Authentic Genuine Nagoya NA-771 15.6-Inch Whip VHF/UHF (144/430Mhz) Antenna SMA-Female for BTECH and BaoFeng Radios


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  • Certified Original Nagoya Antenna - with an exclusive manufacturing partnership with BTECH
  • New Release - May Require a Rubber spacer (included) and has an extended antenna cover to protect your radio SMA male base from the elements
  • This antenna is almost 16 inches long and is a must for outdoor and camping usage. This is a soft flexible antenna able to withstand more 'roughness' than a stock radio antenna, all while boosting the signal of your radio significantly!
  • Compatible with all BTECH, and BaoFeng Radios - Ideal for UV-5R, BF-F8HP, UV-82HP, and SMA female connections
  • To avoid counterfeit Nagoya models - insure your listing shows "sold by BaoFeng Tech"


Brand: BTECH

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Size:Handheld Antenna  |  Style:NA-771 15.6" VHF/UHF

Nagoya has taken another step to limit counterfeit listings. Handheld Radio Antennas arrive in a Green Poly Bag (with rounded corners), a bag printed barcode (might be covered by Amazon barcode), and the BTECH Logo Seal

This is the Original Nagoya NA-771 Dual Band High Gain Antenna, beware of the counterfeit copies of noted by their "Blue Logo" design or poorer quality (cheaper build and performance)

This antenna is almost 16 inches long and is a must for outdoor and camping usage. This is a soft flexible antenna able to withstand more 'roughness' than a stock radio antenna, all while boosting the signal of your radio significantly!

Frequency: 144/430MHz
Gain: 2.15dBi
Max power: 10 Watts
VSWR : Less 1.5:1
Impedance: 50 OHM
Connector: SMA-F
Length: 39.6 cm (~15.6 inches)
Impedance : 50 ohms
RoHS Compliant

1x Nagoya NA-771 Booster Antenna
1x Rubber spacer

Compatible with:

GMRS-V1 (NA-701C Ideal for GMRS), MURS-V1 (NA-701C Ideal for MURS) – The NA-320A Antenna is recommended for the UV-5X3

BF-F8HP, UV-82HP, UV-82 Series, UV-5R (All models), and all others

And any other radio that uses the SMA-FEMALE Connection

Product information Size:Handheld Antenna  |  Style:NA-771 15.6" VHF/UHF

Technical Details

Collapse all Other Technical Details Brand BTECH Item model number NA-771 Item Weight 0.81 ounces Product Dimensions 15 x 0.5 x 0.1 inches Item Dimensions L x W x H 15 x 0.5 x 0.1 inches Manufacturer AnyTone Tech ASIN B00KC4PWQQ Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No Date First Available May 14, 2014

Additional Information


I have had this antenna for about a week and did some SWR testing on it while connected to a Baofeng BF-F8HP 8 watt radio. I just threw the antenna on top of my Tacoma and did the test in less than ideal conditions, in a suburban neighborhood with lots of clutter around. As you can see from the photo it didn't love the bottom of the 70cm UHF band but even at the worst, it was at 1.7. Most of the readings were well below 1.5 and that is considered by most to be an excellent reading. The magnetic base has not budged even up to 70mph and I accidentally backed into my garage without unscrewing it, no damage resulted surprisingly.

Once I get into a hobby, I tend to go "all in" over time. What started as a vague interest in FRS/GMRS walkie talkies turned into the purchase of multiple BaoFeng VHF/UHF handheld two-way radios and a BTECH AMP-U25 mobile amplifier. Initially, I had a Nagoya UT-308UV magnetic mount car antenna which worked fairly well when connected directly to a BaoFeng BF-F8HP two-way radio, but upgraded to this UT-72 Super Loading Coil 19-Inch Magnetic Mount VHF/UHF Antenna with a PL-259 male connector to mate with the AMP-U25's SO-239 female connector. The upgrade was amazing!

The difference in quality, power handling, and most importantly SWR, was night and day. The UT308UV measured over 2.5 SWR, allowing just under 15W of RF power to leave the transmitter. The UT-72 super loading coil antenna reduced the measured SWR to 1.2, delivering almost 20W of power. This is a remarkable improvement, not only in power delivery, but in safety to the UHF amplifier.

The Nagoya UT-72 Super Loading Coil 19-Inch antenna is arguably the best magnetic mount mobile antenna for VHF/UHF applications. Highly recommended.

Long enough cable, split connectors, reasonable storing magnet (could be a touch stronger) but at least it does not hurt the paint. Unable to provide Technical performance details other than it allowed me
To make contacts at reasonable far distances using a Baofung 5v

First, the PL-259 connector on the antenna coax would not seat into the PL-259 Female on the SMA adapter. Whoever soldered the connection got a little messy. It took a #20 drill bit to clean the female end. A little bit of emery cloth on the male end and all was better. Out of the box 2M SWR was 1:3. 70CM SWR was 1.4:1. Magnet is strong but not so strong you're fearful of scratching the paint when you remove the antenna. Durability lost a star because the SMA adapter seems somewhat fragile. I will tweak the SWR this weekend. I would recommend this antenna to a friend. Nothing has changed as of 9/21/2018.

