Authenzo Candle Lighter, Electric Lighter with USB and LED Flashlight, Rechargeable Lighter, Long Arc Flexible Lighter for Candle, Camping Cooking BBQ Fireworks


  • Rechargeable & Wind-proof: electric lighter can be rechargeable, an ideal lighting tool in bad weather or outdoor. An electric arc lighter is better than 500 traditional butane lighters.
  • Durable Battery & Battery Display LED Lights: Display lights can show the battery charging situation. 5 LED lights show that it is fully charged. A full charging electric lighter can work over 500 times.
  • Safety Protection & Environmentally Friendly Design: No flame, no butane, no pollution;Less noise; The safety switch design is safe for you and children preventing from misusing.
  • A Back-up Flashlight: A built-in LED area flashlight could help deal with special lightless scenes
  • Gift Packing: The rechargeable electric lighter comes with gift packing. Our instruction manual is printed directly on the back of the box. Simple but Luxury


Brand: Authenzo

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Wind & Splash Proof

No butane, no flame, no fuel, no smell.

An ideal lighter at outside activities.

Longer Flexible Neck

Our upgraded lighter long has a long flexible neck ( 3.7 inches). It is easily rotated 360 degrees for different lighting needs, like lightening a candle in a bottle.

Safety Protection and Backup Flashlight Design

Safety switch design keep your kids away from the danger and flame. Backup Flashlight can lighten up in the dark environment.

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Original Best Festival Gift

Superior Safety, the safety switch keeps your fingers away from the flame.

Authenzo Electric lighter protect our families, friends and our blue planet.

It is a ideal gifts for everyone.

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Product details
  • Product Dimensions: 8.7 x 0.5 x 1 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 4 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
  • ASIN: B08623QNR1
  • UPC: 680727728366
  • Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)


A nice and small control area which is great for lighting birthday cake candles without causing a bunch of extra wax melting.

Really cool! An important thing in the instructions is that you can't hold it for more than 7 seconds. Presuming it's going to cause damage to the unit, you have to back off the switch when you're doing something like a dozen candles. Because it is so much more convenient than a match or a lighter fluid-fueled lighter, this should be the standard for any sort of candle lighting, lighting a gas burner, water heater or central heating pilot light, etc.

As for safety, it's massively more safe! When you light a match, you've got this big ol hunkin' flame all over the place. This unit is very focused and you light what you want to light without heating up other things unnecessarily. It doesn't matter which way is up either. Since a match's flame always wants to go upward, if you are lighting at an angle or upside down, you've got a problem where the flame is going to places it shouldn't be (maybe towards your fingers). This electronic lighter overcomes that problem.


I never thought I get excited over something like this but I'm absolutely thrilled with it.

I should probably also note that it did arrive with a nearly full charge. It's never good to allow rechargeable batteries to go completely dead, always keep it charged up above 20%.

 I was looking for one of those windproof lighters that are like a mini-torch, but I decided on this type instead. I think it has a few advantages that make it a better choice. The obvious advantage being that it doesn’t require refueling with butane, but another possibly overlooked advantage is that I can travel with this lighter and it is no more dangerous to an aircraft than my phone’s battery pack. There are FAA rules prohibiting windproof butane lighters on airplanes even in checked luggage, so since I plan on using this during family backpacking trips, it made more sense to go with this electric type.
Around the house it works perfectly on gas stoves, incense, candles and ever fireworks. It will easily light paper, but it won’t like wood like kindling without some serious effort, so it’s best to start with leaves and dried moss if you’re using it for a camp fire. However, it works fantastically for ISO Butane stoves without any worries about singeing yourself during startup, and if you happen to be trying to light something in dark conditions, the little LED lamp is really helpful.

 This lighter is high quality and would make a nice gift. The box itself is elegant. I love that the lighter is windproof and doesn’t need butane. You simply charge the lighter with the included USB cable. I already owned a windproof lighter, but it didn’t have a flexible neck. The flexible neck on this product makes it much easier to light candles (especially if the wick is low!). I think this will last a lot longer than traditional butane lighters that run out of fuel. Easy to use, safe, and I’ll definitely buy more as gifts.

I ordered this lighter at the recommendation of a friend who goes camping a lot. After using it for a variety of things, I too recommend it and here's why:
-No fuel, just electricity. The number one selling point of this lighter is that you can easily refill it just by plugging it in. There's no need to throw it away when it runs out of power and no trip to the store to find lighter fluid. There's no flint to replace either.
-It has an on/off switch to prevent you (or your children) from accidentally igniting it. The location and ease of this lock on the side is a great feature that makes me feel a lot more comfortable tossing it in a backpack. Plus, I don't have to worry about fuel leaking out!
-The flashlight is super bright. It can cleaely be seen during the day.
-The "flame" is small but works very well. I was easily able to light multi-wick candies without needing to maneuver much to make contact.
-The head is flexible and feels study. I'm not worried that it will wear out and become limp. It's a bit short, but there's no real need to have it any longer unless you are trying to light something farther away.
-There's no smell from the lighter!

Overall, this is a solid addition to any camping kit. It would also fit will in any home that uses candles frequently or if you need to light a grill. Don't hesitate if you are tired of buying matches and lighters.

My multi purpose lighter from 99 cents store was broken. So I was gonna get a new one then learned about this product. I never used this kind of lighter before so I just gave it a try and I am one satisfied customer now. I usually just use it to light my candles, so the flexible neck is a perfect feature. The packaging is also nice so I could definitely gift someone this lighter. Too bad they don't have different color options to choose from.

*Flexible neck
*Rechargeable and long lasting battery for up to 500 of uses
*On/Off switch for safety measures
*Battery indicator

*USB cable is kinda short but that's not a big issue

This little electric lighter is a fantastic buy. I bought it originally to include in my camping gear, so that I would not have to worry about running out of matches, not being able to light wet matches, or having gusts of wind blow out my matches before I get things to light. It works really well for lighting tinder for starting fires. It also easily lights the wad of newspaper I use to start my charcoal chimney to BBQ. It keeps powered for a very long time on a single charge, but if necessary is easily chargeable with the battery power bank that I bring with me on camping trips. It's so easy to use that I've actually started using it around the house to light candles, the flexible neck makes it pretty easy to reach the wick on used candles. I love this little lighter. I highly recommend it.