Azarxis TPU Soft Flask Running Collapsible Water Bottles BPA-Free Running Flask for Hydration Pack - Ideal for Running Hiking Cycling Climbing


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Azarxis TPU Soft Flask Running Collapsible Water Bottles BPA-Free Running Flask 250ml / 500ml for Hydration Pack - Ideal for Running Hiking Cycling Climbing

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Date First Available: September 27, 2018
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    Purchased these to go with a new running vest. The flasks slide easily into the pockets even with no liquid in them. I've tried the short and long caps and both work great. I really like the way little to no air comes out with each slip so you are getting just the liquid......without having to take the flask out of the pocket and tip it upside-down. I would definitely buy these again! Thanks!

    I bought 2 of the 500ml flasks with long straws.

    What I like: they fit into the pockets of my running vest and the straws are long enough that I don't have to remove the flasks to get a drink. No leaking on the first run. Will update if it does.

    Don't like: the fill opening is so small! I like to put ice in my hydration bottles in the summer to keep the fluid nice and cold as long as possible for my long runs in the heat and humidity. The opening for these flasks is way too small to get an ice cube into, even the long thin ice cubes!. The bite valve is pretty flimsy. One of them got screwed up on the first run and I was sucking air instead of fluid. Not sure if I can fix it.

    Bottom line: Would I recommend these? It depends. For me, I will probably use these only for winter runs. If they hold up. I'll have to purchase the top of the line insulated soft flasks for summer runs.

    I've got a little over 100 miles on these bottles in an Osprey vest. 1. The bite valve is working fine. In response to those who say flow rate is too low; try biting a little harder, and press on the bottle when drinking. I find this results in a fine flow rate. 2. I am not using the valve extensions, don't find them necessary to drink on the run, and don't want them near my face. 3. I leave the bottles in the vest pocket and press firmly when drinking. I have found no leaking at the valve, nor any seam splitting to date. 4. Design element I REALLY like: the screw on caps are OVAL. That means the short axis of the cap is less likely to dig into your pectoral muscles while running. Smart move. Assuming these last another 2 months of use, I will buy a backup pair. The last thing I need is to have one split the day before an event.

    These are not good. They have the most horrific chemical taste to them that no amount of washing or rinsing out seems to stop. They do not wash easily and after a few uses and even though I would leave them out to dry properly they started to get moldy. I didn't even use the straws yet. They leak and don't hold that much water. Save your money and buy a better-made product.

    Works well for being a light compact (self compacting) water bottle for my runs, the only real negative is it taste like I’m drinking from a rubber hose for the first few times, but that fades.

    I have been using these flasks in my trail running vest for a few months now so I have had plenty of time to test the durability. Easy to clean and the straw works well. I carry these in the front pockets of the running vest and with the extended straw it is easy to lean over while running and suck out the water. Highly recommend for the price. I saw other reviews about plastic smell. I found that this was minimal and after a few uses was no longer present.

    These little guys are amazing! I just used these for Javelina Jundred with a Naked running band and they worked so well. No leaking, easy to drink from and easy to refill. Yes the top is a little small, but I premixed my electrolytes and just poured them in. I’d much prefer to pre-mix and no leaking than have electrolytes leaking onto my anatomy.

    The bottles are great and they make it very easy to drink from them while running without having to tilt my head back i.e. by just biting the nozzle with my teeth and sucking some water up without raising the bottle. However, the bottles are flexible and are held in shape by the water in them. As I drink more water from the bottle during my run, it becomes limp and more difficult to hold in my hand without making a conscious effort to to do. Overall very good though.

    Perfect to go with the backpack that I bought, the £22 Aonijie one. They are “bite” valves so I had to work that out! As you run you just have to keep pushing them down into the holders to stop them flopping about. It is taking me quite some time to get rid of the rubber taste too, but it’s gets better each time I use and wash them.

    Great item, perfect for the gel sachets can’t say as much of a water bottle I would say a little bigger maybe 400 mL for just water I’m just contemplating how thick the actual material PVC is going to last in maybe a handbag?

    Drinking nipples strong and bottles easy to remove and replace into pouches on my running vest.Price good for two bottles.

    This is a great product for a very reasonable price. The flasks fit nicely into my running vest and are very comfortable. The thing I like best are the long straws making it easy to take on fluids while on the move

    First time i filled it, it sprung a leak while i was filling it! In the bottom seal so returning this.

    I used these today with my running backpack and they were great

    Fantastic product, really good value for money. My only issue is that you get a strange taste from the bottles if using plain water, even after flushing them over and over again. So for that they loose one star.

    Used these on a couple of races and they work well. Take up less space and weight than a water bottle. Fit into the front pocket on my race vest.

    Great products. Work very well.

    Just the trick

    I can't use these as there's a chemical taste that I just can't get rid of. On top of that one flask developed a hole the first time I used it.

    Using this product in a ultra camel back pack for a marathon. Have been training with this product and so far really really good. A excellent way to carry fluids.

    One of two purchased started leaking from the side seal after two months of mild use. The second one is fine

    Great product. Great value

    These are fine just to small for me