MAVEA 105731 Maxtra 12-Pack Replacement Filter for MAVEA Water Filtration Pitcher


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  • NEW GENERATION: the unique new shape of the Maxtra filter delivers consistent filter flow rate over the life of the filter
  • CLEAN: filter micro-screen reduces release of carbon particle black bits into system
  • FAST: no pre-soaking required to activate filter, saving 20 minutes for filter exchange
  • SAFE: contains silver to provide antimicrobial protection and extend filter life; BPA FREE
  • SUSTAINABLE: MAVEA offers a comprehensive filter take-back and recycling program; simply download a shipment label and drop filters in the mail


Brand: Mavea

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Size:12 Pack

Who is MAVEA? MAVEA is a subsidiary of the world’s leading water filtration company that invented the category 45 years ago in Germany. Today, we serve millions of consumers worldwide, but water remains our only passion and business. MAVEA products were introduced to North America in 2009 to offer consumers premium water filtration experiences.

Product information Size:12 Pack Product Dimensions 8 x 6 x 12 inches Item Weight 3.36 ounces Manufacturer Mavea ASIN B07Q8SZQ8C

I want to make clear that the Mavea brand items that i purchased have always been great and worked perfectly in my pitcher. Its the "AQUA BLUE" brand that amazon ships instead of the Mavea brand that are really, really bad. I got those the second time after i signed up for the subscription. These AQUA BLUE take more water to "start up" and they release a lot of the carbon material, making the water dark. Also, they take 3 to 4 times longer to filter the same amount of water.
Amazon played a bait-and-switch on me. Don't let them do that to you as well. If they're not sending you the Mavea ones, send them back.

Just found out Mavea is no longer in business after calling their customer service. My digital filter change indicator stopped working and was told they no longer have replacements because Mavea is no longer in business. Frustrating to buy a product that is no longer in business. Why keep making the filters and not the other replacement parts. Changing the battery did not help. Oh well guess I will switch back to my Brita.

Each box was enclosed in a envelope, that had a sticker on it showing the so-called product information. But, peel that off, and the sticker under it, and it reads "Brita". The sides of each box, normally glued shut, had been opened. The filter bags themselves show that the filters charcoal is spilled out, and looks as though it was opened and resealed haphazardly. I can't risk using this or let anyone I care about drink water that is being filtered through who knows what.

We live on a well with very hard water. Consequently, everything gets coated with mineral deposits. Especially bad on coffee makers and pots. When reading reviews, the Mavea rated best for hard water. I am hear to tell you, it works wonderfully. Rarely have a purchased a product that performs as good as the advertisements. This one does. Our coffee maker goes 3-4 times longer before it needs to be de-scaled. I use a stainless tea pot to heat water for my french press. Before using the Mavea, my pot would get coated with the white mineral deposits anyone with hard water, living on well knows full well. Since using this filter, my pot does not get in build up whatsoever. For hard water with minerals, this is the best ever.

When we bought this filters from amazon and replaced it with first filter we initial saw filtered water containing carbon/black particles and not after few flirtations. Now, we replaced it with second filter and after 25% of filter usage we still carbon particles in filtered water. I am tired of this filters and replaced with the third one and the result is same. I am suspecting this filters are not genuine as the ones we bought at bedbathbeyond store and we never had issue with instore purchased filters. I never bad experience with amazon purchases but this is one of the worst buy i made on amazon.

These are excellent filters: they remove all tastes and odors from my heavily chlorinated, rock-hard municipal water. Unlike Brita filters (which were no match for the water where I live), they don't shed specks of charcoal into the pitcher. As other reviewers have mentioned, Mavea is the "real" Brita, which is to say it's the German company that invented the pitcher filter and continues to use the "Brita" name in Europe. In America, they sold the name (and a more primitive version of the technology) to Clorox. Now they're back with better filtration and a new name. This is the best water filter I've ever used, and I've tried tabletop and on-sink units from Brita and Pūr as well. These are hard to find in stores near me, so buying them on Amazon is a must. Highly recommended!

I love the water filters from Mavea, and I typically stretch it beyond the recommended usage. Definitely can tell a difference between this and other brand filters like brita. Between brita and tap water, I can't really tell a difference. Between Mavea and tap water, I can definitely tell a difference (and my sense of taste admittedly isn't that good). I had actually bought a second pitcher for my office I like them so much. The 3 pack price is perfect. What I really like is the recycle program Mavea has for these filters. After you save up enough of them, they will sent you a shipping label and you can send back the used cartridges free of charge. For someone that is a recycling nut (we have to pay for our trash per bag, but not recycle) this is a great feature. Probably saves them in production costs as well. A win win I suppose.

Edit (09-12-2017): Seeing a comment on my review here from "FatCat", I can confirm that they are correct and no longer recycling the filters. While it's still green to use filters over bottled water, it's not quite as green as being able to recycle the cartridges too.

Both Mavea and Brita are the same - just different names! Water tastes great using either. We can't tell the difference!

Now, let's see if these filters actually do something! Or, we just wasting our hard-earned cash!

The TDS level from tap water in North York area is about 122.

1. With Mavea filter the TDS level goes as low as 66.
2. With Brita filter the TDS level goes as low as 115.

Both are too high. Very HIGH!

I tested our tap water with ZeroWater filter and the TDS level goes down to ZERO!

Water tastes not so great compare to Mavea or Brita filters but it certainly doesn't smell fish, chicken and etc as suggested by some folks here! If it does, make sure you don't keep the pitcher close to those smelly food - or get some odor controller for your freezers!

