Wolfyok 2 Pack Microfiber Travel Sports Towel XL Ultra Absorbent and Quick Drying Swimming Towel (58" X 30") with Hand/Face Towel (24" X16") for Sports, Backpacking, Beach, Yoga or Bath


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  • Microfiber
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Wolfyok travel sports towels are made of high quality premium microfiber, which features soft, smooth and slippery with good hygroscopicity and nice removal efficiency of dirties. No smell, no fading, no harm to your skin, easy to wash.
  • QUICK DRYING & SUPER ABSORBENT: The Wolfyok Fast Quick Dry Towels with premium microfiber designed for quick drying and super absorbent ability, drying up 5 TIMES faster than normal terry cloth or cotton towels, can absorb tons of water, moisture, and promote rapid evaporation, ideal for sports, swim and bath.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Each Wolfyok microfiber towel set comes with a XL towel(58" X 30") and a hand towel (24" X 16"), perfect for backpacking, travel, boating, camping, swimming and other outdoor sport activities including yoga, golf and other gym sports. The small hand towel can be used to wash your cars.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT: The travel towel is extra large, full body size / oversized, it can be folded down to a 8" X 3" roll. The total weight is considerably lighter than a cotton towel, only 8 oz. Lightweight and compact makes your trips more efficient by saving space.
  • HANG LOOP & CARRYING BAG : Hanging loop lets you hang our towels easily, helping to speed up the drying process, keep towels clean and away from the floor or ground. A mesh carrying bag is included, you can package our towels set in a small size at ease. 【Warranty】 Wolfyok offers 30 day money back and 12 months worry free warranty.


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Are you looking for a compact travel or sport towel that won't take up a lot of space in your luggage or gym bag?

Do you need a quick drying and super absorbent microfiber towel for your sport activities or travel?

Wolfyok Microfiber Travel Sports Towel ! Here is what you need.

  • Premium Microfiber Material
  • Vibrant Colors with Unique Logos on Loop
  • Super Absorbent
  • Fast Drying 
  • Ultralight and Compact
  • Includes Mini Cleaning Towel and Carry Bag 

Our microfiber travel sports towel is designed for your multiple uses daily, perfect for sport activities, travel, backpacking, hiking, beach, yoga and bath! 


Wolfyok travel sports towel is made of high quality premium microfiber with good hygroscopicity, soft and gentle to the skin.

Functional Towel Set with Free Drawstring Carry Bag
Each microfiber travel sports towel set includes XL bath towel and a mini cleaning towel ( 24" X 16" ) , 2 in 1 easily package to the mesh carrying bag in a small size, makes your outdoor sport activities or travel more easy.

Compact and Lightweight
This lightweight microfiber sport travel towel is only 8 oz, it easily folds down to a 8" X 3" roll, saving space in your luggage or gym bag.

Super Absorbent and Quick Drying
High quality premium microfiber design for a quick drying and super absorbent ability, drying up faster than normal terry cloth or cotton towels, can absorb tons of water, and promote rapid evaporation.

Package included:

1 x Bath Towel (58" X 30")
1 x Mini Towel (24" X 16")
1 x Mesh Carry Bag

Product details Color: Sapphire Blue
  • Item Weight: 8 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 10.4 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
  • ASIN: B01L8RM9QQ
  • Item model number: FBA_WYTOWEL0830-03

I needed to pickup a fast drying towel for a few camping trips I was headed out on. I ended up purchasing this microfiber towel fast drying towel since it was nice and portable, came with a separate face towel, and had a convenient carrying pouch.

After having used it for quite a few of times now, I can definitely recommend this product. The product definitely does dry pretty fast, which has been incredibly handy. Especially for taking to locations that are a bit more humid or a bathroom location that doesn't have a lot of air flow.

My one / two issues though, is how uncomfortable it feels drying off with. Since it's microfiber, it doesn't really feel very nice against the skin. I also noticed if I use it to wipe off my face and then moisturize that it will leave a somewhat blue residue on my face despite having washed this towel many times.

Overall it does the job well, just a bit uncomfortable compared to your average towel at home. Since I only use it every now and then, I'll deal with the exchange of quick drying and portability.

I bought this set because I like to travel light, and this was a godsend on multiple occasions. First off, it made it much easier to pack an entire week's worth of travel baggage into a single backpack. Secondly, it really does dry quite fast. My friends and I used it to wipe up a water spill that occurred while camping, and it worked way better than a regular towel or even a sponge in that case.

I also learned a trick where you can roll up wet or damp clothes into the towel and it will dry faster, and this technique worked like a charm and saved me from having to pack extra socks and other articles of clothing. Instead, I could just roll them up in the towel, go do my own thing, and come back to (nearly) dry clothes.

