DB DEGBIT Leak Proof Motivational Water Bottle, BPA Free Tritan Plastic Sports Water Bottles Time Marker & Filter & Lock Lid, Reusable Gym Bottle Ideal Running, Cycling, Travel


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  • ✅ CONVENIENT DESIGN FOR DAILY USE: Our water bottle has a soft matte surface and features a thumb button release and locking system. Its humanized body bottle design provides a non-slip grip and the lanyard strap allows for you to conveniently carry it with you. Its food grade silicone pad and cap ring, combined with the precise locking hook, seals and latches the lid tightly, effectively making it leak and dust proof to provide you with a practical and safe drink bottle you can use every day.
  • ✅ YOUR PERSONAL HYDRATION ALLY: You can efficiently stay hydrated with our large 2 in 1 sport water bottle no matter what your preference in drinks may be. It holds up to 1 liter/ 34OZ of liquid and features a motivational timeline to remind you to take a drink, and its filter on top is an excellent fruit infuser. The large mouth allows for a quick refill and its oblique mouth sprout provides an easy water flow. Simply flip the top lid of our reusable water bottle and gain rapid hydration!
  • ✅ ENJOY YOUR DRINK CONCERN FREE: You can stay hydrated with a guaranteed pure tasting drink with our high quality shatter proof sports bottle. Made from 100% BPA-free Eastman Tritan plastic and food grade silicone parts, you can use with peace of mind as your health is protected from harmful chemicals. The food grade plastic assures that the bottles are safe to reuse and refill, and that they are also recyclable and environmentally friendly.
  • ✅ STAY REFRESHED ANYWHERE: The practical size of our eco-friendly travel bottles fit standard bike bottle holders, car holders and adult/ kids backpacks that feature external pockets, making them your ideal companion to stay refreshed while traveling, camping, hiking or at the office. The 1L capacity of our sports bottle with handle is ideal for athletes and guarantees your hydration whether you go to the gym or are into yoga, running, cycling, tennis, MMA, crossfit training or any other sport.
  • ✅ BUY WITH PEACE OF MIND: We provide only top quality and care for our customers and that’s why we believe that our water bottles are the best choice for your daily hydration. Offering you a selection of 4 different colors, you can easily find the one that matches your personal style or choose one to gift to someone special. If you encounter any problems with our products, please email us and our customer service will immediately assist you. Buy with confidence. Click “Add To Cart” Now!



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Despite most people insisting that training and nutrition are the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle, the truth is that HYDRATION is vastly underestimated! Particularly for those who are always on the go or engage in various physical activities and sports, staying hydrated should be your #1 mission. As a result, we have designed the ULTIMATE HYDRATION ALLY for you, so that you can conveniently carry it with you and quench your thirst, anyplace, anywhere, anytime! PRESENTING THE ULTIMATE REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE BY DB DEGB Perfect for busy people with active lifestyles, our reusable drinking bottle will allow you to easily transport it everywhere you go, plus, its practical motivational timeline markings will remind you when it’s time to chug some more water down! Whether you are an athlete with increased hydration needs or simply someone who leads a busy lifestyle, you will NOT be disappointed in the design of this Hydration Bottle!

Fits kid and adult pocket

a large mouth opening

a thumb button release and locking system


Stay hydrated during all your gym or outdoor workouts, including yoga, MMA, Crossfit, running, cycling or any other sport that’s physically demanding.

Just put our Drinking Bottle in your car holder or backpack and take it with you while traveling, camping or hiking!


Our sports water bottle can hold up to 1 liter or 34 OZ of liquid and features a motivational timeline to remind when to take a sip and ALWAYS be hydrated.

Plus, it features a large mouth opening so that you can quickly refill it and use it again and again.


Featuring a soft, matte surface and a thumb button release and locking system, our Water Bottle is both non-slip and convenient to carry around.

Plus, its modern and elegant design is bound to turn a few heads wherever you go!



Made from 100% BPA-FREE Tritan plastic and food-grade silicone parts, this Water Bottle is as safe and healthy as it can be.

In fact, it’s entirely free of harmful chemicals and it’s safe to be reused and refilled as many times as you want.

Not to mention the materials used for its construction are recyclable, perfect for environmentally conscious people like us.

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1.Avoid freezing the bottle when full (The volume of a solid is always greater than its liquid)

2.Perfect for HOT and COLD liquids between -5℃ and 95℃

3.Do not place the bottle in a microwave oven or dishwasher. Instead, wash it by hand

4.The bottles comes with a filter. If you use it as a fruit bottle, always clean the filter immediately after use

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-100% BPA-Free & Safe

-100% Food-Grade Silicone Seal Parts

-100% Leak & Dust Proof

-Thumb Button Release & Locking System

-Oblique Mouth Sprout Design

-One Handed Flip Lid

-Filter For Fruit Infuser

-Convenient Carry Strap

In other words, EVERYTHING you need to quench your thirst with water or any beverage, anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

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Product details Color: Green | Size: 350ML
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  • ASIN: B07HMPX5Y6

Love that it is a full liter instead of the more standard quart. Love the easy flip-top and secure latch. The colors are rich and pleasing. However, the first time I ordered one of these, it provided volume measurements on the side of the bottle, so you could know how much was in it or how much you were using. That has been replaced by a stack of stupid phrases encouraging you to drink. Useless. I'm annoyed to have to manually compute and mark the fluid levels myself. It's possible that Amazon has switched to a different supplier since my first purchase.

