Caroger Two Way Radio Batteries 3AA Rechargeable Li-ion Battery with USB Charging Cable 3.7V 1000mAh Suitable for Walkie Talkies 628/638/880/FC200 (2 Pack)


  • 1000mAh High Capacity:The 3.7V rechargeable battery is perfect to replace your original batteries, such as 3.6V AA Ni-MH battery and 3 x AA Alkaline battery.
  • Quick Charge And 1000 Cycles:3 hours quick charge. 8-72 hours working time. Up to 3 years service life.
  • Charging Separately:Built-in micro USB port, Allow you to charge the battery separately. Come with dual micro USB cable, enable you to charge two batteries at the same time.
  • Multi Safety Protection:Over-charge, over-discharge, over-current and short-circuit protection.
  • Compatibility:Compatible with Floureon M880, FC200, Retevis RT628, Motorola T200 and the other walkie-talkies that require 3*AA batteries. 12 months warranty are available so you can buy it with confidence.


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Caroger CBL 1000AA Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack

High Capacity: 1000mAh high capacity. 8-72 hours working time after charging for 3 hours.

Long Service Life:1000 cycles and the service life is up to 3 years.

Safety Protection:over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, short-circuit protection.

No Memory Effect:The capacity won't be reduced. Low standby power consumption and it can keep 80% power after 1 year of placement


2 x Rechargeable Battery

1 x Dual Micro USB Cable

1 x User Manual


Compatible Models

Floureon M880, FC200, Retevis RT628 , Motorola T200 and other walkie-talkies that require 3*AA batteries.

Motorola KEBT-071-A KEBT071A KEBT-071-B KEBT-071-C KEBT-071-D Motorola 53615 56315

Motorola 5950 Bz4002 BZ4002 Em1000 EM1000R Fv500 HKNN4002A HKNN4002B Kebt-071-a Kebt-071-b T4800 T4900 T5000 T5300 T5320 T5400 T5410 T5420 T5500 T5600 T5620 T5700 T5710 T5720 T5800 T5820 T6500 T6530 T6550 T9500 T5800 T9500R KEBT-071

GXT1000, GXT1050, GXT1091, GXT300, GXT310, GXT325, GXT400, GXT444

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Dual Micro USB Charging

Comes with dual micro USB port cable. Allows you to charge two batteries at the same time by using adapter, car charger, power bank, computer.

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Easy to Use

Just put it into the walkie talkies and make sure the place of positive and negative poles are right.

Portable and Lightweight

Unlike the Ni-MH battery, this Li-ion battery doesn't need a charging base and outlet. Save your space and easy to carry out.


Caroger Li-ion battery is clean and free from harmful heavy metals. 1000 cycles and up to 3 years service life.

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Product information Color:Batteries*2 Product Dimensions 3.46 x 3.46 x 0.79 inches Item Weight 3.2 ounces ASIN B07PFJCY6V Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

There are many walkie-talkies available on the internet, but they aren't always programmed on frequencies the average citizen can use without issues. These Caroger CB100 radios are an exception -- but wait, stay with me to learn more. These UHF walkie-talkies are factory-programmed for all 15 Family Radio Service (FRS) channels. Each channel is programmed with different CTCSS or DCS tones to allow you to find a quiet channel for your locale. This is a real plus. Too often, walkie-talkies come programmed on business and public safety frequencies that the average citizen can't use -- and sometimes gets caught using because they don't know better. These radios are set up on the license-free FRS channels that any individual, family, business or organization can use. The fixed antenna on these radios cannot be removed, which is an FCC requirement on FRS radios. Remember I told you there's more? If you ask the vendor when you purchase these radios, you can request access to download the software that can be used to program these radios on the FRS channels and CTCSS or DCS codes you desire, in case you need to program them similar to other radios you may be using. All it takes is a computer and a generic programming cable (K connector) that most radio vendors sell online and work with most of these import radios. But there's even more. These radios also can be programmed to any frequency you desire from 400-470 MHz if you are authorized or licensed for business or public safety channels. You also can program them for GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service, which shares frequencies with FRS) repeater channels if you own or are authorized or licensed to use a GMRS repeater. There's still more! If you use these radios on business channels, you also can use the voice-inversion scrambler option in the software to scramble your communications for privacy. No one listening in to the frequency will be able to understand you. This is no longer allowed on FRS or GMRS, but can be used on business channels. These radios even can be programmed to the 420-450 MHz ham band if you are a licensed amateur radio operator. Before I close, another great option for these radios that makes them extremely versatile is that you can use the included rechargeable battery packs, or use three AA cells when the battery pack loses its charge. You will like all the great options on these handy walkie-talkies that are built to be used right out of the box.

So, I've basically have been building a emergency kit, just incase. If there is no power, there is a high chance that cell phones won't work. Any way, We played paint ball in the woods with these pretty cool. Normally radios have a static channel that is quite annoying. This has 16 channels and they are isolated so you won't get interference from someone else on the same channel unless you are on the same frequency. They had to pass my test to determine durability( they will be in storage most of the time )but they need to be almost indestructible. I love the usb charging and if you have a solar charger you can charge it anytime anywhere. The plus is that you can also use regular batteries if you run out of juice. Honestly I think this was a good buy it comes with ear attachment and belt clips.

I had high hopes to get my Motorola GXT1000 GMRS radios working with rechargeable lithium and bought these to replace the disposable AAs I was using. My model was listed as being supported, so I bought them and charged them as indicated. I installed the batteries and both radios powered on, but when I keyed up to transmit, the battery low message came on and they immediately went off. I charged them again and tried again with the same result.

This is exactly the toy with which children will always play. I bought it for my nephews of 10 and 3 years old, and they really like this toy. The toy is easy to use, it has clear instructions, children can easily understand how to play with it, even at 3 years. I also want to note that it needs 8 small batteries, do not forget to bring them along with the toy.

They do work. But don't fit perfectly. Sometimes the radio turns off and you have to fiddle with the battery. Also, the radio keeps beeping with these on. Doesn't happen with regular batteries.

Very intermittent, have to press ptt button very hard to work. Unreliable communication while working in close proximity have to resort back to phones or text.

Simple and it works. Feels kinda cheap and light weight but for the price what do you expect.

Daughter had only used once and when daughter went back to use them, one of the walkie talkies just stopped working completely. Called Amazon to get replacement but they said they were no longer in stock, got refund.