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Once Connected, Here's What the Mobile App Can Do for You:

2-way messaging: Send and receive messages (text, email, and app-to-app) globally, with the option to include your location coordinates when sending messages.

Enjoy a seamless messaging experience with ZOLEO that uses the Iridium satellite network when outside cell coverage and cellular/Wi-Fi when available, making sure your messages are transmitted anywhere you go.


Once Connected, Here's What the Mobile App Can Do for You:

SOS alerting: Declare an SOS and communicate critical details with search and rescue officials in the event of an emergency.

Should you trigger an SOS, GEOS (our search and rescue partner) will receive your location coordinates and contact your SOS contacts keeping them updated with rescue details.


Once Connected, Here's What the Mobile App Can Do for You:

Check-in: Check in with your assigned contacts to let them know you're OK, with the option to include your location coordinates when sending check-in messages.

When loved ones know you’re off-the-grid, you can alleviate their worry by sending check-in messages regularly. Since check-in messages are pre-configured, they can be initiated with one click.


Once Connected, Here's What the Mobile App Can Do for You:

Weather forecasts: Request detailed weather information to help you stay safe and make better decisions.

One of the most accurate sources of hyper-local weather, with DarkSky forecasts you’ll have the insights you need to plan for safe travel. Simply tap the weather icon at the bottom of the screen to get a handy 5-day forecast.


2-way messaging


SOS alerting


Check in


Weather forecasts


Standalone Safety Features

If your smartphone gets damaged or runs out of battery life, the device can still help you:

  • Send a check-in message
  • Trigger an SOS alert

Read more ZOLEO ZOLEO Other Seamless messaging via satellite, cellular and Wi-Fi X Dedicated number and email that contacts can store X Long messages of 950+ characters X Familiar texting experience X Tiny and lightweight you’ll never consider leaving it behind X Superior protection from dust and water (IP-68) X GPS Tracking X
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Technical Details

Item Weight 5.3 ounces Product Dimensions 3.58 x 2.6 x 1.06 inches Item model number ZL1000 Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

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Just got my Zoleo and so far it works like a charm!  It only took a few minutes to setup.  I do a lot of solo ultra-light backpacking and for me weight was a big consideration.  At 5 oz, the Zoleo is small, very small, like a bar of soap.  It also feels super solid too, like I could drop-kick it down a mountain without any worries (but I won't).  Another big consideration for me was price.  With Zoleo, I'm able to activate and deactivate my subscription as needed, so I'm only paying for the months that I'm using it.  When I'm not using it, it only costs me $4 bucks per month to maintain my dedicated phone number and email address.  The device also chooses the least expensive communication channel, i.e. cellular or satellite, depending on where I'm at in my travels.  This way I can send and receive text messages seamlessly using my phone, without having to pay for expensive satellite messages all the time.  I also like having a phone number and email address, so my family and friends (really just my mother) have a simple way to contact me whenever I forget to tell them where I'm going or if I made it back!;)  

Initial review. I activated it with my Iphone X and set up the subscription. I chose the $35 a month for the 250 messages. I had my girlfriend and close friends download the ZOLEO app as well and it works like a charm (similar to WHATS APP). No hiccups. Ive tested the the sat connection and it had no problem locating and sending/receiving a message within 5-30 seconds with partly cloudy skies.

Things I love
1. 900+ plus characters per message if you message someone that has the app (free).
160 characters when sending messages via txt.
2. Confirmation that the message was sent and received when messaging within the app.
3. Physical SOS and CHECK IN (includes coordinates) on device in case of smart phone failure.
4. 200 hour battery life checking messages every 12 minutes.
5. Can update software via satellite
6. Iridium satellite network (same network as Garmin)
7. $200 for unit
8. 150 g/ 5.3 oz Unit is small and light weight while still being durable and weather proof. It fits in my hydration vest for longer trail runs.
9. Checkin location was within 10 yards when I tested it.

1. Obvious one is not being able to write a a message with the device by itself. Not a big deal for me as I prefer the ease of using my phone and feel safe with the designated SOS and CHECK IN buttons but I could see this being a deal breaker for some people.
2. No maps or tracking. Not a problem as I use an actual map/compass and a gps app on my phone to track. I don’t want to rely on anything with a battery for navigation and neither should you.
3. New company- this being a new product to the market (January 2020) I can see why people would be hesitant to trust it with there life. I get that. I’ve heard people wanting to see how plays out. I can’t convince you that this thing is bullet proof because I just haven’t had enough time with it in the field but everything so far has worked seamless. App is near perfect. This is a complete product. Would I recommend this over the Garmin 2 way communicators? Yes, I would.

When researching 2 way communicators I was pretty set on the Garmin mini or explorer+ (I actually have a Garmin explorer+ that I have to return) but heard very mixed reviews online and from friends. There systems seem outdated and glitchy. Messages not being received/disappearing. Also I don’t really need the gps functions as my phone is way more accurate. Also Garmins are expensive $450 even on sale $350! The plans are less value too than ZOLEO. To top it off I’ve heard horrible things about there customer service. Granted I haven’t had to deal with ZOLEOs customer service yet but they have a 24/7 customer service number and hopefully because there a smaller company they care more about there customers.

So far I am very impressed by this little device and I am glad I found it when I did. It fits my criteria perfectly and I assume it will for a lot of people out there. I see this thing becoming very popular in the future. I will update this review in a couple months. Cheers!

There was only one review when I bought this item. When it arrived I was surprised that it is a little more grey than black. It has audible beeps to confirm that it is operating. It also has a great interface to show you battery life and message transmission. It operates flawlessly. I can now throw my spot device in the trash.

This Zoleo is wonderful!! Our adventure truly begins with a problem when the man who delivered it left it on the street behind us! Computer said delivered.....I called delivery service and he said he left it by the gates. I explained it wasn't there that the gates were used little and far enough from the house so someone could have walked by and picked it up. My son called Zoleo and explained the situation. They jumped right in and worked with us. They placed a NON activation on that one and said that if we didn't find it they would send another right away. They were so very helpful! After the delivery man came back and retrieved it from where ever he left it, we called Zoleo. From that point on, the helped my son set it up for use. We have taken it on several high mountain trails were our cell phones cannot reach out and the Zoleo sends our messages with NO problem!! We also received messages. This company certainly went the second mile to help us and that was truly great on their part!! Plus the product is a miracle!!

I am new to using the Iridium service, but I own their competitors product. I do have to say tha the features and usability of the ZOLEO on the Iridium network has surpassed my expectations. Very easy APP to use as well as setting up the account and device online.

I used the ZOLEO while traveling throughout the state of Utah and had superior coverage. Out on the Atlantic ocean the coverage was also great. The speed of the sent and return messages blew me away.

A continual tracking feature would be a solid addition to this product.

I definitely recommended this product.