MERIWOOL Merino Wool Hiking Socks for Men and Women – 3 Pairs Midweight Cushioned – Warm n Breathable


  • Package Includes: Set of 3 Pairs of Merino Wool Blend Winter Cold Weather Crew Length Socks for Men and Women
  • INCREDIBLY SOFT & COMFORTABLE: 75% Merino wool blend ensures comfort all day long – no itch! Each crew cut sock provides compression, arch support, and a reinforced heel and toe to ensure maximum comfort and protection for your feet. The rib knit design gives elasticity and an elastic cuff prevents bunching. 15% of each sock is made with durable nylon that reduces wear and tear while 10% is composed of stretchable elastic that keeps your socks from loosening.
  • BREATHABLE INSULATION: Keeping your feet cozy and warm in winter, these thermal boot socks won’t weigh you down or let your feet overheat while you are on the move outdoors. These insulating MERIWOOL unisex socks are machine-washable on cold settings and safe to tumble dry on low heat, so they’re ready when you are for your next adventure while working, hiking, trekking, camping, hunting, playing winter sports, mountaineering, ice fishing, skiing, snowboarding, and more.
  • WICKING & ODOR RESISTANCE: Merino wool’s natural wicking and odor-resistant properties keep you dry and comfortable while active in cold weather. Through the process of wicking, Merino wool is the most breathable fabric and absorbs moisture better than any other fibers. Wicking refers to a fabric’s ability to pull moisture away from your body and keep you comfortable.
  • EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER CARE: If your MERIWOOL Unisex Crew Socks do not perform to your satisfaction, return it to us within 90 DAYS along with your proof of purchase for a hassle-free refund, exchange, or replacement. Your garment is made with a Merino wool blend that is washer/dryer safe, but recommended to air dry.



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meriwool merino wool hiking compression socks for men and women are ideal for your hiking adventures

Merino Wool Socks

Meriwool merino wool hiking socks for men and women are ideal for your hiking adventures. The socks act as compression socks & at the same time reinforces your heel and toe.

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Features & Benefits

merino wools natural ability to absorb moisture keeps you dry and odor free

wool-hiking socks are a great choice, with water-resistant properties that help keep your feet dry

merino wool can absorb up to 30% of its dry weight in moisture keeping you dry and cool

meriwool merino wool hiking socks provides a perfect amount of compression for your feet

Odorless Merino Wool Socks

Merino wool isn’t prone to absorbing odors. Merino wool ability to absorb moisture keeps the skin drier, so the microbes don’t find as much moisture in which to grow. It’s texture and subatomic charge is different from synthetics, so it doesn’t tend to attract odor-producing bacteria.

Ideal Hiking Sock

Your socks are particularly important if you’re going on a hike. You need thick, water-resistant coverings that will help keep your feet dry and prevent blisters. Wool hiking socks are a great choice for hikers new and old.

Moisture Wicking

Merino wool is different than other fibers. Most fabrics feel damp after absorbing less than seven percent of their weight in moisture. Merino wool can absorb up to 30% of its dry weight in moisture. That means your synthetic layers can feel damp an uncomfortable soon after temperatures rise and you begin to perspire.

Compression Support

Meriwool merino wool hiking socks provides a perfect amount of compression for your feet. It also has arch support, and a reinforced heel and toe to ensure maximum comfort and protection for your feet.

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Why Merino Wool?

merino wool is a reactive material that adapts to your body's temperature, perfect for any weather

merino wool is a lightweight, naturally warm fiber derived from Australian sheep

merino wool has thinner, finer fibers that make it soft to the touch and cause no itch!

merino’s fibers are smaller in diameter than other wool which bend softly with increased flexibility

Adaptive Clothing

Unlike other textiles, Merino wool is a reactive material that adapts to your body's temperature. It regulates so that you are never too hot or cold in any weather.

Naturally Warm

Originating from Merino sheep from Australia that endure temperatures as low as 5 degrees, Merino wool is a lightweight, naturally warm fiber.


Unlike regular wool fiber that is heavy, coarse, and itchy, Merino wool actually has thinner, finer fibers that make it soft to the touch and cause no irritation to the skin.

Ultra Soft

Merino’s fibers are much smaller in diameter than other wool which gives the fibers the ability to bend softly with increased flexibility. The result? Soft to the touch.

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  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Package Dimensions: 10.3 x 3.6 x 3.5 inches
  • Date First Available: January 17, 2018
  • ASIN: B0793DZ3B3
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #7,477 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
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    My personal review is based on my experiences during two deployments and one training exercise.

    I am a first responder and work in emergency medical services therefore regions (environments) I work in are frequently changing.
    In this case, I took up a volunteer position to serve in Puerto Rico, high humidity and temperatures exceeding upper 80s meant traveling LIGHT especially through the rural/mountainous areas. My feet were bound to take a heavy beating on 12-16hr shifts

    There were times when I didn't have access to a laundry facility and literally wore one pair straight (airing out at night) by day 5 the socks only started to vaguely smell. I could have switched to a fresh pair but I wanted to push and see how well these socks would last under extreme conditions. SOmetimes basic necessities like laundry and water aren't always readily available. I am thankful I had these socks...

