Asobu Nature's Way 20oz Eco Friendly Wide Mouth Glass Water Bottle BPA Free


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  • - A CLASSIC ASOBU BOTTLE Stylish and practical the Nature’ Way water bottle is another Asobu favorite- a great practical glass bottle
  • -GREAT CHOICE FOR OUTDOORS At 20oz this glass bottle it the perfect size to keeping hydrated and great for size for the take me along for walking at the gym or on a hike
  • -ENCASED IN A PROTECTIVE SLEEVE The protective cover allows you the clean and healthy bpa free taste of a glass water bottle without the worry of the glass bottle cracking
  • -COMPLETE WITH CARRY STRAP The convenient carry strap makes this item the ideal accessory for on the go just swing it over and you are good to go
  • -GREAT GIFT OPTION With 5 bright colors to choose from we know you will love this bottle. And whats more with all the color options this makes a perfect gift for Mom Dad or anyone on your list


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Asobu brings you the next generation of water bottles with the Nature’s Way glass bottle. With its protective classy looking cover this is a bottle you won’t want to leave home without. Throw it into the gym bag, take it on a hike, go for a run with it or just use it around the house. The 20oz capacity lets you stayed nice and hydrated even on a long summer day. This Eco friendly bottle is the perfect accessory to any outing. Indoor or outdoors this bottle has got you covered.

At 20oz it holds more than enough water to keep you going without having too much of a bulky look or feel. The wide mouth opening keeps your water ready and accessible and super easy to drink from and even easier to refill or add some ice cubes to your juice, water or beverage of your choice.

Its glass construction gives this bottle all the advantages of being a healthier and environmental friendly choice. Glass makes it easier to clean and you don’t have to have the worry about getting an aftertaste from overheated or aged plastic. Available in 5 beautiful colors this bottle is perfect as a gift to Mom, Dad, teacher, neighbor, friend or as a nice treat to yourself. Become a nature lover and protect the environment.. Buy an Asobu Nature’s Way Eco Friendly Bottle.

Product details Color: White
  • Product Dimensions: 3.2 x 3.2 x 8.2 inches ; 11.2 ounces
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I actually liked this canteen, due to its size, shape, volume, and materials. The cap never leaked and the cover provided positive grip. It was also easy to clean with a bottle brush -- I exclusively drank water from it, so I never had any issues with cleanliness.

However, its critical weakness appeared several weeks after I received it and began using it on a daily basis:
The glass at the very bottom of the bottle is extremely thin; probably in the neighborhood of 1mm or so. With the protective cover around the glass, I incidentally tapped the bottom of this bottle against a desk at work, causing it to break. Fortunately the bottle was empty, and it did not leak water everywhere. It stayed otherwise in tact, only the bottom had a hole in it, with the glass around the sides being significantly thicker than the bottom (nearer to 3-4mm, if I had to guess). I couldn't believe that such a small tap had effectively punctured this otherwise-sturdy bottle!

The material at the bottom of the bottle, or any glass receptacle, should be as thick or thicker than the side walls. Look at any bottle of soda, alcohol, any drinking glass in your cupboard, etc., and you will see this with probably 99% regularity.

Perhaps it was a manufacturing imperfection, but I will not be purchasing another similar product from Asobu.

So incredibly disappointed!

When I recevied this bottle, it quickly became my all-time favorite water bottle. I loved the design, the taste, the size and just as I was about to write a glowing review, I dropped my full bottle on our hardwood floor from waist height (~2.5') and it catastrophically shattered around the collar. This was the first time I had ever dropped the bottle and had only ever used it gently to/from work and hand-washed it. After cleaning up a huge, sticky juice + broken glass mess that made me late for work, I immediately checked to see if I could return or ask for a refund and found that my bottle had shattered exactly two days after the month-long return period. In my disappointment, I wrote a courteous letter to the company via their website [...] asking if perhaps I could have received a defective product and could perhaps get a replacement or a discount as I really did love this bottle and wanted to give it another go. After over one week, there has been no reply or acknowledgement of any kind.

