Keith Titanium Ti6017 2-Piece Pot and Pan Cook Set - 2.05 L (Limited Time Price)


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Article №: Keith Ti6017 ● FUNCTIONALLY SIMPLE AND ELEGANT --- Much of our design inspiration comes directly from outdoor adventurers and travelers. We seek out innovative solutions for their needs with the belief that less is more and that simplicity yields elegance. ● STRAIGHTFORWARDLY VERSATILE AND MULTI-PURPOSE --- We design our products to be used in ways expected and unexpected to save weight and space when every ounce counts. ● ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND HEALTHY --- We strive to minimize environmental footprint and to improve human health. We stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty. Titanium is by far the most durable metal and does not cause chemical pollutions. It is non-toxic and compatible with human body. ● INDEPENDENT MOLD DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT AND MANUFACTURING --- Twenty years molding experience in hardware, ten years in titanium, both together lay the foundation for exceptional utility and elegance of our titanium products.

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First time out since receiving, worked quite well. Very lightweight, fairly priced, construction and design are good, the fold out handles are sturdy and the skillet nests well on the pot. Titanium is a notoriously difficult material to cook with, many people seem to recommend only using it for boiling water to avoid burnt food sticking to it. However, i was able to successfully cook steaks, hash browns, and pancakes using just a small amount of oil for each. I cooked on the coals of a fire rather than a stove, which may have helped heat the food uniformly, and you do have to keep an eye on things, the difference between burning and not is quick. Just a few notes, the stated capacity is the combined capacity of both pot and lid/skillet, NOT just the pot. There are no measurement markings on either piece, which would come in handy. The pot isn't very tall. My GSI camp mug that nests over a small fuel canister is too tall to nest inside the cookset. These are nitpicks that barely stopped me from giving it 5 stars. I recommend this highly. Can always use a piece of aluminum flashing as a heat diffuser if you want to simmer or distribute heat more evenly. Burning/sticking is not a design problem with the cookset itself, merely a fact of the heat-conducting properties of titanium. You will have the same issue with any lightweight titanium campware. If you like to cook in the woods and are also fond of a light pack, get yourself one of these.

If you are looking for a two person cook set, or you just prefer a larger cook set, this is the one to get. Pot is 6 3/8" W x 2 3/4"H. Pan is 7" W x 1 5/8" H. Pot being 42.3 Oz is nice. Lid is 27.1 Oz. For the extra money, if you are hiking, this is a very light weight set.

Ordered this set to finish up my backpacking cook kit. I like the size and the ability to store the three bowl set inside. I like the Keith titanium products better than the toaks products, Keith products have a smooth coating / finish that I like compared to the toaks titanium pans. The fit and finish on all of my Keith titanium is perfect, the Keith titanium has a nice feel with thick side walls that resist distorting.

Here in Illinois it has been quite chilly and the ground has been covered in a bunch weird granular white stuff causing me to not be able to try the new camp cookware in the wilderness. That being said I have been perfecting my cook kit and practicing some bag cooking indoors.

This Cook set is very light and seems very durable thus far. The frying pan/lid is the perfect size for cooking a couple pieces of bacon cut in half and the lid function also works well (FYI to use it as a lid it is to be positioned open side up). The handles are somewhat suspect but that is mainly due to the fact that since bother the frying pan/lid's' and the main pot's handles don't line up at the center when stowing so there is no a good way to easily secure the handles.

Combine this cook set with an evernew burner and cross stove stand, titanium pot lifter, titanium folding silverware set, a plastic collapsible half and third cup measuring cups, half tablespoon and half teaspoon measuring spoons, and p51 can opener and you have a lightweight cook set that can handle nearly anything you want to eat on the hike/bike.

This cook set is a great combo. I made soup using the pot and fired four eggs on the pan. The pot held enough soup for two very large servings and cooked it very quickly and evenly. The pan cooked the eggs perfectly, but I had to pay attention while cooking because my backpacking stove cooks very hot. I used peanut oil and some clarified butter and the eggs turned out very beautiful. Both items were very easy to clean with some mild soap and a sponge. My Keith 1.0 liter kettle also fits inside the two items, so the compactness was nice.

It's Everything Titanium, but it scratches easily and BADLY!!!

Frying eggs in the pan with some oil while using it as a lid on a pot of water being boiled for coffee, turned out nicer with little to no burnt scrambled eggs.


This doesn't seem to be pure Titanium. It scratches very easily even worst than my old alluminium pots.

I STRONGLY believe I may have been eating bits of Titanium from the scratches

Another purchase bites the dust


This pot and lid/pan are GREAT! This is very well thought out. The handles are offset so they can bypass each other. The only improvement they could and should do is have measuring marks. This is a great size for solo backpacking, but I would want a larger pot for two people. I have a Trangia burner with enough fuel for two one pint boils, a pot stand, a Ti spork, and a pot scrubber packed in the pot for a total weight of 1 lbs 1 oz. I also have two bic lighters and a Ferro rode for an additional 3 oz. I LOVE this pot! I just did a boil test with 1 liter (max for the pot) using HEET fuel, and had rapid boil in 10 minutes!

Great set and excellent price. In general the Keith Titanium is very sturdy. It isn't the most lightweight titanium out there but it is durable and reliable. We ended up using this set as a dutch oven for cooking potatoes in the camp fire. Worked great!! Little sticking where we burned the potatoes but all cleaned up in boiling water. Highly recommended!!