Yalumi LED Headlamp Spark Dual, Lightweight 2.7 oz, for Camping, Running and Hiking, 3 Energizer Batteries Included, Water resistantup to 90-Meter, Advanced Optics, 1.5X Brightness, Long Battery Life


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  • Uses sophisticated optical lens for enhanced beam with 5 light modes (white: economic, high-brightness, strobe; red: constant, strobe)
  • White LED with 105-lumen light output and 90-meter beam length provides 187 hours burn time in economy mode and 95 hours in brightest mode
  • Highest-quality Cree high-power XP-E LED for white spotlight; red LED provides strobe for safety signaling; 3 AAA batteries included
  • Adjustable headband, lamp illumination angle tilt and lock mode to avoid accidental enabling and battery drain when stored in pack or pocket
  • Compact, lightweight design for use in outdoor activities with IPX4 rating for water resistance


Brand: Yalumi

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The yalumi Spark Dual headlamp integrates two colored light sources--one high-output Cree XP-E white LED for long-distance illumination and two red LEDs for safety--that together provide five lighting modes (white modes: economic, maximum, and strobe; red modes: constant and strobe). The high-output white LED in this battery-powered headlamp (AAA batteries included) provides a narrow, focused beam of 105 lumens in maximum mode and throws light up to 90 meters. The maximum burn time is 187 hours in economic mode and 95 hours on maximum mode (burn time may vary based on battery brand and life). The red LEDs provide a strobe light for safety signaling and spare lighting in a constant mode to preserve night vision. With a compact and lightweight design, Spark dual is ideal for all types of outdoor activities. The exceptional lens qualities in the yalumi Spark Dual are rooted in more than 16 years of experience in engineering state-of-the-art solutions for camera lenses, video lenses, scanners, and other optical products. The adjustable headband with lamp-angle tilt allows aiming of the beam. Lock mode keeps you from accidentally enabling the light--and draining the batteries--when the headlamp is stored in your pack or pocket. The headlamp also is IPX4-rated for water resistance. With a compact and lightweight design, the Yalumi Spark Dual LED headlamp is ideal for outdoor activities or for technical activities where bright, precision-focused lighting is a requirement.

Product details Color: Green/Gray
  • Product Dimensions: 2.2 x 1.5 x 1.8 inches ; 2.72 ounces
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  • Item model number: SPARK DUAL-4012
  • Batteries 3 AAA batteries required. (included)

I've owned many headlamps, from dollar store incandescents to clunky but bright generic Chinese ones, to several Petzls from tiny to complex with separate battery packs, etc. This Yalumi Spark Dual is easily better and more versatile than any of them. Paying less than a crisp twenty for it makes it somewhere between an excellent value and a steal.

If you're wearing anything less bulky than Apollo moon gloves, it is easy to operate while on your head....not sure why some folks online found otherwise. The battery compartment is easy to open and close, and secure. The AAA Energizers that came with it are a somewhat tight fit length-wise, but not enough to cause a problem. For a trip up Grand Teton, I'll just put in Energizer Lithiums to avoid the whole spare-battery-carrying, battery-changing issue.

Apparent quality is very high both functionally and cosmetically. Operation is 99% self-explanatory, the only exception being the lock feature, which you might not know even exists if you don't look at the instruction sheet.

To lock, just hold the button long enough for the red light to both come on (after 1.5 sec) and turn off (after 3 sec total). To unlock, just hold the button long enough for the white light to come on, 3 sec. The instructions overstate all required button holding times by 2x. What they say takes 3 seconds actually takes 1.5, and what they say takes 6 takes 3. I guess that was to be safe for people who count too fast and give up easily, so I'll call it conservatism rather than error.

The brightness of the white light is as they claim: quite bright, and exactly the right compromise of brightness vs battery life which I would have chosen myself. Plenty bright for night hiking and seeing far ahead, even on the lower setting, yet not so bright that it's too bright for reading with.