    I ordered the Size: Large ( I wear a Men's 8W / EU 41 Boot) These fit me well.
    Style Name: Style KL Mix Color

    Well padded and comfy. I felt like I was walking on clouds inside my boots.
    Enough support and compression in all the right spots.
    Wicked the sweat well. Kept my feet dry during sweaty days and warm during colder evenings. While flying these were amazing, my feet normally go numb, these socks helped to regulate the temperature while in the air. When I landed, no sore feet or discomfort. I literally hit the ground running HAHAHA ;)
    I received my item in less than 48hrs after placing my order.
    A big selling point for me was the price and great value of receiving 3 pairs. Other brands, normally cost the same and you only get one pair!!!
    Overall the quality,size and performance far exceeded my expectations.

    This isn't really a CON. More a recommendation. These socks are better washed by hand and air dried. I did wash them in the tub on gentle, they got a little fuzzy. I reckon to prolong the life of these socks, just hand wash them and air dry :)

    Other volunteers and first responders commented on my socks and while others were showing off their 5.11 and UA socks etc, here I am, no blisters, cool as a cucumber with my bargain unknown brand quality socks. Just goes to show, sometimes the "underdog" brand comes out on top.
    As a first responder I am always trying out new gear in the field. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't NO Bullsh**. Given that feet are normally the first to fatigue during an operation. Having a good pair of boots and socks makes all the difference, not only in personal performance/wellness but also public service delivery. I had a really good experience using these socks for the first time, therefore I highly recommend Meriwool socks...for the hiker, the outdoors person, the first responder... or just someone who wants to get a quality pair (3 Pairs in fact) at a reasonable cost.

    UPDATE 07/09 - After redeployment to Weslaco, TX (Flood Response)

    High humidity and temperatures exceeding 100F+ these socks paired with my SWAT Boots protected my feet. No blisters, no raw feet nor sores. Thick enough to deter the mosquitos. (We were located in a Zika region) Provided enough cushioning and wicked away the sweat very well during 12hr days of mucking out. Socks have faded slights after a few wash cycles, no holes or tears. They passed the sniff test on a few occasions. I added another two photos...

    So far so good.

    Please note; Meriwool is not sponsoring me nor am I getting any incentives for posting feedback here.

    I am sharing my feedback because not all of us can afford fancy brands especially since I am a volunteer, it’s great to try out products that work in the field that don’t cost an arm and a leg...

    I live and work in Hawaii where my daily footwear is generally hiking or utility boots. I also travel often to Japan, where summers can be terribly hot and humid and my daily footwear is generally hiking or tactical boots. In these conditions, SOCKS MATTER. Even for someone like myself, who doesn't have much of any body odor and I'm certainly not prone to foot odor, if you play with low-quality poly-cotton blend socks in these kinds of boots, your feet WILL STINK.

    I know that for most it seems counter-intuitive that these kinds of thick, merino wool socks would be a great fit in humid, tropical environments, but believe me: If you live/work in a humid environment and particularly in a country like Japan (where you're often removing your shoes) then socks like these are the difference between having a great dinner date on tatami mats at a nice restaurant and stinking up the whole booth with your foot odor.

    Being that this is Amazon and the Amazon standard for merino wool hiking socks seems to be People Socks, that's what I've been using for several years with fabulous results. They're comfortable, keep my feet dry and last forever. However, they can also run almost $10/pair, and for daily work socks that take a beating and often get lost in the haze of international travel, I thought I might experiment with something cheaper.

    Then I came across these Meriwool socks, at $16.99 for three pairs. I ordered six pairs, received them today, have been toying with them for an hour and these are my initial thoughts.

    1) These are serious socks. By that, I mean these things are THICK. If anyone has worn People Socks, Meriwool socks are even thicker. When I roll them into a ball, they're the size of a softball. And being that they're 75% merino (PS are 71%) that's some serious additional material. That speaks volumes as to what you receive for the price, but for those who wear pre-laced zip boots, keep in mind that you may have to loosen your laces a bit.

    2) They appear to be very, very well made. If I'm just going by feel, Meriwool seems sturdier than PS. Granted, a lot depends on stitching but from what I can see and feel, there is nothing about Meriwool socks to suggest they'll break down faster than PS. Quite the opposite, to be honest.

    3) Here's what a really love. I have quite thick calves, as I'm a weight-lifter, daily runner and weekend sprinter and perhaps just genetically...I have very athletic calves. One of the hardest thing to find is good socks that come up past the top of my calf bulge and can stay up there. My PS actually fall just a couple inches short, and if I'm not wearing my 8-inch tactical boots that hold the socks up, they will roll down within an hour. My Meriwool socks are JUST high, tight and secure enough to stay up on their own. MAJOR POINTS for me.

