HotHands Hand Warmers, 10 Count (5 Pack with 2 Warmers per Pack)


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  • Ideal for skiers, fishermen, hunters, campers,
  • construction workers and all outdoor activities.
  • Easily fits inside your gloves or pocket to bring quick and gentle natural heat.
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Up to 10 hours of heat. This bundle includes 5-Packages of two-packs. HotHands, the leader in portable air-activated heating products. Ideal for skiers, fishermen, hunters, campers, construction workers and all outdoor activities. Easily fits inside your gloves or pocket to bring quick and gentle natural heat. Easily fits inside your gloves or pocket to bring quick and gentle natural heat.

Product details Size: 5 Pairs ( 10 Warmers)
  • Product Dimensions: 5.6 x 4.2 x 1.5 inches ; 8 ounces
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  • ASIN: B00PGBN11S
  • Item model number: HotHands 10 count 5 pack with 2 warmers
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Product is very good and does what it says, but pay very close attention to how many you are actually getting. I ordered too quickly as I order these hot packs regularly form Amazon using the best deal. These deals have recently changed. Typically a "pack" means a "pair" and are sold in "set of pairs" but in this instance it means *one* hand warmer so the "10 pack" is actually 5 packs (of 2 pairs). The seller is very clear in his written description that you are getting only 5 pairs, 10 warmers...which I honestly should have read more closely. But the little icon with the "10 count" was misleading to me because I had been ordering "10 pack" with the same icon from other sellers and getting 20 warmers. Also, these are not manufacturer packs but a reseller manually packaging warmer pairs into arbitrary packs (hence 10 pack means 5 pack pairs...the manufacturers sell these in actual 10 pack bundles in packaging from the manufacturer). Perfectly legal reselling, but another reason to really, really pay attention to the amount you will be getting. I typically get these in the store at 99cents per pack (2 pairs in a pack)...I paid nearly double with this "10 count" deal of 10 warmers. Again, seller was clear in the written description but my eye caught the "10 count" icon which looks identical to the "10 pack" icon and mentally assumed a pack meant the usual pair without closer reading. This icon should be changed or removed.

These things last for a long time. The package says up to 10 hours of heat and I think that’s probably true (haven’t timed it myself). However, they take a very long time to get hot. And they won’t work right if you try to use them while they warm up. The instructions tell you to shake them and allow the air to interact with the chemicals inside. I went through several packs, and the best way is to shake them every few minutes and leave them out of your hands, pockets, gloves, etc. They really do need the O2 to get going. If you try to put these in your hands while they warm up they’ll never get hot enough.

Great warmers! These last for ten hours or so. I put them inside my winter biking gloves and they keep my hands toasty. When I'm done cycling I place them inside my jean pockets and warm my hands now and then. Great buy! My only complaint is that the warmers and the wrapping all go into that GIANT pile of plastic trash floating around the oceans.

I've known for a while that I have bad circulation, so I ordered a small amount of the handwarmers as I did not know if they would really work or not. I have a problem with my hands in that despite wearing heavy duty winter gloves, I'm losing the feeling in my fingers - as a matter of fact, if I'm walking my dog, my fingers go numb - even though we may only be outside 20-25 minutes. So, I ordered a small package of these to see if they worked. Well, they sure do. I followed someone else's advice, removed them from the outer wrapper and let them sit on the table for 15-20 minutes. I inserted them into my gloves and must say they sure helped a great deal. The tips of my fingers in the gloves still got a bit cold but nothing to the extent that I had been experiencing. I couldn't get over the fact that the pads do stay warm for several hours afterwards as well. I put them in my slippers once I was in the house. I'm hooked!

These handwarmers did get warm, but they left glittery silver residue all over my hands and anything else they touched. I believe it was part the metal filling. I used Grabber Handwarmers on the same trip, and they got slightly warmer, lasted about an hour longer, and did not leave glittery silver residue.

Update. Change 1 star to 3. Seems if you keep the warmers in your pocket for awhile (I keep it in my jacket pocket), the warmers will heat up, but once you start grasping it and holding it to get the warmth for a few minutes, it will dissipate back to room temperature again. So some use but a lot of room for improvement!

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Don't waste your money! These things DON'T really get close to warm, they get slightly warmer than room temperature and maybe a bit warmer if you keep it against your body like in your pant pocket against your thighs to attract your thigh heat. I'm thinking they're the crushed powder form of Thermacare heat wraps that you use to wrap around your muscle sores, but they require your own body heat to generate heat! Just holding these supposedly hand warmers don't generate enough heat just from your hands!

Okay now these hand warmers are no good!! I bought 2 packs for the baseball team and they were a complete fail. It says to shake them until they warm up and it should take 15-30 minutes for full warmth. We were all shacking them continuoulsy and they were no warmer then the heat my hands were giving from shaking them. It was embarrasing as another family brought some from costco and theirs got warm in minutes. DONT waste your money on these.

These are so great. It's amazing how hot they get! I have Reynaud's syndrome which means I lose my circulation easily to my fingers, which can turn a chill into dangerous situation. I have to get circulation going again, and quickly, whenever a finger loses it, or else I lose the finger if it goes for too long! The best way to restore circulation is through direct heat, the higher the better. These do the trick and keep working for hours! You can stuff them in your sleeping bag if you're camping in the cold and it'll keep you warm, or you can slide them in your hat, your gloves, jacket.. anything really! Definitely don't store your phone in the same pocket as one of these babies because it can screw up your battery. That's how freakin' hot it gets! (Learned my lesson the hard way.) Keep a pack of ten in your car for emergencies or take them with you hiking or camping or any other cold weather outdoor activity. They'll never let you down!