With millions of water bottles available for purchase, I decided to purchase this one. It arrived a little larger than expected, but bigger is better right? Especially when it comes to drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated. So I primarily use this at the gym, track and sometimes bring it to work. One factor I always look for is BPA free and this bottle has it! The texture and built of this bottle is so smooth, but has ridges on one side for gripping! This prevents slipping out of my hand. I enjoy the little detail pictures on the side of the bottle to tell you to “keep drinking, drinking time, etc”. Thought that was a nice, little touch. Another feature is the secure lock flip lid which is easy to lock and easy to unlock. Just flip if the wrist. It fits perfectly in my car cup holder. I received the blue color and have already received compliments from other gym members!! Uploaded some pictures for reference.

Have bought similar water bottles under different brand names in the past. Realized that they are all made slightly differently. Have no complaints with this bottle's material quality itself. But design is really bad:

1. The spout is too wide, so the water flows out unevenly. Too little water flows out in an irregular gush making it unsuitable for workouts.
2. The locking mechanism is so big that it digs into our chin and hurts when we try to sip right out of the bottle.
3. Definitely leaks when laid flat even by mistake.

These two defects make it impossible to comfortably drink from the bottle. I don't want to discard it because it's a big waste of material and money. So I have now decided to use it only when I'm not too thirsty, to take tiny sips, or to gulp down my vitamins.

Wish I could return it but since I had to use it a few times to realize these issues, I can't. :(

These are very nice bottles. I ordered 2 to take plenty of water on long bike rides. The push button lid makes it easy to use while riding. I like that they are wide enough to add ice if you wanted and it still has a smaller drink spout. They fit nicely in a standard bike water bottle cage.

I use a water bottle every day. I do not purchase bottled water so I have quite a few bottles to store or carry around water that I drink - and I drink A LOT of water. So many leak and do not lock down solidly and if they do to open them to use is really aggravating at times. This is a solid water bottle that DOES NOT LEAK a bit for daily use, in my gym bag, at the office, in all the settings I've used it. The markings on the side for keeping you motivated to drink are cute - but I fill this thing up numerous times throughout the day so I don't need them. They would be helpful to someone that needs that marking for knowing how well you are doing during the day if you are (and you should be) trying to consume more water. It's the best thing for your body, skin, health, weight, etc. This bottle is a keeper and I'll get a very, very long time of use out of it! Highly recommend. Great price, great shipment, great seller. Thank you!

This water bottle is huge! I was wanting a bottle that I could use for my son's lunchbox to put in the side pocket, which it does fit but it was really tall sticking out. I will just use for sporting events. The material is thick so it does not feel like it's cheaply made. I like the added rope around the top so it can be carried or clipped to a bag. The lid locks tight so there is no leaks. I am usually a water drinker, but for those who are not they have a fun design on the side of the bottle to motivate you to drink more of the water.

This is my second Degbit bottle (the first one was accidentally left behind in the ATL airport). Let me tell you why I love this bottle and will continue to buy them in the future. I have to admit that I love the color, blue is just my thing. I love the portability of the bottle , I can carry it anywhere. This carry strap helps when I don't want to take a bag. I really like that the bottle is marked with portions of water that you should drink and the clocks serve as a reminder of when you should drink and how often. I also like that the bottle is easy to clean and doesn't hold a bad plastic smell. The one thing that I would caution people about is that the leak guard doesn't always stop leaks. I have noticed a couple times on this bottle where water has escaped. This could have been a result of something I did, so I would not let it stop me from buying the bottle again. What I can say, is that this bottle serves me well and it is the best portable water bottle I have bought to date (my 4th one). I would definitely purchase it again.

I needed a leak proof water bottle and came across this one and I decided to give it a try and I am glad I did. First of all I love the design of the water bottle as the side grips make it really easy to hold. I also like that it holds a liter of water, so I don't have to fill up as much and makes it easy to track my water intake. The water flow that comes out of the spout is the perfect amount. The carrying strap makes it easy to carry around when I am on the go. It is very well made as I dropped it and it didn't even have a scratch on it and it does not leak at all which is awesome because I have had issues with water bottles in the past that say it is leak proof when it actually leaks but this one hasn't leaked at all which is wonderful. My kids were also impressed with this water bottle and they wanted me to buy them each one which I definitely will as it is a great price so it is well worth it.