    4) Value. Naturally, I've just begun experimenting with these but if they hold up as my PS have then I would say they are a phenomenal deal for the money. Again, they come out to nearly half the cost of my PS. Obviously, good socks are worth their weight in gold and nobody should be pinching pennies with something so important, but if Meriwool socks last and perform as I expect them to then I can't see any reason NOT to stay with them as a repeat customer.

    5) The only downside I can see right now is that they're so thick and large, they actually might take up too much space in my suitcase. I travel light, generally take only four or five pairs of socks on international travel (utilize coin laundry, makes things easy) but packing four or five softballs in your medium suitcase can make a big difference.

    I'm very, very pleased with these socks and will follow up later on how they're performing. But at this moment, I think People Socks has some very serious competition and I'm glad to see a new company offering a great product at a competitive price. Very happy with this purchase and plan to buy more.

    EDITED 7/7/2018: I've been wearing these socks for a couple of weeks so I thought I'd add my observations.

    One, the thickness of these socks feels great. When you walk on hardwood floors you really can tell the difference. They're plush, very comfortable, and even in this 90-degree, humid week we've been having, they don't feel hot at all.

    INSIDE the shoes, however, I'm noticing that they can get a LITTLE bit hot during the days. I generally wear them about twelve hours per day, and I do notice that by the afternoon, my feet are getting a little damp. Granted, I'm wearing these inside steel-toe utility boots, so you have to factor that in.

    The major difference between these and my old poly-blend hiking socks is that even if my feet feel a little hot, when I get home they DO NOT STINK like with poly-blend socks. That's good enough for me.

    I haven't gotten to use them in comparison with my People Socks but being that I have used PS in the ridiculously hot and humid Japanese summers in 8-inch hot-weather tactical boots, I can tell you now that I believe the thinner People Socks are a little cooler. I was stunned by how well they worked during my travels last summer. And I was similarly surprised and very pleased by their performance in the blustery cold late winters of Northern Japan a few months ago.

    That said, I still have to give Meriwool five stars because their socks are thicker, more comfortable and a major bargain. For the time being, they will remain my daily work sock and I'm very happy.

    EDITED 6/26/2019 TO ADD:

    I was going over my reviews and realized it has been EXACTLY a year since I wrote this review, so I felt a follow-up might be in order.

    For the last year, I have worn these socks (three pairs blue, three pairs brown) five days a week in rotating pairs of hiking boots. There is basically no discernable sign of wear on them. No pilling, no stretching, no holes. My predictions about these very, very thick socks were correct.

    What also hasn't changed is the level of heat. It's officially summer here in Honolulu, and I'm using them daily with my mid-height Merrell Moab Ventilators, and while my feet don't stink at the end of the day they are definitely damp. Again, I'm not prone to foot odor but those living in hotter climates may want to search for thinner options. These socks are also not "soft" socks, like my People Socks are, and to the touch still feel as prickly as they did when new (like all tough wools) but these are socks, not gloves, and that doesn't bother me.

    They are still slightly hotter than my People Socks, but at the same time, my People Socks--which I only use when traveling overseas a few times per year--ARE showing a little bit of wear. PS are thinner, more comfortable and my preferred sock, but they're still double the price and won't stand up to as much abuse. These socks would be phenomenal for those in very cold climates who need a very, very tough and thick sock for long winters or hikes.

    Overall I'm very happy and they were a great value. I'm assuming I'll still be wearing these same six pairs this time next year, but to be honest, if comfort were my only concern and not price, I'd probably use PS on a daily basis. If I ever go looking for new work socks, and who knows when that will be, I'll probably experiment with something a little thinner. Hawaii isn't getting any cooler, that's for sure.

    At about $5/pair these are good and comfortable socks especially for anyone like me that struggles with feet that go from hot and sweaty to ice cold when I wear cotton socks. These socks have weak seams that pull apart from each other but maybe they will be okay in the long run. I also own better named socks at about $20+/pair and the difference is vast. But, at one fifth of that cost these cheaper socks are a fair value.

    OH MY GOSH!!! I bought these socks when I started wearing 8" hiking/military spec boots for the added ankle support.
    SOCK HEAVEN. It is no exaggeration that these are The Most Comfortable Socks that I have ever worn in my 58 years upon this planet.
    I am on medication that causes me to sweat in copious amounts and with 8" boots I feared my feet would suffer. Nope. Nope. And Nope. Dry and cozy.
    I only purchased 2 sets of 3 but I will be getting more so I can last more than a week between washings.

    Soft comfortable fit having neuropathy in my feet they are constantly freezing even if outside in the 100's. These help reduce the feeling of cold feet, cushioned them to the ruff terrain of LA sidewalks. Have nine other pairs of different thickness and each fit well and do their job above and beyond. In cold weather you shouldn't have sweaty feet, I have yet to have sweaty feet or even damp feet since I started buy these wool socks.

    Used during a snowshoeing and winter camping trip...found them very comfortable.

    C est exactement ce que je cherchais. Douceur et confort.