Ostrich On Your Back Chair


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  • Patented open/close face cavity and arm slots w/head pillow
  • Backpack straps allow for hands free transport
  • Extra wide and increased weight capacity
  • 5 Adjustable positions sits 9-Inch off the ground
  • Cup holder attached to arm
  • Capacity: 325lbs.


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The Ostrich On Your Back Chair (OYB) includes Deltess' patented closable face cavity and arm slots Incorporates backpack straps for easy hands free transport features a white frame and 325 lbs weight capacity.

Product information Color:Blue Product Dimensions 46 x 27 x 33 inches Item Weight 9.6 pounds Department "" Manufacturer Deltess Corp. - IMPORT(Shanghai) ASIN B004FK6R5S Item model number OYB-1003B

Are you freaking kidding me. I’ve been looking for a beach chair for so long that worked. This thing is totally amazing. You know how when you sit on most chairs you can feel that bar under your butt or your thighs. Not on this one. You know when you sit on those chairs and you get up can you see the indentation of your butt. Not on this one, Super durable material does not stretch out like a lot of the ones I’ve used in the past. Now the flip over on your tummy mode didn’t work too well for me because I’m 6 3 and I felt some pressure from the seating area on my thighs. Now my wife on the other hand is 5 6 had not one problem. The chair is super rugged, I’m talking very durable. Wide and very comfortable armrest. Now I fell asleep in the California sun on a beach on Ventura and got totally fried. My bad. But I have to tell you I’ve never been able to fall asleep in a chair before. I love this thing I bought two for my wife and myself . Yeah I know it’s a little pricey but sometimes you got to drop the coin to get the real deal. And being a bitch go over my entire life I’m here to say this is the chair of choice. Not to mention people are coming up to us saying “where did you get that really cool chair” honestly don’t waste your time buying crap get this chair

Do not put these chairs in water. We sat on the edge of the ocean where the waves crashed at our feet. But once water gets inside the chair it gets trapped in there and immediately rusts. So days after using the chairs they’re leaking rusty water. Without realizing it I picked up the chair and it poured rusty water all over me, permanently staining the clothes I was wearing. It also leaked rusty water on the chairs themselves so now it looks like someone crapped their pants on the seat of the chair. So after one use these are being thrown in the trash. Total waste of money.

This is a big sturdy beach chair that can comfortably accommodate a large person. It is very comfortable for both large and small bodies. The backpack straps were an afterthought rather than a key feature of the chair. It is uncomfortable to wear the backpack straps because the chair frame digs into your back (the straps work but I hate to have it on my back for more than a few minutes). I had to have a backpack chair to make it manageable for me to get out onto the beach with all my stuff so the backpack design was key for me. It does not have any pockets or pouches on it like the Tommy Bahama or the Rio backpack chairs - they have a great portable design, but on the other hand are not comfortable chairs. The Ostrich is just the opposite. This chair is also very top heavy so it blows over with a minor breeze and it is out of the question to attach one of those great little chair umbrellas to it. So it depends what your priorities are.

I ignored the reviews....how bad could a beach chair be? literally broke after two hours! i was sitting in the chair, upright and back it went! the chair is sturdy, the problem is the handles-which allow you to recline and also act as a catch when you want to sit up. there is an odd gap between the "catches" that allowed it to break.....I managed to salvage it by not using the one setting the rest of the day and on day two.....on day three the second one went and by the end of the day you could only lay down.....I left it by the trash can when I left......I really believe if this odd gap wasn't there or the catches were made of metal it would have held up.....save your money.

The concept of the Ostrich chairs is genius. Being able to lay on your stomach and tan your back is something I normally can't do here in S Florida due to the sand being so hot. So for that reason, this is the 3rd Ostrich chair I've purchased over the past few years. The chair is comfortable when lying on your stomach, but not comfortable in sitting position due to being so close to the ground. The metal used is far too thin and ends up bending after some use, rendering the chair unusable. (Past 2 Ostrich chairs). The "backpack" straps are too short to fit over anyone's shoulders even when adjusted as far as possible. In conclusion, I recommend it only IF you don't mind carrying it by the arm of the chair and don't intend for it to last more than a season, and only need it for lying face down. If you don't need to tan your back, buy another brand. For me, it has been worth it because of the face hole feature, but it is very inconvenient to carry. If there were another company that sold a beach chair with a face hole, I would most definitely never buy an Ostrich chair again.

This beach chair is a little heavier then the Ostrich Deluxe Padded 3-in-1 beach chair- HOWEVER I HAD TO RETURN THE MORE EXPENSIVE & LIGHTER ONE BECAUSE IT ARRIVED WITH BENT, DAMAGED , ALUMINUM LEGS BECAUSE OF CHEAP MATERIAL- SO I bought THIS one -which is made out of more sturdy material ,and thus weighs more, but I carry it on my back to the beach and it does not weigh me down. Therefore, I am very happy with this one.

I was pretty excited about this chair and was quickly let down. I used it for the first time today and after about 2 hours of use the arm of chair literally came off in my hand. For the couple hours use I got out of it, it was fairly comfortable.
I have contacted seller and hope we are able to resolve issue soon

The seller responded right away and sent me a new chair immediately. I wish I could say it was better quality than the first. It wasn’t. I have emailed them once again asking for a refund. I wanted to love this chair so much. It’s just poorly made.

Would probably rate this even less if I didn't absolutely love the arm holes for tanning or sleeping on my stomach. When first purchased this chair feels durable and looks really nice but there were a few things that made it go down hill fast for me. I like to sit by the ocean with my chair partially getting wet from the water and each day the chair would dump out rusty water when I went to pick it up to bring it home. It also is very hard to adjust the back level with the arms and often times would not lock in place so when I went to lean back I would fall backwards. Had to slam down the arms to make sure it was locked. Overall, it's a mediocre chair but I'm sure there are better with arm slots and a face hole of greater quality.

Although this chair was comfortable, the finishing of the stitching was poor. A strap came unstitched the first time I tried to put it on my shoulders and the nylon webbing frayed as it was not heat sealed. Similarly the stitching under the seat was not properly cast off and started to come unstitched after a few days use - it didn't last me the two weeks of my holiday and I spent an hour repairing it on the beach! I returned it as soon as I got home - brilliant service from Amazon. Also an aluminium frame would have been lighter than 5kg. Keep looking !

This is a great chair for the beach - carries on the back like a backpack but nice and light. And unfolds to lie practically flat for sunbathing. Would definitely recommend!

The adjustable positions slots on the arms are cheap plastic. After 96 days (warranty only 90 days)the back of the chair suddenly collapsed as the pin for the adjustable positions slots on of the arms had broken. Luckily no one was hurt.

Very good beach chair, you can also use it as a beach bed, back up or face up. It is comfortable and seems sturdy, but haven't used it outside yet so we'll see about sturdiness after the summer holiday.

Comfortable for small spaces, particularly for seating and reading. Rrecommended for normal weight persons.

This chair is perfect for soccer, love it.

Bought this for my husband for father's day. Now all the other men want one.

Great little beach chair.

I have had this chair for little over a year. I use it for my kids soccer games and taking to the beach. It is very comfortable. The plastic clips that hold the backpack straps no longer work however and the velcro doesn't either. Comfy chair but for the price it shouldnt start to fall apart after a year...