J-Creater Portable Lightweight Stainless Steel Outdoor Camping Wood Burning Stove for Cooking Picnic Camping BBQ


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  • Made of hardened stainless steel.
  • Unlimited fuel sources:Cook a meal using the twigs or leaves you collect.
  • It is time to say goodbye to heavy, costly, polluting petrol fuels.
  • Environmentally friendly:No fuel canisters, no chemical emissions, no batteries, less carbon footprint. Comes with a mesh bag for convenient carrying.
  • Lightweight and compact,Easy to light and clean-burning.



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This is a portable camping stove made of hardened stainless steel,you can cook a meal using the twigs you collect on your hike or solidified alcohol.It is lightweight and easy to put in your camping backpack.Great for any emergency situations.

Overall Size Approx.:5 inch x 7 inch (H).
Portable Size when do not use: 5 inch x 2.7 inch(H).
Item weight: 390g/13.6oz.

Package Included:
1 x Wood Stove
1 x Mesh Bag.

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  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 7 inches ; 13.8 ounces
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  • ASIN: B015XQUA50

This is a terrific little wood gas stove! I had done some reading on this type of stove and this one has a lot of good things going for it. The pot stand is good for small kettles, billy cans (like the Zebra 12-16 cm pots) and frying pans and has a gap in front so you can add wood without having to lift the pot. You might have difficulty with the Stanley pot because of its beveled base. Amazingly enough, the flame concentrator that is also the pot stand holds a Trangia alcohol stove perfectly and at 1.25 inches below a pot on the stand, just about ideal. It will also store the Trangia stove in the stored stove when traveling too. The stove when in its case will fit inside a 14 cm Zebra pot (Lunchbox or billy can) and larger. In hot and humid conditions, I packed the firebox with 3.25 inch sticks (or less) vertically so they would fit underneath the wood gas vents inside the firebox. Then I put some kindling on top and lit with a fire starter. After 2 minutes it was starting to make wood gas and I put a kettle on with a pint of water. It boiled in 5 minutes and continued to make wood gas flames for a total of 18 minutes without having to refuel. This stove also works extremely well with wood pellets that are made for pellet stoves. Amazing!

Now for the reason I only gave this 4 stars. Yes, it is free shipping, but it comes via China Post which is very slow (3 weeks). Also, this stove while being a bargain is more expensive than a couple of other very similar stoves (nearly identical, actually) that are cheaper and ship via Amazon Prime in 2 days.

Nice gasifier stove. Stainless steel construction looks just fine. I did a water boil test using 3/4 cup wood pellets for fuel. Rolling boil for 2 cups of water took five minutes. The wood pellets continued to burn for about another 15 minutes. I'm very happy with this stove that was less than 1/3 the cost of my Solo Stove Lite. A great deal.

I hesitated to buy this because it had only 12 reviews, but this is the one I was looking for.

I wanted to get a circular wood stove with a hole on the top part so I can keep putting branches while it's boiling water & the tooth-like pot holder which prevents the pot from sliding down.

There is another product that has the hole on top, but it doesn't have a tooth-like pot holder.
There is another product that has both hole on top and tooth- like pot holder, but it's about $65 or something.

So I decided to order this even though it had only 12 reviews. And I think it works quite well.
It makes the inside of the stove pretty hot, so it burns some thick branches pretty well.
However, since it's so hot inside, it burns the woods fast, so you are gonna need to fuel woods to the stove, which is easier because you have to hole on top.
I don't know how sustainable it is yet because I've used only 2 times, but it worked pretty well on both times.

Works as advertised. Its lightweight and practical. The only issue is that they are messy. (so is any wood burner) For the price, it is a great deal. I would buy another.

This is an excellent product, well made and good value useful for camping, or in an emergency. Swift delivery ahead of scheduled date. Thanks

Appears to be well made and is quite clever but some paperwork would have been nice, of course, it is fairly self-explanatory so five stars.

This is awesome. There are more expensive versions out there but this gets the job done. Be sure to clean up the soot and also, make it a point to collect twigs the day before to not have the dew interfere with the cooking process.

I like it. Storage bag not the most durable.

We were at the stump reviewing our new stainless steel wood/alcohol burning backpacking stove. Over all we were very impressed.

