Flame King YSNPQ810CGA Propane Torch Weed Burner with Integrated Lighter, Silver


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  • Flame control valve to easily control flame size
  • Ideal for weed control, ice melting and other outdoor uses
  • Molded handle for easy grip and comfort
  • Integrated self-lighting ignition for quick flame
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Flame King

The Flame King Propane Torch Weed Burner works great to remove weeds from your lawn, gardens, asphalt, and gravel driveways and so much more. It is designed with a molded, non-slip handle for added grip control and comfort. The Flame King Propane Torch Weed Burner comes fully assembled and ready to use. At 24,000 BTU this is the ideal torch for your every day Weed removal. This torch is compatible with any standard 1lb camping propane cylinder. The Flame King Weed Burner is self igniting and includes a brass ajusting valve to control the flame. Propane cylinder not included.

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Product information Style:Weed Torch Product Dimensions 33 x 7 x 1 inches Item Weight 2.59 pounds Manufacturer Flame King ASIN B07L5HBZJL Item model number YSNPQ810CGA

 Used the flame king to start fires in my fireplace insert. Before I was using the benzomatic propane torch - yes the blue bottle included w the benzomatic fits the flame king - and the flame king is just plain awesome...so much easier than using the benzo propane torch...I stuff two rolled up pieces of cardboard into my fireplace between 2 split, dry logs...then throw some dead branches or kindling on top of the cardboard...in less than 30 seconds I have a roaring fire...every...single...time. it does use more propane since the flame is much larger...but if you are worried about that, you can refill the little blue tank dozens of times by turning a 20# tank with an adapter fitting. You'll just need to turn the tank upside down for the transfer since propane is in a liquid form and expands as released into a gas. Nothing to worry about and totally safe. What I would like to see to make the flame king perfect is some type of child proof tank valve. I keep mine out of reach of my 4 & 6 year old, and have warned them about opening the valve even if I mistakenly left it out, but a child safety feature would put the flame king in a class of its own. Still at this price point... definitely five stars for starting wood fires indoors or outdoors and can wait to try it on some pesky weeds this spring! Wish I had bought the FK 3 years ago when I installed my insert!

Works great. It's so much fun to watch those nasty weeds burn like they are in the fiery depths of Hell to which they belong. Not having to use toxic chemicals is a great bonus.

I was skeptical I’m buying this, but I’m sure glad I did it works as advertised the igniter works at throws a great flame very pleased with it.

I received my Flame King torch yesterday and it doesn't work. The lighter mechanism won't ignite the propane so its completely worthless. I called the manufacturer and got no response. Buy some other brand and avoid the frustration.

I have been using weed torches for a few years and have tried different (3) brands. I just recently bought FlameKing torch and have been extremely happy with it. The quality is considerably better than any others I have used in the past and the price is almost half the others. I just wish the length of the bar was longer so that taller people do not have to lean forward for the flame to reach the ground. Will buy again for sure.
Additional comments:
By now, I have been using this torch for about 3 weeks and at least 30 minutes per day.. I have a very large yard that had been ignored for a while and was full of weeds. Every time I used this torch, it worked perfectly and I managed to clear grounds of all weeds. I had left the torch outside for couple of days when we had down pours and when I went back, I was sure that the lighter won’t work any more. But to my surprise, it started the torch after one push.

I only used it three times before the tip fell off which in my opinion is the wrong tip for it the flame isn't big enough or strong enough to really knock the weeds out so a slow walk is a really slow walk so grab a chair! I also couldnt find any tips at all for this thing . They should offer at the very least replacment tips and a variety of them depending on what your using it for .

We have a lot of compacted decomposed granite in our yard and use the torch to catch weeds as they emerge. It's fun, but oh so slow. A weed an inch across may take 30 seconds to burn to ash. A weed two inches across maybe 90 seconds. I've found that I'm better off just scuffing the tops of the weeds off of the roots with my shoe as they emerge. If you seriously need a propane torch I'd suggest getting one that connects to a large propane tank. That's what our city crews use. They put out 20 times the heat and can seriously take down weeds along the sidewalk, etc.

I was very surprised at the quality and ease of use of this torch. It worked on the first try and even comes with legible written English instructions in the manual, should you need them. I know I'll be able to use this for many applications, and highly recommend it to anyone that can safely operate it.