SummerSand Microfiber Beach Towel Sand Free 63x31.5in - Odorless Quick Dry Towel for Gym and Sports - Lightweight Travel Towel Microfiber Towel XXL - Large Swim Towel – Deep Blue


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  • SAND FREE: The beautiful beach towels from SummerSand will leave the sand on the beach where it belongs - no more sand in your bag or in your car!
  • SOFT & VERY ABSORBENT: SummerSand microfiber towels absorb water instantly, are super soft and won´t leave marks on your skin when sunbathing - The perfect pool towel!
  • QUICK DRYING & ODORLESS: Our special developed fabric dries 3 times faster and won´t collect smells like cotton towels. So if you often forget your wet sports towel in your gym bag, then SummerSand towels are your new best friend!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: Must-have holiday towel! Even with its large size of 63x61in it folds down to 1/4 of a regular towel - Perfect for travel, beach, sports, fitness, sauna, outdoor or as your camping towel or gym towel.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Test the SummerSand microfiber bath towels absolutely risk-free and safe! If you are not 100% satisfied with our towels, you are welcome to return it within 30 days and get your full money back.


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SummerSand is a Danish design brand with a vision to create high quality products through a responsible and sustainable production. Our approach is to turn waste materials into beautiful towels with unique benefits and thereby reducing the plastic waste that ends up in landfills and in our oceans every year.

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SummerSand is for Beach-lovers and Sun-seekers! With our Sand Repellent Towels you will leave the sand on the beach instead of bringing it home with you → Less cleaning and more time with your friends and family! Furthermore, SummerSand Towels dries 3 times faster than a regular cotton towel to keep you dry and warm at all times.


We are made for Travelers! Even with its large size of 63x31.5in it folds down to less than a water bottle - More space in your travel bag for an extra pair of shoes or something else that will make your vacation better.


Reaching your goals requires the best equipment! Our Towels are made of premium quality SummerSand Suede Microfiber which makes them extremely durable. They are super soft, very absorbent and can hold more than its own weight in water! By nature, this material won´t collect smells like cotton towels do and therefore doesn´t need to be washed as often - more time to reach your goals!

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Technical Specifications




290 g

Material Towel:

Recycled polyester (88%) and polyamide (12%), 220 GSM.

  • The polyester yarns used in our production are made from 100% Post-consumer recycled polyester (RPET) according to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) - Version 4.0 - Certification date: August 2019
  • Here are some facts about RPET:

  1. RPET requires 86% less water than regular polyester
  2. The CO2 emissions of RPET are 75% lower
  3. Using RPET helps us to not only keep plastic out of the landfills and oceans, but also to save our natural resources.

Material Travel Bag:

100% organic cotton.


We have removed all unnecessary packaging to avoid waste material.

Product information Color:Deep Blue Package Dimensions 12.16 x 7.12 x 1.45 inches Item Weight 11.2 ounces Manufacturer SummerSand ASIN B07MTLRT4M

You guys, I got this for a girls weekend that is a few months away. But in the meantime, I used it in the backyard to do a workout set each day last week and I love it! The color is sharp and looks the same on both sides. (You know sometimes fabric can look different on one side vs the other, this doesn’t). It’s soft and wider than a typical towel. The grass didn’t come through when working out to poke me. It was good to wipe the sweat too & it dried pretty quickly. Glad I purchased this and will continue to use for my at home workouts ... counting down to the girls weekend in a few months!

It really does work, just picked up the towel and shook it out. Most But not all of the sand came off. Super easy to carry with the little mesh bag it comes with. Folds up super nice back into the bag when you’re done!

The quality behind this towel is astonishing, it’s super lightweight (more than expected!!), and soft like silk!
The multi usage functionality and durability makes it perfect for people with an active lifestyle, and love the fact it dries so fast, repelling smelling odors.

The fact this towel is made from recycled plastic bottles is unbelievable!! Fantastic utilization of recycled plastic! #recycleplastic #sustainability

I just received it and it’s big and feels great can’t wait to use it this summer

Ich habe dieses Tuch für meine Costa Rica Reise bestellt. Super schnelle Lieferung und optisch sieht es wie abgebildet aus. Das Design ist einzigartig und die dunkelblaue Farbe ist wie für mich gemacht. Lässt sich super leicht im Koffer/Rucksack verstauen und wiegt kaum was. Trocknet im Nu. Ich bin total begeistert und werde es bei Gelegenheit auch mal als Geschenk nachkaufen.

Perfect for Bondi Beach