All in all, a miracle product.

I've come to realize I just don't like being wet outside of the water. When I step out of the tub I just want to be dry. This towel has made me so pleased in that sense. It felt kinda weird and almost rubbery the first time I used it but then I felt how quickly it dried me off after my shower. It's like magic! Now I use it every time I shower. It wraps around my body and covers everything well. The little loop allows me to hang it on a hook and the towel itself dries almost immediately.
And for my curvy ladies out there - this will get all your curvy areas nice and dry!
As for the small towel, I use that one daily for my face towel. I always dreaded washing my face because water got all over the freaking place and down my arms. Total pet peeve. This small towel gets my face and hands dry immediately so I can get on with my skincare routine and on with my life.
If you're thinking about getting these, just do it. They're great and have a great price. I'll be purchasing more in the future.

A really nice set of towels! They are thin and lightweight but still absorbent enough to dry me off. This makes them great for packing in a bag for a trip or stuffing in a backpack on the way to the gym. The small towel is a nice bonus, I will be keeping this one on ice at my outdoor hockey games. It will make for a great mini cooling towel in the summer.

The quality of these towels is good. I think they will last for a long time if I treat them right. The carry bag will not be joining me unless I absolutely need it. The towels are a tight fit which is great for initial packaging, but not so great for everyday use. Overall these towels look and feel nice. I will continue to use them as needed and they are a big help when saving space in a suitcase. Id recommend them to anyone who works out regularly or travels with just one bag.

* Ultralight and packs down to a compact size
* Hanging loop built into towel

* Mesh bag was a little flimsy

Product Includes:
* 58" x 30" Bath Towel
* 14" x 13" Face Towel
* Mesh carrying bag

This is my second set of microfiber towel that I purchased for travel purposes. I wasn't sure if I would prefer a rolled bag versus a flat carrying bag. But after using it I can see benefits in either one. At the end of the day it'll depend on how big your suitcase is and what you happen to be packing for that particular trip.

The mesh carrying bag this came with actually fit the towel set pretty well. But you really have to roll up the towel tightly to get it to fit in. The one thing I do fear is the top mesh was a bit flimsy. It felt like it would break apart if I tried to force the towel in (when I didn't roll it tightly enough).

The color I brought this time was the royal blue color and it actually came looking really good. Now given the color was so deep I was a little worry about fabric bleeding. So I hand washed it first and it did bleed. I did wash it a few more times and than air dry it. I'll be doing that till I feel the towel set was fully broken in.

As mentioned previously, I purchased this towel set for travel purposes. I don't like to use the towels from hotels so I always bring my own set. But with limiting myself to using a carry-on only, luggage space is extremely precious. So this microfiber towel set comes in really handy since it can be packed to a much smaller size compared to regular cotton bath towels.

Now this towel set came with both a large and small towel. The large is big enough to use as a bath towel. It's actually slightly bigger than my normal cotton towel. So it fit my needs perfectly. Now I'm now used to the microfiber towel so I know it really doesn't "drag" but rather requires me to "pat" myself down. The large towel did work to dry myself. I liked that the towel has a hanging loop that I can use to hang against a hook in the bathroom. When a hook isn't available I typically take a cloth hanger and hang it off that. While the towel did dry much quicker than cotton towels it wasn't instantaneous. Essentially if I shower in the night and than hang the towel up, it'll be dry by the morning time for me to pack in my carry-on. But if I shower in the morning it wouldn't be dry in the 30min-1hr following the shower.

The second towel that came in this pack was a face towel. Even though the description said hand towel, but to me it felt more perfectly for drying water off my face. I kind of wish that they provided a medium sized towel than I could use for drying my hair.

Overall, this is a great towel set. The colors are nice and the hanging loop makes it easy to leave out to dry in the bathroom. It's great that they included a mesh carrying bag but I think if the mesh was stronger would have been even greater.

Very pleased with this product. Soft to the touch but dries as well as a normal bath towel. The product itself dries well after use.

The extra smaller towel is a nice touch and is very useful for drying face and hands without taking out the full size version.

Both roll up neatly into the included bag for easy storage/travel

Great towel, it weirds me out how good it is despite how thin it is and it really does dry quickly.

bought these to see how well they dried me and then dried off. Worked very well but not a patch on a proper towel

This was my bed friend while travelling. Small and light weight. Dried quickly.

There is a bath towel and a hand towel in the pack. They are very light and compact but surprisingly effective.

