abcGoodefg 2 Pin Waterproof Rainproof Professional Heavy Duty Shoulder Remote Speaker Mic Microphone PTT for Kenwood Baofeng Nexedge Wouxun radios UV5R UV82 UV5RA 888S Retevis H777 F8HP HYT


  • Talk and listen without ever HOLDING your radio!
  • Push-To-Talk button and microphone are located on the accessory for quick and easy use.
  • A strong swivel retaining clip on the back for convenience. Heavy duty and Compact Design.
  • Professional Heavy Duty Shoulder Remote Speaker Mic Microphone PTT For 2-pin Kenwood Nexedge Hytera Puxing Wouxun Radio
  • Compatible with two way radios walkie talkie that required kenwood two pin plug. Including Kenwood TK Series, Kenwood TH Series, Nexedge Series,WOUXUN Radio.


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TK-308/360G/370/ 370G/372G/373G/320/340/340D/348/350
TK-2100/ 2102/2130/ 2160/3100/3101/3102/3107,
TK-3118/3130/3131/3160 etc

UV5R UV82 UV5RA Series BF-666S/777S/888S/480/490/320/V6/520/530/999/888/777



KG-UVD1/UVDIP KG-669/659/679/689/639/699/801




TC286 386 2685 3865 6685, TC 278 378 388, TC 2100 2088

H-777,RT7, RT-5R, RT-5RV, RT-B6,R888s/RT 1/RT 2

Almost All with a two pin plug, former pin diameter of 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm in diameter after pin, double pin from 8 mm within, 11 mm center distance of 2 pin.

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Item Weight 3.52 ounces Package Dimensions 5.43 x 3.86 x 1.42 inches Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No

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Very professional product great build quality very durable very high quality and Crystal Clear sound completely worth the money considering for half the price you can get two mics 100% recommended over the cheaper products

This works well and gets the job done.

The mic works very well, it the push button broke within 6 months. I am not hard on equipment.

Great product very dependable and rugged

Broke within a month.

I would give this four and one-half stars if I could. Overall this is a nice speaker microphone. The receive and transmit audio are both good. The mic itself is very sturdy, and includes a belt/lapel clip. The case is sturdy and looks like it will hold up to some abuse. Mic switch has a very nice tactile feel to it. The only issue I have is that the coiled cord is a little stiff. When stretched out, it takes a couple of seconds for it to resume its coiled shape. After about 10 seconds, it is fully back to its original shape. As I said--no fault with the audio or mic itself. The cord just takes a little getting used to.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for a fair and honest review.

So I got this as an external mic when my internal mic on my RD-5R went out. Because the RD-5R is a DMR radio, the timeslot RF burst charges the speaker mic with pulses as you speak making what comes out on parrot or any one you are transmitting to sound like you are in a helicopter. The strange thing (to a newbie like me) is that when I use it on my UV-5R in straight analog VHF/UHF...its perfectly if there must be some baseline RF interference but it is consistent that you don't notice it, where as the TDMA on DMR spikes it enough that you definitely notice it. I know there are ways to use ferrite beads and solder in resistors and capacitors to clean the signal up and eliminate the RF. So far I haven't found a go-by for this particular speaker mic but plenty of info out there its only a matter of time to fix the issue and this will once again be a great little speaker mic.

I'm about two months into owning this and really enjoy it. The received product looks exactly like the photo and fit my BaoFeng UV-5R perfectly. I use this in a bar/night club/entertainment setting and works well. I do swap this out for an in-ear headset when in front of stages or in the thick of a crowd on a dance floor. It still works great in loud environments though. My staff have been overly surprised at the loud and clear transmission they got from me even inside of the club. It's nice to have an option like this to use rather than always having something inside my ear. I would say it is priced well.

Good but Missing screws on back to hold it together. Luckily I had some kicken around the fit. Sound is good mic sens is good. I took it apart and it does have a good quality rubber gasket and gasket on ptt button switch beneath the outside plastic switch. I would have rated 5 stars if it didnt come with missing screws. And it was obviously from the factory cuz the screw holes were untouched with no threading in the plastic at all. I really with sells would just at least do a quick visual inspection on items before they are sent. But I haven't seen anyone elts have this happen so it may have been an anomaly. Ass for the guts. The actual board is very good all solder connections were nice strong and shiny. Wire quality is good. Switch is good. Mic is good. The clip is a bit chincy but it should hold up. Other than that not much more to say for 26$cdn.

Have had a few other speaker mics and they either work with one radio well or not at all... This little bad daddy works great with all 3 of my radios.. and the 3.5 mm connector works with all the radios, also. Sound is loud and clear. Only issue is that I found is that you have to speak into the area where the mic is to have loud and clear audio for the other person, I thinking this is due to the waterproofing . I do work in a industrial setting best speaker mic I have found so far, for the 20.00 its a bargain. will be ordering a spare in case I break or damage

Funny that this mic is waterproof but the radio is not. In the waterproof case you can not use the waterproof mic. You can only waterproof one or the other not both at the same time.

I bought this mic to replace the handset I got with my Puxing radio. I have used it on several backcountry snowmobile trips now and has held up great.
There has been wet warm days, bitter cold -20 days and the handset has worked perfectly.
Would buy again.

most industrial radio mic's are 120 plus dollar range. for the price these mic's are relatively durable and waterproof but best of all a kenwood mic with a 3.5mm audio jack which can be hard to find

Bonjour, appareil a cessé de fonctionner après 7 jours d'utilisation normal. Maintenant je ne peut pas l'utiliser car il fonctionne 1 fois sur 10.

Great easy to use nice button on the mike doesn’t freeze up on you
Great investment for the back country

Iam told the audio sounds good

I purchased 3 in the first order and after 2 months one suddenly stopped working all together so I purchased 2 more one replacement and 1 for back up. Hopefully they will last longer than 2 months

Durable, works well

Mic worked good for two weeks, worked one day in the rain and mic started to hotmic( stay keyed on ) for the rest of the day.

Fonctionne à merveille :)

Excellent so far.


Le micto ne fonctionne pas la moitié du temps !!! Je suis très déçu j’exige un remboursement