This antenna is exactly what the GMRS market needed. The problem with most GMRS and FRS radios is that they have an antenna permanently fixed to the transceiver, and this costs big time signal losses since if you transmit in a vehicle, lots of signal is absorbed by the vehicle. The Nagoya antenna allows 100% of the signal to be radiated in the clear - other than minor cable losses. Much improved reception. With a couple of these antennas and line of sight conditions you can easily make 60 - 70 miles. Another important thing - the magnet on the antenna base is powerful enough to stay put on a vehicle roof at any speed. And it's covered by a rubber pad, so no roof damage.

The cable is long enough to go all the way across my mini van from the rear all the way to the front. The material is very durable and when I'm on the autostrada I can go 90 miles an hour and it doesn't move. The reception is absolutely perfectly clear. It took me less than 5 minutes to install I'm so happy with this product I can't even believe.

I really like this antenna as it is sturdy and fits perfectly on my pofung BAOFENG BF-F8HP handheld receiver transmitter (HT). The magnetic mount is strong so I won't have to worry about it blowing off of my car while I'm doing 60 MPH down the road. The build quality is really good too with plenty of extra feed line too!!! I'm so glad I made this purchase.

Nice antenna, I bought 2. One for mobile and one for indoors inside my apartment. I bought a TRAM 1465 Land Mobile Base Ground Plane Kit to go along with the indoor installation. Although they recommend the Nagoya RB-50 (5" Base) 5/8 NMO Mount Magnet, 18' RG-58 PL-259, Includes Rain Cap magnet mount, I wouldn't do it. This antenna needs a ground plane and a good ground. Magnet mounts just don't provide that. You'll notice a lot better receive and transmit signals with a good ground plane. I bought the New Tram Browning Black 1246-B Trunk Antenna Mount NMO With PL-259 connector and 17Ft of RG-58 Coax Cable This antenna comes with an NMO to SO-239 adapter already, so you don't need to buy one.

As far as I can tell, the antenna I received is a 100% genuine Nagoya NA-771 antenna. I used the guidance at Nagoya's How-to-identify-the-genuine-and-fake-antenna web-page and the item I received matches all the examples for a genuine antenna and sleeve - the printing is good, the sleeve bag is good and the antenna came with a spacer o-ring.

I don't have the equipment to test whether it behaves as it should, but when I connected it to my UV-5R handset I was able to receive signals at a fair range, better I think than the stock antenna (but I didn't test it super-hard before switching to the NA-771 full-time).

works great on hand held

I got this to replace the stock antenna on my Anytone DMR, it fits and works a treat, a definite improvement over the stock, the GPS etc still works, bonus.

It is what I expected. The performance exceeds my requirements. I am really satisfied with the product and the result. Fair good price for a genuine Nagoya Antenna.

still checking the performance.

After examination, I can confirm that the antenna I received is genuine. It performs great, and is much better than the standard antenna that came with my uv-5r

Horrible SWR, don't transmit if you don't want to fry your radio.

Habe mir 2 Stk dieser Antennen gekauft für meine Baofeng Funkgeräte. die Antenne ist Stabil und leicht zu montieren. Ganz genau konnte ich die verbesserte Reichweite nicht ermitteln, aber ich bin 1 km weiter als die original Antenne gekommen. Bei bewölktem Regenwetter.

Lo utilizo en mi trabajo de horario de 24 hrs y con una sola cargada de la radio tengo suficiente para todo el día e inclusive hasta para más sin utilizar mucho la radio FM que tiene. La antena de la marca NAGOYA cuando realizo traslados o servicios fuera de mi ciudad de un máximo de 9km a 10km de linea recta de ditancia no he tenido problemas alguno, solo una pero dependio de las interferencias del lugar, en fin desde que compré la antena de NAGOYA original me ha ayudado bastante en mis labores de trabajo.

Die Antenne ist schön lang und hat deswegen eine bessere Abstrahlung als das Original, aber - beim montieren auf dem SMA bleibt ein unschöner Spalt der nach dem Willen des Herstellers mit einem O-Ring ausgeglichen werden soll. Der Antennen-Anschluß ist folglich zu lang. Das hätte man besser machen können. Aber, bei dem Preis verzeiht man einiges.

Die Antenne ist super. Sie hat eine sehr große Reichweite, ich benutze sie auf dem Baofeng UV-5r. Die Antenne kommt heile an und sieht genauso aus wie auf dem Bild. Ich kann sie nur weiterempfehlen. Ein super Teil zu einem top Preis.

Leider ist die SWR auf beiden Bändern größer als 2,5
Und mehr.
Da sind die billig Antennen ja besser
Gemessen mit Surecom SW33 Mark 2

I mounted my vhf NMO mobile antenna on it at a height of 22 feet. I receive stations up to a 50 mile radius. Works great.

Extended the range of our beofeng handheld radios quite a bit. We use them for monitoring haulage trucks on the roads to our cottage. Saved our butts more than once.

The antenna gain reported on the details is not true, the antenna is complitely def compare the original mounted antenna on the radio, even putting the antenna at the centre of my car roof.