Lixada Mosquito Suit - Whole Body Repellent Bug Jacket Mesh Hooded Suits Men Women Ultra-fine Mesh Insect Protective for Outdoor Fishing Hiking Camping Gardening Farming


  • Great protector - Made from premium durable featherweight see-through polyester No-See-Um mesh. Ultra-fine mesh can not be penetrated by mosquitoes or any other insects, a super protective net suit.
  • All round protection - One hooded jacket, one pants and a pair of gloves, a perfect whole protection system for your outdoor activities to keep your whole body away from pesky insects.
  • Excellent ventilation - See-through thin yarn for excellent ventilation in all direction and avoid blocking eyesight.
  • Comfortable design - Elastic scuff, waist and zippered hooded jacket. Medium fits up to 120lbs, Large fits up to 160lbs, X-Large fits up to 200lbs, XX-Large fits up to 300lbs. Suit for most of people, a great gift for a fisherman, backpacker, camper, traveler, hiker, hunter, gardeners, etc
  • Lightweight & Portable - All well packed in a solid and strong stuff sack, convenient to carry and store. An ideal equipment for camping, gardening, hiking, fishing and traveling.


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Lixada All Round Protection Mosquito Suit

Jacket, Pants, Gloves

Available in 2 Different Style:

  • Style 1-With cover for face
  • Style 2-No cover for face(Better Vision) and new-design zipper

Size Chart:

  • Medium fits up to 120lbs
  • Large fits up to 160lbs
  • X-Large fits up to 200lbs
  • XX-Large fits up to 300lbs

Suit for most of people, a great gift for a fisherman, backpacker, camper, traveler, hiker, hunter, gardeners, etc

Benefits and Features

  • All round protection
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
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Style 1-With cover for face

  • See-through thin yarn for excellent ventilation in all direction and avoid blocking eyesight.

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Style 2-No cover for face(Better Vision) and new-design zipper

  • No face cover for Better Vision.
  • New design zipper design for easy on/off.

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Last time I went camping, no one else was bothered by bugs but I got hundreds of mosquito bites (through my clothes) and 4 ticks. Literally no one else got ticks. So this time I wanted to be prepared.
Did I get laughed at? Yes. Was it slightly uncomfortable because it's mesh? Maybe but it's softer than you might expect. Did I get bit? NO! It was also rather satisfying after meals to just pull my hood over and zip myself away from the world, like my own privacy screen in real life. I wore it with the hood down sometimes and I barely noticed I was wearing it. Packed real small, too. The gloves are useless (mitten style) but I put my flip flops on my feet and THEN put my feet into the pants. They rode a little low but then I could wear flip flops and not get bit. Washed in the washer with no issues. Zippers seem pretty reliable. Overall this thing is great. But yeah you look super insane, but I think it was worth it

I ordered this mosquito suit because I've been working outside in the garage with the doors open to get ventilation; and the mosquitos love to come in and munch on my skin. I don't know what it is about this summer, but I've been attacked so much and my skin is left with horrible scars (and the welting is unbearable)!

I decided to try this suit and I'm glad I read the other reviews about the sizing. I ordered up 1 size than I normally wear in pants (normally a medium, but ordered a LARGE suit) and I'm glad I did!!! The suit fits well. I like that it has a head cover also. The mittens don't work for my needs since I'm sewing, but they might come in handy (but might not since we need our fingers to do anything).

I like that the material is light-weight and tightly woven. It has a slight sheen and is smooth to the touch. I expected it to have a stiff wear, but it's actually extremely flexible and comfortable. I wore the suit over my shorts to test it out. Several baby mosquitoes tried to get my legs and were unable to get to me!!!! I watched as they flittered around trying to access my skin, but the suit stopped them in their tracks!!!!

The suit also has a regular material attached to it, so it looks like half jogging suit and half mosquito netting. Well, it actually looks like a sheer jogging suit with an olive green contrast fabric. The head piece zips around the neck on both sides, and is breathable. The pockets have velcro closures, which is handy if one is out hiking or camping. The ankles and wrists are cinched (like a sweatshirt), so the suit fits snug in those areas.

I'm so glad I bought this and wish I would have thought of it sooner.

I bought Bug Pants (did a review of those - what a joke!) and Bug Baffler and finally the Lixada. The Bug Baffler pants were "okay" but the seams on the bottom started fraying very quickly and 2 holes opened on the second wear. The Bug Baffler are the most expensive so that was disappointing- but you can see it's a decent product.

Again, the Bug Pants (and jacket) were RIDICULOUS and cheaply made. You don't want pull strings on your cuffs, you want gathered material. But the Lixada is the nicest and least expensive. It has gathered cuffs like the Bug Baffler but they haven't frayed. I do have quite a few "runs" (for lack of a better word) and snags but no holes have opened. I think it's excellent quality for a great price. I ordered a second and then a third because I never want to be without these and if a hole opens or I'm on an extended camping trip, I want more than one of these. SO WORTH IT!!!! Thank you Lixada!

I live in Florida and near water... I said there HAS to be a mosquito net suit. I found this and I am so glad I went looking for it. Because it's Florida, you can't go outside at night without vampires attacking! But if I cover up, I get so hot I start sweating. This is the perfect answer! throw this on over whatever you're wearing, it's breathable and the vampires can't get you if you use it right! I wore it for Halloween when I went with my son, and EVERYONE in my group went nuts over it! I told everyone about it and they loved it. The ONLY thing I would change, and I'm not sure how.. is that when fully zipped up, the hood rubs on the front of my face and I wish it had some kind of structure to the top that keeps it expanded so it doesn't rub, but that's like being really picky.

Just got the bug suit today. As we live in the north Minnesota swamplands, we have our share of skeeters....and a few more! We have an older bug suit that is very dark, so it can absorb heat from the sun, plus it is more difficult to see through the dark color of the hood netting.

Got this suit as it was lighter in color. Tried on the jacket (Size XL) and it took me a good 5 minutes just to get it on. Once on, I had to have help getting it off without ripping the garment. I would ask a question about their sizing, but some might find it inappropriate, so will bite my tongue. Let me just say that "IF" this bug suit were sized properly, it would likely be one of the best bug suits on the market today!! The material seems very good, the quality is very good. Color was a little darker than I had hoped, but all in all very, very good. Just that darned sizing thing. .....Maybe I can go on a crash diet. Can I also shrink 6 inches with the right diet?????

Live in woods with lots of mosquitoes and use these suits weekly. This suit is better made than the other one on Amazon but it's tailored too tight so you get more bites. If they could double the size it would be best on market.

This is an excellent product for mosquito protection, and it arrived promptly. Be aware that the sizing is not accurate. I am a very petite person, and ordered a medium in order to have plenty of room. The elastic at the waist of the jacket and the pants was very snug on me.

Looks nice. Well made. Not treated with Mosquito repellent as I thought it would be and sized much smaller than The extra large that I ordered. Perhaps it is for a child.

Well it fits me perfectly and a little long as i like it. Come as shown. I am wear small and 5"10 feet person. So large was the best option for me. Now it is near mosquito season where i am at. I will give it a try to see how well it works.

This is one if my favorite possessions! I live on a mangrove island in S E Queensland and as such there is always a lot of midges and mosquitoes. I used to have to spray myself everyday before going in garden now i just put on my suit and Although I may look like a beekeeper i am safe within my netting ! I can still see and hear them but i am totally protected. Should have bought years ago.