The Original Rhino Strong Commercial Grade Air Wedge Bag Pump Professional Leveling Kit & Alignment Tool Inflatable Shim Bag Single


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  • PERFECT FOR ANY TOOLBOX - PRY TOOL AND EASY CARRY TOTE BAG INCLUDED! Great for multiple jobs and applications such as, Precise Alignment and Leveling. Air lift non-marking shim for window, door, cabinet installations, appliances, HVAC, plumbing.
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY - Allowing a single installer to do the job of many. Our Shim Bags will help hold in place and level counter tops, door frames, window frames, cabinetry, and more!
  • COMMERICAL DESIGN, CONSUMER PRICE - With rounded corners, stiff durable edges, smooth exterior and internal stiffener for easier insertion, our wedges are designed for ease of use. Quick easy push button air valve for precise leveling with one finger. FITS into tight 3/32 inch gaps and opens to 2 1/2 inches wide with one hand pump operation. 300 POUND load rating for maximum weight capacity.
  • PROTECTION FOR MATERIAL-Will not damage, leave marks, or scuff material it comes into contact with unlike pry tools, wooden shims or other wedges used to level, lift, shim, plumb, and align material.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you don’t love it, just return it for a complete refund! NOTE: DO NOT OVER INFLATE to avoid any damage to the bag or valve.


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rhino strong air shim air wedge air lift tool leveling alignment tool air shim air wedge rhino strong air lift tool

Easy carry & storage tote bag with pry tool included with your purchase.

air wedge air lift tool
Great addition to your toolbox!

Great for any tool box from the professional contractor to the everyday handyman.

Useful for multiple jobs and applications.

Allows a single installer to do the work of many.

Commercial grade quality, durability and performance

What is included with your purchase?

Popular medium size premium, professional high quality Rhino Strong Air Lift Tool, Air Shim and Wedge.

· Medium Original Rhino Strong Air Lift Tool, Wedge & Shim.

· Pry Tool.

· Carry and Storage Tote Bag.

· Insert Card with product information.

  • Perfect for any toolbox- 3 sizes to meet all of your individual needs.
  • Great for multiple applications.
  • Save time allowing a single installer to do the work of many.
  • Commercial, professional, high performance design.
  • Protection for project work space with scratch free smooth material.
  • 300 plus pound load capacity.
  • Carry and storage tote bags to protect your Rhino Strong tools.
  • Red pry tool to assist with air bag insertion
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The Original Commercial Grade Rhino Strong is constructed of premium quality materials and enhanced design.

Why Choose Rhino Strong?

-Our materials, quality, durability and performance set us apart from the competition.

-Attention to details to meet high expectations.

  • Thick inner and outer 0.8mm TPU material with an encapsulated 420d nylon material. Strong and durable built to last.
  • Still, double vacuum sealed vulcanized no fray edges. Allows the tool to be more easily inserted into tough areas without bending.
  • Internal plastic piece allows better insertion into tight areas.
  • Thin as a hand of playing cards at 3/32 inches when deflated, inflates up to 2 1/2 inches to raise, and level your work space.
  • High quality sturdy hand pump design with easy push button air release valve and improved "no pop" air intake valve.
  • Rounded corner design allows options of different points of entry at access point.
  • Longer hose design from bag to pump at 7 1/2 inches to allow manipulation of the air bag into a further distance while maintaining the effectiveness of the tool.
  • Tool carry and storage tote bag to protect your Rhino Strong Air Wedge bags.
  • Pry tool to assist with air bag insertion.

air shim

air lift tool

air shim

air shim

Professional contractors keep Rhino Strong in their toolbox for an extra set of hands.

RHINO STRONG: For installation of doors, windows, framing, HVAC, plumbing, and more!

Professional cabinetry manufacturers and installers endorse Rhino Strong for installation.

RHINO STRONG: To allow a single installer to save time and money scratch free replacing wooden shims.

Homeowners use Rhino Strong to clean, raise, and move heavy objects to align and clean tough areas.

RHINO STRONG: Homeowners and DIYers- to raise, align, move and clean appliances, furniture, water tanks and more!

Raise and Level Appliances and Furniture

RHINO STRONG: For lifting, leveling and alignment of appliances and furniture with one handed pump operation.

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air shim

air shim

air lift tool

air shim

Raise furniture for moving.

Rhino Strong: Raise furniture for cleaning and moving.

Support for window installation.

Rhino Strong: Support for window installation and framing.