The 2 little red LEDs are nowhere near as bright as the white one, but still much brighter than I expected. Time will tell if they're too bright for use at astronomical gatherings, but the answer is probably yes, that some astro buffs would complain about it bothering them. Yet it's easier to dim a headlamp by wrapping something over it, than to make a dim one brighter when needed. The red lights are indeed bright enough for use hiking as a backup if the white LED breaks, or trying to conserve battery, or trying to be stealthier than the bright white light allows. Plenty bright enough to see where you're putting your feet and hands for climbing, for instance, and to see things pretty clearly for maybe 10-15 feet ahead of you.

As for the blinking settings, WOW. If you're looking to be seen or found, the brightness of the blinking is quite amazing. Unlike many LED lights when blinking, this gives shorter and brighter flashes, not just on/off/on/off for nearly equal intervals as many lights do. The white flash is not much brighter than the white light, but the red flash is MUCH brighter than the red light. Both will give you serious spots in your eyes if you watch them in a mirror 10ft away, which you will find hard to do for more than a couple of flashes. Using the red flashing on the back of a bicycle would certainly let motorists know you're there, while also giving you a backup headlamp if your headlight died.

I plan to heavily use this as my primary light for hiking, climbing, auto maintenance, home repairs, emergency lighting, keeping in the car, and all the other things headlamps are great for. I did my research before buying it, took a chance based on a handful of reviews, and could not be happier with this purchase. While the cheaper white-LED-only version is very tempting and perhaps an even bigger bargain, I also am happy with paying the extra five bucks for the Dual, both to have the red light available for astro use (when alone, probably too bright for use at star parties) and because it adds a lot of redundancy and versatility.

I purchased 2 Yalumi headlamps several years ago. One in my Go bag, the other packed as a replacement, which needed,
Did not put the batteries in the 2nd one, for fear of battery leakage, etc. Needed it today. Tried approx 30+ fresh batteries in the 2nd one, it worked not at all. spent about half an hour, trying to figure out the problem, honestly.
Finally I asked my wife to take a look at the outside and inside of the lamp.....bingo. I saw it right before she said it.....
the contacts were connected incorrectly; i.e., the battery box has 2 positive connections side by side rather than alternating. No doubt that is incorrect as all of my multi-battery devices, flashlights, etc , alternate the contacts
for positive and negative. I can fix it. Please advise. Certainly toooo old to replace, although never used. Looking at your lamp reviews, the company has a lot of different problems. Just to let you know. The additional lamps and lights that I planned to buy now, can not be Yalumi lamps, etc. Really wish that I could take out the connections and replace, but I am not an electrician. Ron Miller

I received my Yalumi today. I took it out into my dark backyard and lit it up. The low setting was bright enough to throw a beam all of the way from my back door to the fence at the other end of the yard.. The high setting is very bright. The red light and the flasher modes in both the white and red light are very good. The headband is fine. I bought this light to put in my emergency kits for the house and cars. I did not really expect it to be as powerful as it is. Inside the house in a dark room it is really bright even on low. For the price, I can't see how you can beat it. The quality of construction is nice - it does not look/feel cheap in any way. The switch feels firm and well made and it comes with a one year guarantee. You would have no problem walking the dog at night or even jogging or walking - none at all. The reason I did not give it a 5 star rating is because unlike my Petzl, once you reach a setting and leave it there, it will not go off at the next touch. You have to cycle through all of the settings to get to off. A little irritating but that's just me - what do you expect for the price? The essence and core of this lamp is very good for the price. I'm going to buy a few more and stuff them in my emergency kits and by the bed. If you want all of the techie stuff like no hands activation, auto proximity control and mega lumens, you will pay more. But for normal usage like walking at night, or emergency situations when you lose power for a while, this light is exceptional. I own an older Petzl which I use constantly at work and the Yalumi is much brighter. I also own a few Surefire illumination tools so I know what a well constructed light feels like. This little Yalumi, for the price, is a steal. Highly recommend.

Side note: One reviewer wrote that the batteries were difficult to install and I found this to be true, also. But, I am certain that with a little time the tightness will go away as the compartment breaks in.