YETI Rambler Jr. 12 oz Kids Bottle, with Straw Cap


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  • YETI kids need a bottle that can keep up. Introducing Rambler Jr. - a small-and-mighty kids bottle over-engineered for your little wild ones
  • Dishwasher Safe - As a well-deserved convenience to you, we made sure both the bottle and cap are dishwasher safe (because one less chore sounds nice)
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel - Withstands all dents and drops and BPA-Free so they can safely sip without a worry in the world
  • No Sweat Design - Keeps their hands dry - critical when summiting the jungle gym, and the Duracoat color won’t crack or peel
  • Straw Cap - Shatter-resistant and leak-resistant when closed. Ideal for impromptu rowdiness. Recess is no match for the Straw Cap


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The YETI Rambler family is tough as hell, and will keep your drinks as cold (or hot) as science allows. With 18/8 stainless steel construction, double-wall vacuum insulation, and No Sweat Design, they’re perfect for the deer lease, cleaning table, or just the down time in between your outdoor exploring. Find the Rambler Tumbler, Bottle, Colster, or Jug that's right for your next adventure.

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Aptly named DuraCoat, the YETI powder coating is designed similarly to the products that these nature-inspired colors live on—undeniably rugged and able to withstand nearly everything you throw it in or at it. Not to mention, dishwasher safe so you can spend less time cleaning and more time chasing adventure outdoors.


Rambler Jr. is a small-and-mighty kids bottle over-engineered for your little wild ones. This 12 oz. powerhouse inherited double-wall vacuum insulation from its Rambler predecessors, carrying on the family legacy by locking in ice-cold water through backyard campouts and breaks between tag.


Whenever you're spending time in the wild, having the right hydration on hand will help keep you at your best. The YETI Jugs and Bottles are built tough to keep cool in triple-digit heat and take a beating in the back of a truck, or whatever your day demands.

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Product details Color: Harbor Pink
  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 3.2 x 8.2 inches
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  • Item model number: 29819141423176

Another product made in China - I don't know if it works or not - but
I certainly wouldn't 29.95 for a thermos made there. Saw these in Whole Foods
and decided to purchase 2 of them - what a disappointment!
Should be mandatory on all items sold where the country is made.
It's a rip off!

I like this way better than the Hydroflask water bottle.

- hydroflask kid bottle comes with a silicone sleeve that guarantees your water bottle tips over if you accidentally knock it rather than it sliding a little. If you take the silicone sleeve off then the paint starts to chip off. The Yeti unpainted stainless steel on the bottom, so no paint to chip.

- hydroflask handle is just big enough to skip one finger in and then inevitably catch on something and twist your finger off. Not really, but it’s awkward. The Yeti handle is big. Easy for little kids to hold. Easy to clip on to something. And if it falls right can keep the nozzle from touching the ground if you drop it.

- on the hydroflask the bottom part of the nozzle is difficult to access to clean. On the Yeti the side of the bottom of the nozzle is exposed so I’m not worried about anything growing there that I can’t see.

- the hydroflask lid has to be lined up just right or it won’t thread on right. My 5 year old certainly can’t do it. On the Yeti the threads are on the inside of the bottle so everything always gets lined up properly and is easy to put on.

- the plastic on the yeti lid seems more durable. We have damaged the hydroflask lids but the yeti still looks like brand new.

- the nubbin on the nozzle that plugs the air hole when closed is higher on the hydroflask than in the yeti. My friend’s kid chipped her tooth on that nubbin. So the lower the better.

12 oz is a good size too. I think I’m going to get one for myself.

The size is perfect for my daughter who just started preschool. They could either bring a water bottle or drink out of the fountain so we elected to try the Yeti Rambler over the Hydro flask we already have. This seems to be easier for her to carry around with the handle on top. Just be warned that it’s still not the easiest for a toddler to open and close. She could do it but it’s not as easy as thermos brand. People have complained about water coming out but no problems with ours.

The biggest complaint I have is that it came in clearly dented. In the picture you can see a dent and a little paint coming off. I’m pretty disappointed since I’d have expected my toddler to do it, not to come broken already. She’s already started school so I don’t want to return since she needs something to drink from.

My daughter is almost 2.5 years old and LOVES this!!! I love that I can put ice in it ONCE daily and it stays cold all day. My daughter is a DIVA and always wants “ice cold water” (in her own words). We are a Yeti kinda family so always trust in the brand. I can put ice water in her cup at night and there will still be ice in the morning. Much better than getting up in the middle of the night 2-3 times for ice water. Highly recommend.

