Cobra MR HH350 FLT Handheld Floating VHF Radio – 6 Watt, Submersible, Noise Cancelling Mic, Backlit LCD Display, NOAA Weather, Memory Scan, Grey


  • Maximum Coverage – This VHF marine radio allows operation of channels in the US, Canada, and internationally at 1, 3, or 6 watts with for short and long range communication, and access to NOAA weather channels.
  • Safety First – Scan channels to find conversations in progress and have instant access to Channel 16 for emergency situations. Use the Tri-Watch feature to monitor three channels at once (Channel 16 and two user selected channel).
  • Sea Ready – Floating design and orange core makes retrieving your radio easy if dropped overboard, and meeting JIS7 (IPX7) standards allows your radio to be submersed for 30 minutes at one meter deep.
  • Clear Communication – Burp Feature vibrates the water out of the speaker grill and improves speaker performance, while the noise cancelling microphone blocks background noise for clearer conversations.
  • Everything You Need – This Cobra Handheld Marine Radio comes ready to use with the included drop-in battery charger, AC charger, DC charger, LiON battery pack, antenna, owner’s manual, spring loaded belt clip, and wrist strap.


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When embarking on a marine adventure, you need a VHF marine radio for communication and safety. With safety features and 24-hour access to emergency alerts and broadcasts, Cobra’s got you covered. The best value in our handheld VHF radio line up backed by 50 years of Cobra quality, this floating radio has an orange core for higher visibility and is easy to retrieve if dropped overboard. It features 6 Watts of power for longer range communications and full access to all NOAA weather channels and alarm tones for weather emergencies. It also includes all the core features like Noise canceling microphone, JIS7/IPX7 rated Submersible, Tri-Watch, Memory Channels, Memory Scan and BURP.

Product information Style:MR HH350 Product Dimensions 2.09 x 2.66 x 4.75 inches Item Weight 9.6 ounces ASIN B00AJVMVQQ Item model number MRHH500FLTBT Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Overall this is a decent radio. I bought this VHF to wear on my PFD when kayak fishing larger lakes/coastal waters and to stay in contact with buddies during river float trips. It's held up great so far. Just make sure you clean off the salt spray after use like you should be doing with all of your gear!

The battery life is great. I always scan several channels and usually transmit on the lowest power setting. After two full days of use the battery indicator just dropped two bars. I've not purposely dunked it in the water to test the waterproof claims but i'm sure it'll be OK. Everything seems to be sealed up tightly.

My only complaint about this unit is the fact that it can only be charged with the supplied charging cradle. It would be nice if it featured a USB-B or C port to allow charging from a portable power bank during multi day outings.

Overall I think this radio is a great value. It offers a ton of features and is lightweight and compact. For the weekend user It fits the bill nicely and the price-point is great. Having said that, If I was relying on a handheld radio daily I would probably go ahead and spend the money on a higher end Icom or Standard Horizon because of their reputation for reliability and durability.

Note that this is designed to float, and that it has some sort of "auto speaker purge" function that's designed to "purge" water out of the speaker after immersion, though that sounds pretty gimmicky tbh. I've used this very occasionally for a bit over a year—the odd weekend here and there is about it. Rarely had to charge it even. Seemed great, and the "weather alert" function came in real handy once when I was out with my young sons. Though it's supposed to float and be submersible, I never had need to test this feature. About a week ago, out of nowhere, the speaker stopped working though. Never dropped it, nothing bad happened to it, seriously. Just stopped in the middle of a day on the water. Apparently it still transmits, but zero sound comes out of the speaker. I learned this during a regatta I was running when people seemingly stopped responding to me. So.... not sure about that. Will try and get my money back from Amazon, but right now I'm wishing I'd bought it from that national chain boat store whose name includes a cardinal direction that's not north, south, or east, because I know they'd refund my money toward a new radio that will hopefully work longer than a year.

Very compact radio, small and fits very well into a pocket or small bin/storage area. This radio uses three AAA batteries that are rechargeable. The features are nice on the radio. The speaker is good as radio checks come in loud and clear. I tested the mic with my mounted VHF and the sounds from the mic are loud and clear. All in all a good back up radio. I would purchase this again.