Align gates and door hinges.

Rhino Strong: Raise and level gates and doors to align hinges during installation.

Level cabinets.

Rhino Strong: Precise leveling scratch free for cabinets, appliances, HVAC and more!

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Choose The Original Rhino Strong Air Lift Tool, Wedge & Shim for your toolbox, to Help You Get The Job Done Right, The First Time!RHINO STRONG Commercial Grade hand pump air bags are used for a variety of jobs by professional contractors as well as the everyday handyman. Perfect for any tool box! It allows a single installer to position and hold items in place, to precisely align, adjust, and level with its hand operated pump, and quick release push button air valve for leveling and deflation.WHY RHINO STRONG? Its superior quality material and design sets it apart from the competition with an inner AND outer layer of TPU material.

  • What is TPU material? TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is a mixture between hard plastic and soft silicone. A very dense, durable and smooth rubber.
  • What is 420d? 420d is a measure of strength for nylon material.

The inner AND outer TPU material encapsulates the 420D nylon material for added durability and a longer lasting life. The outer double sealed vulcanized TPU material's stiff edges will not fray and wear. The exterior coating is smooth and will not snag for easier insertion compared to competitors' outer nylon material. Resistant to oil, heat, cold and warping as well as being UV stable and anti-static. Rhino Strong material is 0.8mm thick for increased strength and durability compared to competitors 0.7mm size. Includes an internal stiffener for easy insertion in addition to a rounded edge design that won’t catch. It has a span gap of 3/32”(thin as a hand of playing cards) to 2½” with a 300 Pound Load Capacity!Rhino Strong Air Wedge Lift Bags are precise alignment and leveling tools that will not damage or scuff the material it comes into contact with.Variety of limitless uses include:

  • Installation of windows, cabinets, doors, appliances, HVAC systems, counter tops, furniture, and more!
  • Safely lifting heavy objects such as a refrigerator to access underneath it.
  • Placing wedge between door or window frame to create a gap.

Save time with the extra hands this inflatable air wedge tool provides.

Product information

Technical Details

Manufacturer LF Trading Company Item Weight 6.4 ounces Package Dimensions 10.63 x 6.06 x 1.38 inches Material Rubber

Additional Information


The main reason I bought this product was because in my Ford pick up truck the seatbelt and the buckle dig into my hip. So I put this product in between the buckle and myself when I’m getting in the car and then once I’m all set a pump up the bladder With a good fuel pumps and right away I am no longer in pain. I have tried everything to put in between myself and the seatbelt buckle and nothing has worked. When you’re pumping up the bladder it pushes the seatbelt buckle away from me. This thing is super strong. Never deflates, never pops. I was worried when I purchased this that it would pop after a few uses of trying to inflate it against myself and the seatbelt buckle but I have been using this now for almost a month and it is just like the first day I bought it. I’m actually buying another set to use around the house for when I do housework and I need help with lifting certain ends up and I’m by myself and no one is around to help me. This is a definite must buy!!I was worried when I purchased us that it would pop after a few uses of trying to inflate it against myself and the seatbelt buckle but I have been using this now for almost a month and it is just like the first day I bought it. I’m actually buying another set to use around the house for when I do housework and I need help with lifting certain ends up and I’m by myself and no one is around to help me. This is a definite must buy

from the photos I vouldnt tell the items actual size, once received the unit was pretty big. It cam nicely packed and the shim is the size of a mouse pad. This ended up working really well for my purpose which is use on a rear car window. My motor failed causing the window to stay down, go figure it would happen in the summer. I was able to pull the window up and slide the rhino all the way down between the window and door. I gave it a few pumps and it has the power to keep my window up as a temporary fix.

We used this to snug up a altered cabinet over our new refrigerator and screw into wall. Got the 3 inch inflation as stated in product details.

Used this to help with leveling a freezer. Was able to lift the corner in small increments to allow for precise leveling. Worked great and very sturdy.

I work in the apartment maintenance profession and bought this hoping it would work for me.
It works great, I've used it to level washers and dryers, and also stoves and refrigerators. No more laying on my side and trying to lift something and turning levelers.

Seems durable. Havent usex as of yet.

These Rhino Strong air bags are significantly better than the competitors. They are made of a better quality materials and allowed me to install several doors saving a bunch of time. I know it will be handy for lots of of other jobs so I will keep it in my toolbox from now on.

Works as advertised and is strong, should last a long time