Like always it’s a yeti. There great. But one thing I do not like is at the bottom it says it’s dishwasher safe. All I have to say is DO NOT PUT IT IN THE DISHWASHER!! If you do the bottle with then sweat. The seal went bad. But if u don’t put in dishwasher should be good forever!!

I bought 2 of these. One for my daughter and one for my son. My kids love them. With the big handle on top, they can hold on with no problem. But when the kids still manage to drop them the best part is they dont leak everywhere.. I have bought a ton of spill proof/leak proof kid cups and no matter what the company says about it, after a handful of drops they end up leaking or not screwing on as good. Not with these so far.

Love! Bought for my 15 month old because her plastic ones kept getting scratched from being dropped. She can’t open it on her own, and it leaks if the spout is open and laid down. If closed it doesn’t leak at all. Keeps everything cold!

I love this water bottle for my son! The plastic ones make his water taste weird and the glass ones with the silicone holders make me nervous because they can still break. This is perfect! I also ordered another stainless steel straw cup from another company and the screw cap as well as the threads in the bottle are both stainless steel and it scratches a lot when put together. This one screws on so smoothly! It also came with 2 straws, which I appreciate since they are so easy to lose.

My 9 year old daughter likes to take a water bottle to school every day. I was sick and tired of buying these bottles and only having them last anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months. I set out looking for one that would last years, and was dishwasher safe. The YETI jr. fit both those bills. It is a little large and heavy for her, but she loves the colour and has been using it for about two months now. I have a good feeling about this product (this was my first ever YETI). Seems to me that this will last forever. After two months of daily use it shows zero wear. I will update this review in a year to let you know how it is doing.

We have been struggling to find a water bottle for our little guy that is truly leak proof. So we decided to splurge on this one as YETI is a great brand and we have loved their products for ourselves. This product is NOT leak proof. Fooled by yet another company. It doesn’t leak if the the straw part is closed, but if it is open water pours out. My toddler isn’t going to close this when he is done drinking so I will continue to have water leaks I guess. Or continue searching for a company that actually makes a leak proof water bottle that lasts. Very disappointed in this product.

My toddler loves this. I also am obsessed with the fact that it DOESN’T LEAK!!! This was the #1 reason for my purchase. Though it’s indestructible (which I love) I will have to admit that it has been destroying my hardwood floors as my daughter drops it. Ease of use and durability are however 2 thumbs up! Also, if you’re a little hesitant because of the price, don’t stress, it will last for ages!

My son is 8 and uses this bottle daily. It seals tight with no leaks. It fits perfectly in his school lunch. Only complaint is I should have got the next size larger because my son drinks this up quickly. Certainly not the bottles fault.

I overpaid for this item, but needed it on short notice for a family vacation. The item had a price tag on it that was 10$ cheaper than what I paid, this is the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. My boy loves it. Keeps drinks nice and cold, even in the tropical sun. Has a great carrying handle on the top. Comes with two thick straws for the option to suck up liquid, or to use without and tilt drink. All in all, Yeti makes a great ( but expensive) product that has been leakproof thus far.

Kids love it, sturdy and easy for them to use. Doesn’t leak, keeps drinks cold. Has become a gift I’ve given to many others already all with the same response. Not cheap but if I added up the cost of all the cracked ones we have gone through, we would have been ahead but just getting this first. Another yeti product they nailed.

Love these. My kids drop them all the time and they are perfect condition. They are a bit heavy for my 2 year old but he’s getting used to it.

I have 3 yeti's myself, and love them. So I decided to get my little one this for her water, as most of her sippy cups leak. Wasn't disappointed with the cup, and she loves it.

Solid drink bottle. Great for little hands and so easy to clean. My son loves this drink bottle - thrown downstairs 3 times landing on concrete and not a single dent. Tough drink bottle to withstand boisterous children. Highly recommend vs others in similar market

Perfect size! Keeps drinks cold for a better part of the day (with ice) and cute colour! Received in a good time line considering I live on an island in the middle of a pandemic!

Came quickly. Great for kids

As always, excellent quality from YETI.

Súper producto como todo lo Yeti. Mis hijos felices

I Love the Yeti products but this one doesn't hold ice as long as the others but still an amazing product

These are standard size for kids water bottles, good quality, durable and clean very easily.