Great towel...like the hook loops big advantage over other similar products

Amazed at how absorbent these are! Use it to dry my hair (long) and it drags the water out within 15min. 100% recommend, best microfibre towel i ever used

I was looking around amazon for a towel set and this one caught my eye. The price was good and I thought it would be cool to get a fast drying towel. I got the product quickly and both the swimming towel and the hand towel came in the small mesh bag you see in the picture. At first I was quite intrigued by how a huge towel could fit in such a small bag. I opened it up and found my answer. The towels themselves are extremely thin. I would say 1.5 to 2mm. The large towel is about the size of a yoga mat and the small towel is perfectly suited to be a hand towel. I think the question on everyone's mind is about the fast drying feature of these towels. I can say that yes these towels do dry very quickly. Much quickly than your average towel. I really like these towels and would recommend it to others.

Note: the texture of the product itself is very different from a regular towel. It is made of a really soft material and it does dry very quickly but it takes a while to get used to using this towel. It is very different from your standard towel (in thickness) and it feels very different when you are drying your body with this towel. It may be a bit off putting for some. I like it but I feel like it will just take me more time to adjust to using it. Not a deal breaker but just thought it was something worth mentioning.

This was a secret Santa for a friend of mine and she loves it! She is also a gym goer.

Great for my road trip, smaller towel great for gym

First off, expectations are important here. As other reviewers have said, this set includes one full size towel and another towel that is the size of a dishtowel (see pictures). So you are not getting two full size towels for the price of one. However, this purchase is still worth it.

The material almost feels like a bed-sheet, so it's a bit off-putting to use it as a towel at first, but the wicking ability of this towel is insane. I folded the towel up, and then poured one cup of water into the middle of the towel. Once the water was fully absorbed, the water had only reached 3/4 of the way through the folded towel, and it wasn't even close to dripping wet. This towel has therefore become my daily shower towel, since it works better than any cotton or bamboo towel I've used before, and dries fast enough to avoid that musty smell you can get in a poorly ventilated bathroom.

I'll use the smaller towel to dry off when working out or running, but I'll likely struggle to find a routine use for it like I have for the full size towel.

Overall, I'm beyond pleased with this towel, and I did not expect the material to dry as well as it does. I think this material should be in every bath towel someone uses, due to it's better wicking ability, lower weight, lower relative thickness, and quicker drying on the rack.

Whether you're on a Vogon ship or sipping a pangalactic gargleblaster with your cousin on the heart of gold you should always know where your towel is. With this microfibre towel set you can do that as it easily folds up and tucks away. Added bonus is super quick to wash and dry so you can clean it quick no matter what you use it for. The snazzy colors means you'll look rather dapper with it draped around your neck. No intelgalactic hitchhiker should be without one

I have to Start by saying, it's probably my fault, so that is why the lower star. I choose the size, and it isn't as big as I thought it would be. I used a combo of reviews,/price point. Other than that the product does appear to be just fine. Due to the smaller size, I'm going to give them to our Grandkids, instead of returning them. They are long enough, but not wide enough on the sides, and I'm normal, not hugely overweight. I did like the idea of 2 towels but to pay more doesn't interest me. I also bought another brand for just under 21.00$,and that towel is much larger, I didn't choose, it was the one size. It does appear to be of good quality, just double check the size you would need.

I intended to use this as a travel towel but until I have a destination this is a great gym towel. I doesn't drip when wet like other towel so I feel fine rolling it back up into my gym bag to take home without finding a trail of water following me home from the gym. I lent this to my sister when she volunteered in Trinidad. When she came back she told me that the other students in her volunteer group were envious of this towel. Since it was so humid there most of their towels didn't fully dry and ended up smelling pretty awful really quickly. This towel was the only one that survived the week.

Bought the size L towel (which comes with the much smaller facecloth-style towel) as part of a large order of basic travel equipment and this magic product has become perhaps my favourite travel tool I have. The size L is perfect for backpack traveling - large enough to be used as a bath or even beach towel while not taking up too too much room in a backpack. This towel will perfectly dry you off form head to toe and will practically be as dry as it was before. As a traveler, there is no feeling of cleanliness like being dry after having been soaked and dirty, and this towel is the trusty deliverer of cleanliness and dryness to all travellers wise enough to pack it with them.

A common complaint with microfibre towels is that they aren't comfy and/or soft. Not true. At least, not true with this model. This model is soft and comfy and I even intend on using it as a blanket when I need to sleep somewhere that does not have blankets (i.e. trains, planes, transit stations on long layovers, list goes on). It isn't truly long enough or warm enough to be a real blanket, but it is certainly a viable alternative in a pinch and beats the alternative of freezing in the AC of a frigid airplane cabin.

Enough talk; bottom line: this towel is my new travel companion, and, like traveling with a close friend, I can't wait for the adventures we will share together.