I purchase the MAVEA Maxtra Replacement Filters for the Tassimo. I am not sure if it does anything significant, but it does keep my mind assured that contaminants will be filtered during the brewing process. They are a little overprice as standard water filter replacement packs are about 25~50% less expensive. Also, when using the replacement filters for the first time, please remember to filter it once to clean out the little plastics. I do recommend this purchase if you have a Tassimo, since this is the only filter that fits in the tank.

Oddly, it looks like Mavea and Brita are the same company.

I read a lot of reviews before I bought a Mavea pitcher. I like it more than other pitchers I've used, including those from Brita. The first time I ordered replacement filters, they were "Mavea Maxtra". But, the second time they were "Brita Maxtra". They fit in my Mavea pitcher, but I immediately questioned this, suspecting some kind of bait and switch. According to, Health-Xpress, the reseller who fulfilled my order, Brita and Mavea are the same company. Google also confirms this. Apparently, Brita is the European parent company and Mavea is what they have branded themselves as in North America.

I find this quite odd, especially given the various reviews that say Mavea is better than Brita. Perhaps all that really means is that Mavea-branded technology (what's offered in North America) is better than Brita-branded technology (what you get in Europe). Perhaps it's the same thing as Acura actually being Honda but simply with a different brand name. (Even if this is the case, and there's nothing to worry about, it's really bad marketing on the part of the company. Somewhat similar to Expedia calling me about a recent flight change even though I'd bought the ticket from Travelocity. It turns out that Expedia owns Travelocity. But mixing marketing messaging is never good.)

I have no way of evaluating if the water from these "Brita Maxtra" filters are the same as that from "Mavea Maxtra" filters or even of really evaluating what brand produces better water. Really, all I know is I like the functionality of the "Mavea" pitcher better than any "Brita" pitcher I've used...

I haven't used these filters yet as the pitcher came with one, but we are very pleased with the one we are using.

Exactly as described. I use these filters for my Mavea Elemaris pitcher. I read that there are strict requirements that enforce that these filter must last twice the lifetime what the timer on the pitcher indicates, so I use each filter for approximately 1.5x the suggested replacement life.

My main complaint is that there seems to be no way to recycle these filters in Canada. I have contacted Mavea about alternatives without any response, so these regrettably must go in the garbage for now.

I use to buy these filters in-store but lately it has been getting harder to find them so I’m quite glad that I can now order them on Amazon. I use these with a Tassimo T55 coffee maker - works great. Only caveat is that you need to replace them every 2 months or so depending on how much water you use.

Once you use this brand... you will wonder why the name Brita even exists... Mavea filters ARE THE BEST. plop them in your jug of water once... no swishing around or waiting .. just in , let water soak through.. and your good to go for you water jug. ( Mavea Jugs are BEAUTIFUL too !) I have the beautiful Purple water jug from Mavea. it is not only functional, but ascetically beautiful and a conversation piece. Truly.. BEST!!
- one day i actually LOOKED inside my Kettle... GROSSE... all this yucky, what looked like dead flesh inside my kettle !! gross ! from the horrible water from tap!, i threw it out.. got new ( exact same kettle ) and ONLY EVER use filter water from my MAVEA water jug... its been MONTHS.. and it looks like The day i bought it ! ... Mavea probally literally saved my life !

I've been incredibly satisfied with the Mavea pitcher and the filter system - it's an outstanding product, far superior to the Brita I was previously using. These filters generally last us about 7 week and I LOVE the Mavea recycling program where you save up 4 filters and send them back to Mavea for free - this is the way all filtration systems should operate and for that, I will always continue to purchase from Mavea - the water tastes delicious, comparable to quality bottled water.

Great replacements. Simple to use and are individually packaged. I dont follow the indicator on the mavea jugs though because the filters last longer than that. I dont change it until I can taste the difference.

I have two of the Mavea water jugs, which I had purchased last year to replace various other brand jugs. I like these filters - they work well to remove the gross chlorine smell and taste from our city water, and they don't sprinkle black charcoal bits all over the bottom of the jug ( I know it's not "dirty", but it certainly isn't nice to look at or offer to a guest )

These filters last us about the recommended use that they indicate on the package (approximately 150 litres, I believe) and make our water properly flavourless for drinking. :) Also, there is a recycling program available for the used filters, which is nice.

I like the container that this product fits into. Only issue with the container which I did not buy on Amazon is that the timer window does not work. I am not too bothered as I leave it for 3 months and remember to change it. I am glad I have these filters as they have just discovered high levels of lead in our drinking water.

One minor thing I dislike about this product is that it takes almost half of the water reservoir of my Tassimo coffee machine so I have to refill it more often (I guess I'm somewhat lazy and "normal" people might not complain about that but that still bugs me). Other than that it does a great job of keeping my machine clean. I haven't noticed a difference in taste for my coffee and, at this price point, I think I might be better off descaling more often but I think it's worth a try nonetheless for those who have to deal with hard water and/or are big coffee drinkers.

These items are sometimes hard to find in a regular retail outlet, so getting them on line at a competitive price in a reasonable time is the best way to go. I always use these filters and they work for much longer than the manufacturer,s suggested life.

I still get black specs, not as many as Brita filters, but they're there. I have especially hard tap water and this filter definitely helps, but at the bottom of the pitcher (and eventually when it goes into a carafe into the fridge) there are plenty of black specks.

I followed all the instructions to prep, and I don't overfill the top, but still I get the specks. I may try Mavea's new filter system, but that also means new pitcher.

Filters my over-chlorinated tap water well. l use them in my Mavea filter and they make my water taste pure and flavorless - just as I like it! They also don't leave behind black charcoal particles!

I use them longer than recommended until I can start to notice a difference in taste and then I replace them with a new filter. They last 2 - 3 months depending on how much water I drink/filter.