CKE Folding Commode Portable Bracket Toilet Seat with Cover Lid, Toilet Seat Converts into Folding Stool - Portable Potty Commode Chair, Perfect for Camping, Traveling, Hiking, Fishing, Outdoor Living


CKE Folding Commode Portable Bracket Toilet Seat can provides you with a comfortable, convenient and private toilet environment go on the go no matter where you are.

It's suitable for solving your burden of urgent need for toilet when you are camping, tripping, hiking, fishing, picnicking and partying etc outdoor living, also suitable as a seat for sitting, steaming, showering etc indoor living.


Open State:
Overall height of the seat = 28.7”
Toilet seat to the bottom height = 16.5”
Front foot width = 15.3”
Back foot width = 13.3”
Toilet seat circle length = 14.6”
Toilet seat circle width = 13.3”

Fold State:
Length = 20.8”
Width = 15.3”
Height = 5.9”

Upgraded Design

Nine major designs make your toileting more cleaner, lighter and convenient, feel like you're right at home!

1. With Comfortable Backrest, effectively support the power of the toilet.

2. Durable Stainless Steel, durable and anti-rust.

3. Concave and Convex Flexible Gasket design for the bracket connection, increases flexibility and stability.

4. PP Matte Waterproof Plastic, waterproof and non-slip, not sticky to the skin.

5. Easy to Fold, storing neatly in your car, home, garage, boat, camper, or trailer.

6. R-shaped Stool Feet, more slip resistant and stable.

7. With Compatible Hollow Cover Lid, Toilet Seat Converts into Folding Seat instantly.

8. U-shaped One Buckle Switch, fold effortlessly and stuck stably.

9. Superior Load Capacity, support Over 300+ Pounds.

Recommended Customized Support

CKE 100% Biodegradable Compostable Portable Toilet Replacement Bags:

Package List

1 x Portable Folding Toilet and 1 x Cover Lid.

Product details
  • Shipping Weight: 6.2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • ASIN: B07XYN58ZR

It's great for yoni steaming. A standard steamer pot fits under it with no problem. It folds away well. It is also just the right height. I am 5'7. It sits as comfortable as you would expect a toilet seat to be. Depending on your purposes, you may want to add a cushion. The seat's back is also a plus.

Listen i bought this item to allow me to yoni steam. all the other products where over priced. I keep it folded in bathroom and only bring it out when its needed which is once a week to steam the yoni. its a good enough distance from where i put the water to steam. i have a big bum so its as comfortable as Im going to get for 45 minutes to an hour of sitting to steam. I def would recommend for other steamers but if its to use to toilet outdoor etc i def will say it is worth because it truly is very inexpensive.

I'm turning 65 and NOT taking any Covid-19 chances during the few times I travel (hence, avoid going into buildings, and especially public restrooms). I travel mostly on the interstate, so this is now designated as my Senior Emergency "Gotta-Go-NOW!" trunk item. Because hey, I already pack a gallon of water, bleach, soaps, toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizers, etc. Why not be prepared?

This is light and seems durable enough, and doesn't take up too much space in my trunk or rear-hatch areas of my cars. I like the way it quickly folds up, too.

Finally, it's there to use in case my septic tank ever backs up and I gotta use my nearby woods to commune with nature.

I purchased this for yoni steaming. It wasn’t my first option but it is affordable & works great!

Bought this for use on my fishing boat. Folds up small and stows away nicely when not in use. Proper height, comfortable seat, and the backrest is worlds better than hanging over the side of the boat to go to the bathroom!

I love everything about this item. We are a family of 4 with one bathroom. This has so many uses including shower use. I used it for that and it was very comfortable and strong. But my main use is an extra toilet to do number 1 and 2 if an emergency ever comes up. Just get the Home Depot Orange buckets and slide it in from the back. Fits nicely with no splashes. The seat is so comfortable. I have it in my bedroom with a decorative pillow on top so no one would know. It is very discreet. I have literally pulled my teen daughter off toilets because old bladders just have to go. This puts an end to that.

I really like this product very easy to use it is very easy to put away I should have bought one long time ago

Use product as a yoni seat