The first thing we noticed that it packed quite small when it is nested inside itself. It came with a carry bag. The packed dimension is 5 inch x 2.7 inch(H). Item weight: 390g/13.6oz.

What makes these stove work so good?
Like most of these camp stoves, they have air holes on the bottom part of the stand which allows the air to flow in. The inflow of air is efficiently drafted into the fire because the wood is held off the ground by a grate and by additional air holes on the inside top of the fire box. The fire creates draft which further drafts oxygen into the fire. The heat is stored in the firebox and there is only one way out and that is out to the cooking surface.

How good does it work?
The stove burns very efficient and clean. It burns dry wood into a very find powdered ash. The fire box stores the heat and there is no way out but through the top to the cooking surface. A hand full of dry material will boil water.

How to use the stove.
1. How to light the stove.
Some fill the fire box with dry wood and reach in with a lighter or match. We are minimalists so we only had the spark of our ferro rod. We found the easiest way to light the stove was to load the stove with dry tinders. Make a small 2 inch/5cm fire out of birchbark and tinder then set the stove on top of the small fire. The dry tinders in the stove then ignites in less than 10 seconds and within a minute you have a hot fire at the cooking surface.

2. A good cooking fire
Jimmy says a good cooking fire does not flame out of the top of the stove. A good cooking fire you should be able to hold your hand near the top of the stove for a few second but no more than 10 seconds. So keep your fire under control. With this stove you do not have to load it completely up. You can easily add a pine cone or a little wood to the fire via the load port near the top of the stove. Using the loading port you do not have to remove the cooking pan to add wood.

3. Use dry material.
Dry material can be found even when it is raining. The inside layer of the birchbark is usually dry. We also baton/split 4 inch peaces of wood. The inside of the wood is usually dry and ready to burn.

4. You can use the stove with Alcohol.
If you prefer, or if you cannot find dry wood you can use Alcohol with this stove. It has a little dish which can be place in the firebox and filled with alcohol. Light the alcohol and start cooking.

5. Packing away your stove.
Once the fire is out, the stove cools down in about 5 minutes. The stove can then be disassembled and the peaces nested inside itself. Put it back in its carry bag and put it in your backpack. A total of 30 seconds.

Like any other camping skills, you become more efficient with practice.
J-Creater Portable Stainless Steel outdoor Camping Wood Burning Wood Stove Alcohol Stove Cooking Picnic Camping BBQ Stove

The reviews here helped me choose this stove over some of the other ones that are available. Since it nests, it is bulkier than some of the models that fold to store, but its light and you don't have to worry about losing pins or other parts because there aren't any. This is easy to assemble and though there are no instructions it was easy to figure out. There are enough photos here if I had any questions. I did watch a video that showed how these type of stoves operate and that was helpful as well. I tried it out in my back yard and it worked just as advertised. Looking forward to using it on my next adventure! It came promptly and was very well packaged. I took a chance buying this stove instead of a more expensive one and I'm very happy I did!

Watch a few YouTube videos to see how to use this PROPERLY. I was frustrated the first time I used it, but mostly because I was clueless. Looked it up on YouTube and learned to pack it solid at the beginning -- smooth sailing thereafter.

Very compact and affordable option. I especially like the opening at the time to assist with adding more fuel. One other general benefit of these kind of stoves is that it makes it easier for a younger camper to safely build a controlled fire and help with meal prep (compared to wielding an axe and dealing with a more dangerous fire). I had no idea how excited my six year old would be to try this (supervised, of course).

Better than expected. My alcool trangia burner fit perfectly in it. A prepper must. I also use it with wood pellets. Fits compact in MSR 750ml alpin pot with trangia alcool burner. Very solid, you can put 75 lb on it.

Works great had to modify for my Stanley backpack pot other than that works great.

Awesome product and seller 5 stars from me.


Can boil water in 5 minutes, doesn't warp, packs down small is light and reliable as long as you keep feeding it.

It's perfect, I don't see why anyone would need to
Purchase more expensive stoves. I've used it many times now and it is still perfect. Nice mesh bag too and alcohol dish for cubes.

Excellent stove . Cant wait to take it to the bush. It was delivered on time

excellent value for the price! compact and works very well.

I've only used it a few times so far but it does do a good job.

Nice but never came with instructions so I was a bit confused but I figured it out and it looks beautiful

Not to heavy, works great

surprenant pou le prix