This radio is not waterproof by the way. It is water resistant JIS 4. I put the radio in a zip bag and use it that way. see below for JIS Stds.
JIS "0" No special protection
JIS "1" Vertically dripping water shall have no harmful effect (Drip resistant 1)
JIS "2" Dripping water at an angle up to 15 degrees from vertical shall have no harmful effect (Drip resistant 2)
JIS "3" Falling rain at an angle up to 60 degrees from vertical shall have no harmful effect (Rain resistant)
JIS "4" Splashing water from any direction shall have no harmful effect (Splash resistant)
JIS "5" Direct jetting water from any direction shall have no harmful effect (Jet resistant)
JIS "6" Direct jetting water from any direction shall not enter the enclosure (Water tight)
JIS "7" Water shall not enter the enclosure when it is immersed in water under defined conditions (Immersion resistant)
JIS "8" The equipment is usable for continuous submersion in water under specified pressure (Submersible)

Im likely to return this product. On the first trip with the radio, I battled to keep the radio clipped to life vest or drysuit. Fed the strap through life vest buckle which is the only thing that kept it attached to me when I got hit by a wave and rolled in the surf returning home. I was satisfied with it ability to float and handle brief submersion. The clip needs to be redesigned and more substantial. Since I like certain features of the radio and I dont like returning products, I will be thinking through the problem today to improvise a solution. But, the company needs to make some improvements.

screen fogged up first time it got splashed completely froze up about an hour latter. Bought it for a week long trip got wet the first day and spent the whole time without a radio. got i a month early to be sure I had it and it worked and now the return window is closed by less than a week. Going to see if i can get warranty service for it, but right now very unhappy. If you buy one put it under water to test it before you take it on a boat.

Seemed like a good product despite a few negative reviews. Worked ok 1st day. Second day a few transmitting problems. A week later the reception was so garbled you could not understand reception on comm channels. Wx channels seemed ok. Next trip I was unable to contact the harbor master from any position from about 100 ft from his boat to a few hundred yards. Same for launch services. The speaker is only readable about half the time. I left the unit on for a few hours and the reception seemed to improve, but still unable to properly transmit. Definitely want my money back.

Purchased for safety in sea kayaking hobby.
Tested this last few days in Wales.
Yes it floats. Upside down but it floats. Be careful to not tighten the rubber grommet on the mic input.
Floated for a few minutes at a time. Used it attached to myself and got in and out the water throughout the week.
Scan mode works well.
Battery didn't last the time it stated but hoping it just needs to be conditioned for longer use.
Clip and strap attached all good.
Easy to use all facilities on device.
Hoping the radio lasts a few years. Let's see. Any update I will repost the review.

UPDATE: Just under a year with little use and just the test in water the speakers gone. Apparently out of warranty now. Not good value. Buy better.

I purchased this radio about 5 months ago for use with my small boat. I used it to monitor channel 16 when I was on the water and it worked fine. Last week, I was in central British Columbia about 60km from the nearest marina/town and my boat began to take on water. It was raining, and when I took out the radio out of my chest pocket to issue a Pan-Pan call, the radio had shorted out from the rain. I was unable to use the radio to call for help, and there were other boaters within 5km of us who would have been able to receive the call if the radio had worked. We had to beach the boat, make repairs, and limp back to camp while hoping that the leak did not get worse while we were on the water and without a radio. I thought that a marina radio being advertised as Waterproof meant it would be able to withstand the rain I frequently encounter here in BC, but apparently it does not. Learn from my mistake an choose another product that you can rely on in an emergency.

States on heading waterproof , but says in the main description “ STANDARD JIS4 WATER PROOF“ which means rain or a splash will not effect it! So make sure you read full description before you buy. Unlike me. It it a load of crap. No point being a marine radio if it can just about take a splash of water before breaking.

This is only a back up hand held VHF, for emergencies, the lack of waterproofing is a real weakness. The other problem is volume, unless you engine is very well sound proofed, I doubt you will hear it, even on its highest volume, unless it is clipped to your shoulder. That bring said, reception and range are more than adequate for inshore craft.

You get what you pay for excellent excellent value and must the a bearing person as I had three years at sea as a fisherman in Cornwall in dangerous Waters this item is excellent value excellent range a must MR SIMON j Bullock x x Margate

This is an excellent radio worth every penny
Well parcelled on del and unopening was really pleased inserted batts and turned on
Soon as on tuned in perfectly
Now have my channels entered on scan no problem less than ten minutes up n running

Great peace of kit. Well worth the money.
But if you live in the UK. You must get a radio license form ofcom. Don't worry it's free. Because if you don't your committing a afence and if a emergency happens, the coast guard will think it is a hox

Good compact size. Good value. Does the job.

Good price, good radio work well I regularly contact Humber coastguard when I go to sea
This radio is a great second radio

Great bit of kit,well made ,happy with it's performance

Brilliant for out in the water

Let in sea water on first use

Although a good product in many respects buyers need to be aware that it does not have Ch. 37 - which, if you go racing, is an essential channel. What a shame as this is otherwise a great product at a bargain price.

Delivery was fast and product is great for the price use the radio to listen to port movements near our home in Wales. Scans easily and simple to preset channels. Good quality.

Great product