Drymax Hiking HD Over Calf Socks


  • 73% olefin/9% polyester/8% elastane/10% nylon
  • Made in US
  • Terry Loops Inside - Increase insulation and protection


Brand: Drymax

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Hiking is one of the most fun outdoor activities, enjoyed by people of all ages. Hiking can be a challenge depending on the location or weather. Hiking gear can make a big difference, as using the wrong gear can ruin the fun or bring about big trouble. Wet socks are a hiker's worst enemy, especially in cold or freezing temperatures. Moisture pulls heat away from the skin 23 times faster than air and can reduce skin temperature so rapidly that wet feet feel painfully cold. Wet skin makes the feet much more susceptible not only to frostbite, but also to blisters. Drymax Hiking Socks have a special Dual Layer Moisture Removal System. This system instantly moves moisture from the skin, through the inner Drymax layer to the outer absorbent layer, keeping feet dry. Staying dry is critical to remaining warm, comfortable and safe in cold weather. Drymax is the least thermally conductive fiber. This means Drymax fibers keep feet warmer because they draw less heat away from the skin. The Hiking Sock is a High Density protective padded sock. Using dense padding, as opposed to thick padding, it protects feet without adversely affecting the fit of the shoes. The Hiking Socks were designed for use in cold to mild conditions, keeping feet dry, comfortable and odor free all day long.

  • Package Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Date First Available: April 16, 2010
  • ASIN: B00C178I40
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    read some negative reviews for these socks one even said socks snag and split as they were being put on the first time. Okay as a retired enlisted military man both "Army & the Air force I personally know a thing or two about hot , smelly , itchy feet. until I found " Drymax" socks at "Amazon I tried all sorts of socks none kept feet dry long , or stop odor or if they did after laundering the elastic top frayed or lost it's elasticity. Drymax socks from Amazon .com worked great new but after washing them they lost their odor fighting ability. Did some research, actually read the cardboard insert. 1. Do not rip the barb holding sock to cardboard carefully cut with, toenail clippers . both sides of barb if you only cut one side the sharp barb will snag the socks leading to snags and early failures. 2 . carefully wash feet and dry them fully using a fully dry towel . 3 Important no foot sprays, no foot powders, salves , no lubrication or lotion of any kind , the reason ,salves, lotions trap moisture on which the bacteria feed which causes foot odor, powders inhibit the cooling of feet by blocking air convection, Drymax socks have a odor fighting agent built in, but powders, creams etc, hinder the socks odor fighting ability. 4 Laundering them. no hot water, gentle cycle no fabric softner in liguid or dryer sheets, why you ask fabric softiners leave a waxy build on the socks, you ask what do I use ???? Wait for it ...... White Vinegar, that right vinegar leaves no waxy build up on clothes, in fact towel manufactures recommend vinegar because it leaves towels extra absorbent, extra soft . Still wear work boots but after 12 hours taking my shoes off is not the unpleasant smelly task it used to be, and no their is no vinegar smell , hope that helps .Seems like a lot to do for a pair of socks but in the long "run" you feet will thank you

    These socks are great for what I purchased them for. My husband's job is transferring him to North Dakota and I did some "cold weather" research and learned that layering is essential for warmth and that moisture-wicking base layers is the secret. I spent an hour on line trying to find the perfect "liner socks" to go under the Carhartt 87% merino wool socks that I bought him. I needed length, comfort, durability ect... initially I only bought one pair of the Drymax socks and I bought a 3 pk pair of actual cold weather liner socks from Carhartt. These socks are amazing. The length was perfect - just a tad over the knee; which was necessary because the wool socks are right up to the knee. The other liner socks I bought just didn't measure up; too thin and too short. I returned the 3 pack of Carhartt socks and bought hime 3 more Drymax socks! **Update - My husband is wearing the socks in freezing temps and they are so well made with the whole "dual layer" thing - that he hasn't had to wear the wool socks over them. Other guys that work with my husband have blisters on their feet from sweating of their feet rubbing against the work boots - but my husband is a happy camper. Yeah for me!! Buy these - worth every penny!!

    Greatest socks ever. I bought these for my husband, but he would not wear them because they were so long he thought they were feminine.

    This winter it got very cold so I decided to wear them myself. They came up over my knee. I wore them with longjohns and a pair of thin pants and I was incredibly warm.

    Sometimes I even took Off my coat when I was outside in 30° weather because I was so warm.

    The down side is my husband took them back. I’ll have to order more

    So far right out of the box I can tell they are high quality socks. I wear a 10 1/2 to a 11 and I got XL. They fit perfectly and came over my calf without having to stretch. They feel amazing best sock so far. Worth the price. I will give it a few months and report back.

    My favorite winter sock. This keeps my feet dryer then Most socks I wear, and I am outside on my feet walking around for at least 6 1/2 hours a day, 5 days a week. They are thick, but they may not keep you as warm if your feet need a Very warm sock, but for me. I love these, because my feet are usually pretty warm, and this helps them stay dryer then my other winter socks.

    We are on our feet all day on the farm. These Socks Rock! Fit great. Seller got them to us fast and were just what they said they would be. They fit over the calf.

    My husband has a sweat issue with his feet. When working outdoors that is a big issue. In the winter it is worse. I bought these as a Christmas gift and he claims it was one the best gifts he got! He wears these with his work boots and the really do well. He claims his feet stay dry. I believe this.... coming from a very opinionated man who is sometimes hard to please. A great product.

    True 'over the calve' socks that don't fall down. I purchased these to wear with my cowboy boots, and they are a bit thick. Will have to see how they hold up to after a few trips through the washer/dryer.