Stump Chunks 100% Natural Wood Fire Starter (Small), 0.075 cu. ft. Bag


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  • Ideal for cozying up and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Nice aroma without flavoring your food
  • 100% all natural
  • No added chemicals
  • Mixture of select soft and hard woods


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FIRE STARTER .075 CUFT.Stump Chunks 100% Natural Wood Fire Starter (Small), 0.075 cu. ft. Bag .hey contain absolutely no chemicals or additives. The secret is in the Stump itself.chimney starter use a small handful (baseball size) of Stump Chunks

Product information Product Dimensions 3.3 x 5.3 x 8.8 inches Item Weight 11.2 ounces Manufacturer STUMPCHUNKS ASIN B01G8YUIU8 Item model number SC-SC75

Not easy to get a grill going. The bag helped more than the chunks. They do smell good.

My husband and I started a fire in our back yard for s'mores. This kindling worked better than I thought it wood. ;) as you can see in the pictures, we started with a small handful on top of some seasoned cut wood. We used a lighter to light the stump chunks. They didn't burn hard at first so I didn't think it would catch the rest on fire. We waited a couple minutes, then put some of our wood over the chunks without smothering them an voila, we had a fire. We weren't going for a huge fire, but enough for s'mores.

These stump chunks did not give of any weird smells or color and burned as it should have, being its 100% natural wood.

The first picture shown is when I thought it would burn out quick, but it did not. I would purchase these in the future especially for camping.

This product was received for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

I bought these 10/11/16 at a local hardware store. They positioned them so that a customer sees them on the way out of the store, after their purchase? I picked up the smallest bag and reluctantly returned to the cashier! These create a lot of smoke! I thought someone was going to call the fire department! They were slower to ignite that the paraffin cubes that the Big Green Egg sells. Once they do ignite the charcoal they race the temperature up to 700. I put more charcoal on to absorb the heat. I never have to do this with the paraffin cubes? Furthermore these left a starter fluid taste on my meat. I will use the paraffin cubes that Big Green Egg sells and see if I still detect this starter fluid taste? I grill burgers every (2) weeks so I'll soon know. 11/21/16: What if your lighter stopped? I had to carry fire from my inside gas stove out to light the fire! I light the Stump Chunk and it did not produce a flame to carry. Out of luck here! I light the Big Green Egg starter and it created a flame that I could carry, but I buried it deep among the charcoals and it extinguished. I went to the tried and true Weber FireStarters and in spite of the fact that these cubes have been open for YEARS they immediately lit and held a flame that I could carry!

I have been using fire starters for years, because I have no skill in getting a fire going. I decided to try stump chunks because I like the idea of using something all natural, that is not putting chemicals into the air. I was expecting pellets or something similar to what I have been using, but this is really just chunks of dried wood. You just need a handful at the base of your fire, and there are many handfuls in the bag. (I got the smallest size) They light almost instantly, and stay burning long enough to get a fire going. I am going to feel much better about using these to start my fires over the treated fire starters I have been using. The only downside that I can see is that these feel a bit messier, but it all gets burned up in the end, so it really doesn't matter. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.