lo cual me gusta, mido 1.90 y soy de muñeca grande y se ve genial, al ser solar te olvidad de que pierda el sello contra agua al cambiar la bateria. Muy resistente.

    El reloj Casio G-Shock GX-56BB-1D es muy bonito, llegó con la caja destapada y el sobre a medio abrir, no muy confiablemente lo abrí y el reloj estaba fuera de su caja.
    Cuando lo revisé y empecé a programarlo me dio una sensación de confianza y al ponérmelo fue muy cómodo.
    Anoche programé la función de iluminación automática y me gustó mucho ya que enciende en color azul aguamarina, el que más me gusta, solo que un poco tenue para mi gusto personal. Debería encender algo más fuerte para quienes no vemos muy bien.
    El tamaño está perfecto, no se siente que sea un reloj muy grande cuando en medidas si lo es.
    La pantalla es totalmente negra y eso me encanta porque lo hace verse un reloj muy agresivo, especializado en algo y para vestir de forma casual, para ir a nadar, bucear, pescar, a hacer boating, a kayakear, y hasta para ir a observar las Lluvias de Estrellas es algo sensacional.
    Para mis guardias como paramédico también es un reloj muy aguantador y se puede emplear como reloj/herramienta de trabajo, para tomar signos vitales, etc.
    Espero que sea un reloj original y que no se le meta el agua ya que no he probado esa cualidad.
    Saludos cordiales.


    Extraordinario reloj, simplemente perfecto, es un reloj con características increíbles, vale cada centavo que cuesta, soy amante de los relojes y éste es francamente uno qué merece una posición aparte, es atemporal, super resistente, tamaño perfecto para hombre, deportivo y en un color elegante, no se arrepentirán de comprarlo, vaya, por algo es el rey de los g shock.

    This is my first watch from Casio and now I got them. I wanted a watch with a large dial and to be special. I tried different Casio watches and they all seemed faded and small. When I received them - I immediately fell in love with me. They are completely black and big as I wanted.

    They MADE in THAILAND.

    I am confused by the fact that several people wrote about such a problem as fogging the watches. Therefore, I began to use watches everywhere and in the bath, too, with the contrast of "cold-heat."Nothing happens!

    This watch is totally a badass. It is big, really big and bulky yet I love it. It is a G-Shock on asteroids. Very masculine and rugged. It is bulky and will not fit under a shirt sleeve. It is a totally suitable for weekends and relaxed out fits. The negative display is a bit hard to read and I will end up using the built in light a lot. It is built like a tank with a tough solar cell so it will never need a battery replacement. The seller is awesome. The watch is brand new. I had some bad luck recently with a few used watches sold as brand new. Not this seller whom I highly recommend. I’m very happy with how the watch looks and it is a keeper.

    So if you dont like the black negative display then this watch is not for you, i personally like it, quality is good, big watch which i also like it, totally recommended.

    Bought this watch a while ago and I couldn't be happier with it. It's solar so I just leave it in the kitchen to get some light sometimes. But the battery is so good you don't really have to do this often. Only problem someone could have with this watch is the size of it. Its really big. But I am a big dude so my opinion stays at 5 star cause it fits me like a charm!

    Thank you casio for this amazing watch!

    Everything is as expected of a G-Shock. The build quality is amazing. However, when it comes to legibility there are some significant issues with this model. 1. The white/transparent characters against a black background makes information quite hard to read. 2. The screen seems more reflective than it might be with a black background behind it. This makes all the fingerprints and dust particles that much visible and spoil your view when you turn your wrist to check time in presence of a light source (that causes the reflection).

    Wanted this for a long time, as I found the regular Casio squares too small for my 7.5 inch wrist. When I got it discounted to 140 CAD, it was too good to pass up. The watch is big, like really big, but light so you don't really feel it on the wrist. I have worn it for a day at the beach, and have not really had any issue with the negative display, though I dearly would have preferred a positive LCD display. Two days outdoors took the charge to H and it has stayed there for the last two weeks indoors

    Great looking watch. Size is perfect for my wrist if you like chunky watches. But I have to say the quality is not there. only after 4 months of daily wear the watch face fogs up when going between temperature differences under the glass and you cannot see anything.

    A tough watch that makes a statement with it's sheer size. I really want to like this watch. However, I have a difficult time seeing the display in all but the brightest light. The EL backlight is very brief... allowing me to read the time quickly, but if I need to do anything else (Set an alarm, for example.) I am forced to turn on a bright lamp. I would highly recommend this watch if it had a positive display. EDIT: I recently purchased a small sheet of polarized film and modded the watch. It now has a great easy to read positive display. My favourite watch now!

    Buen reloj, mido 1.90 y este reloj va deacuerdo a mi talla. Lo compré como en $1600 así que fue muy buena compra.

    Commandée le 17 juin réception le 26 juin, c'est hyper rapide pour un article venant de Chine.
    Bravo au fournisseur "zipanguclub"
    La montre maintenant :
    Alors oui, c'est une grosse montre, petits bras s'abstenir !
    L'appui sur les touches est "viril" car il faut parvenir à actionner les tiges de réglage qui plongent au contact du module numérique abrité derrière une triple épaisseur protectrice, composée de :
    1-Plastique (la coque classique des g-shock) encore améliorée ici.
    2-Résine (le boitier)
    3-Cales supplémentaires en silicone (antivibration et antichoc)
    Même le verre de l'écran et en double épaisseur.
    Certains et ils auront raison, pesteront contre la lisibilité qui pâtit comme d'hab. d'un affichage petit mais aussi et surtout "négatif" (chiffres et lettres grisés sur fond noir) c'est une mode ! vivement qu'elle passe et qu'on revienne à un affichage raisonnable.
    Dans les faits elle n'est pas vraiment lisible, il faut faire un effort, la lecture instinctive ne s'effectue qu'en pleine lumière.