I do not like to write bad reviews and withheld my opinion until the company had enough time to respond. It may seem silly to get upset about a simple water bottle, but this was nearly a $20 bottle! I've used practically-indestructible Nalgene bottles for years on a number of very demanding outdoor adventures and in the event that I did break one, they sent me a replacement at no cost. As loyal as I was to Nalgene, I wanted to switch to a glass bottle for better taste and a nicer look for work (i.e. not dirty). I truly did love this Asobu bottle during our abbreviated relationship! After 32 days, I am out $20 and my favorite bottle with no response from customer service even to say that they can't offer a discounted replacement. This is especially maddening when it appears that the majority of positive reviews for this product received a significant discount. Poor durability and zero response from the company. Just sad.

I had this water bottle before in green and it was so sadly stolen with my bag a few weeks ago. I couldn't go on without this water bottle so I had to order another one. I ordered the white one because it was cheapest, and so far it's kept up against dirt and decoloration. We'll see how it goes. The sleeve isn't on all of the way either, which is annoying because the sleeve is so tight that it's near impossible to slide back up around the bottle. Despite my petty complaints, I still love this bottle. I put hot and cold drinks in it with no problem (besides the sides getting very hot very fast---carry with care) and think it very easy to drink out of. I love its durability, versatility and ease. It keeps waters natural taste, which is a huge plus for me, and the little loop makes it easy to screw on around a backpack or bag and carry around hands-free. I love this water bottle! Hopefully this white one is more permanent.

I drink a lot of water daily. I was sick of the cheap plastic ones that I was using, so I decided to "splurge" on this water bottle, because I had never spent more than 5 dollars on one before. I loved this water bottle, I used it every day, and it was easy to clean, and I have dropped it a couple times, and thankfully it didn't shatter like the other reviews seem to be saying. However, this bottle only lasted me about 2 months, because the plastic ring around the neck of the bottle that attaches to the lid got worn down from me opening it, and holding the lid down against the bottle with my finger to fill it up. It snapped off from me bending the plastic so frequently. So now I don't have the loop from the lid attaching to the bottle anymore, which I took for granted, because now it's kind of inconvenient for me not being able to carry the bottle by the loop, and having to take the lid off completely while filling the bottle.
It's a great bottle, I loved it, but I feel kind of cheated that all the plastic water bottles I've had prior, lasted much longer than this more "expensive" one.

Received this bottle today and noticed the silicone sleeve was super dusty when I took it out of the box. Naturally, I was inclined to wash it, so I started to take the silicone sleeve off the glass bottle. And that's where the struggle began. I can understand wanting a snug fit for a sleeve that's supposed to protect and support the bottle, but it was nearly impossible to get off because the sleeve has no give. It ended up ripping in two places in my struggle just to get it off, before I even had a chance to take a sip from it. Nice bottle based on appearances, but if you're like me and like to take things apart to clean them, you may want to look elsewhere.

This bottle is listed at 318 grams, and that's why I bought it over other brands. I weighed it when it arrived, and it was 446 grams. Let's have some integrity and tell the truth about what we're selling please.

It otherwise looked like a great bottle, one of the few glass bottles with a wide mouth. The cap screwed on and off easily. It's a shame it's much heavier than advertised.

Really liked this bottle. Got a couple of months out of it then slipped and dropped the backpack it was packed in--not a very hard impact, landed on carpet--and the bottom of the bottle shattered out :( just wish there was some way to add silicon coverage to the bottom to prevent this.

Exactly what I was looking for. Perfect size, and to me the wide mouth is an advantage, as it allows me to clean the inside of the bottle (which should be done occasionally).

Note that you can't open the cap one handed, so this is not a choice for keeping in the car.

Love the glass bottle. I use it for drinks, like water, etc. It works great.

Just purchased this water bottle but unfortunately, it came with a huge crack in the bottle! Although the bottle wasn't completely broken, I had to throw away as it didn't see safe to use, disappointing!!

It's a nice wide mouth opening to pour your shakes into for on the go!!

Really satisfied with the whole delivery process, it was so quick! I also like the bottle. It's totally different drinking from a glass bottle like this. Another satisfied customer!

-Carry the right amount of liquids.
-Perfect size to fit in knapsack or bags.
-Wide mouth easy to clean the inside.
-No leaks so far and looks good.

I ordered one, and loved it, unfortunately i broke it, so i ordered a new one!

Great functional water bottle. I like the design but I'm disappointed that the plastic part that connects to the lid is starting to crack. Not sure if this is something that can be fixed or replaced.


It's very happy with this item!
-Moderately sized
-Large twist lids
-good grip

Good product it’s what I expected

Great quality. Easy to clean.

it is cumbersome, in my opinion. especially the neck part. way too wide!