Lighter, Electric Arc Lighter USB Rechargeable Lighter Windproof Flameless Lighter Plasma Lighter with Battery Indicator (Upgraded) for Fire, Cigarette, Candle - Outdoors Indoors (S1700)


  • Unique & Elegant: Original, portable, rechargeable lighter with a sleek design in compact size of 3.15” x 0.98” x 0.51”
  • Dual-arc with Upward Electrodes: Powerful dual-arc with new plasma technology, light in no time. Upgrade with the UPWARD electrodes opening, making it more convenient in ignitions for outdoors and indoors, fire, cigarettes, candles or in other flat surfaces
  • Power Indicator & Long Battery Life: UPGRADED with 4 LED battery indicators. High quality battery cycle lasts over 600 charges, which saving a big budget on butane/gas lighters or cheaply made arc lighters
  • Windproof, Reliable & Safe: No butane/gas is required, works by creating dual electric arcs which is unaffected even by high wind. 7 seconds auto-shut-off ensures a safety use that prevents high temperature damage. Safe and easy to use
  • What You Get: 1 x Sipoe Arc Lighter, 1 x small Brush, 1 x USB cable. 100% quality inspected. We offer 12-month product warranty. Register it now to extend warranty


Brand: Sipoe

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A new kind of lighter designed by Sipoe

Windproof, Flameless, Rechargeable

Lighter Designed for fire, not only for smoking. We believe that everyone can own a delightful lighter, not just for cigarettes. Ignition is easier on an electric lighter.

Smart & Powerful

Butane-free made hassle-free. That's the one for you!

On a whole new level

Explore some new techniques to help you take even better ones.

The ultimate Lighters

  • A compact size of 3.15” x 0.98” x 0.51”
  • Powerful dual-arc with plasma technology, light in no time
  • Upgraded battery status indicator-4 Blue lights
  • USB rechargeable, battery life lasts 600~800 charges
  • Upward-electrodes makes ignition more convenient
  • True windproof design works anywhere
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What Makes an Electric Lighter Different

Windproof Lighter

rechargeable lighters

rechargeable Lighter with battery display

Safety lighter

Windproof arc-flame

Flameless made effortless on windy days. True windproof lighters.

USB Charging - multiple ways

Charging from your computer, USB charger, Power bank, Car charger.

Battery Display

Never miss out a chance to charge it in advance.

Safety Mode

Long press ignition button over 7 seconds will auto-shut-off power.

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Explore it, get the most out of your lighter.

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Product details Size: S1700
  • Shipping Weight: 4 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
  • ASIN: B07L61G21Q
  • Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

UPDATE 11/04
This is my first electric lighter, which I have ordered over four months ago. Yes, it still works great! I'd like to give more further points.

+ The design is very elegant and slim. Exactly as described and illustrated in the photo.
+ No beep noise, at least for me is OK
+ It does not wobble or feels cheap, on the contrary, pretty solid. I like its weight which makes you feel that it is worth more than $15
+ Cigarettes or other materials can be ignited by the oblique arrangement of the electrodes without problems
+ Battery indicator is very convenient for you both in using or charging
+ Packaging is appropriate and also perfect for being packaged as a gift from Amazon

- A small problem is that when charge it, you'd better plug the cord into the USB port gently, it is half plug-in design.

To the good end, a very nice and practical accessories regardless of smoking or not.

This lighter was well designed and feels very durable.

Pros: 1. This X design is much better and easier to use than the other I
2. Doesn't allow you to light it when the top cover is closed/shut.

Cons: 1: The same like any other rechargeable unit or device, the battery
gradually drains itself overtime. So, make sure to check the battery
level often.

Was looking for a good Lighter. I'm tired of the regular ones... always refill it. So this is really a great solution. Easy to use, easy to charge. Cool design and hold the charge well.
By the way, it comes in the nice box. So it can be used as a gift))

Great little lighter. It has a nice hand feel, bit more importantly it works in high winds. I used it in my last backpacking trip and the Bic wouldn’t get the job done but this little Sipoe Electric windproof lighter lit that campfire right up. My smoking friends kept asking to borrow it all night because of its cool factor and functionality. Totally worth a purchase in my opinion

I must add to my initial essay:
When Amazon learned of my disability they refunded the price without asking me to return the defective lighter. Grazie.

This serves as a warning. A warning that others have posted about but I chose to ignore; to take my chances. You see I am an invalid and Amazon supplies me with almost everything I need. There are risks and those of you who are disabled or quite old will concur: we must often waste money because the world doesn’t conform, let alone notice, and that everyday chores which well people do unconsciously are unsurmountable to us. So I won’t return the lighter. To manage a return involves hiring someone to print the label, packaging the defective item, and waiting for a shipping company. Easily a hundred bucks. For that price my lighter should be sterling; should be beautiful; it should work.

Okay. Details. The lighter arrived two days ago fully charged. It’s beautiful, elegant, and arrives in a sturdy gift box with a USB charger cord and a small brush. A flip of the cap. Dazzling blue lights come alive up one side indicating battery percentage and the ignite swith. I smoked more than usual that night because lighting up with this flameless Star-Trek-type item was cool. And fun.

I plugged it in to charge and the battery lights indicator came on. The lights wax and wane like the tide. Again, cool. It charged fully with four round balls of blue light in just about 25 minutes. I smoked some more.

That’s the last time it charged. At first, moving the cord around in the charge port would make the blue lights flash on for a moment but within minutes even that wouldn’t work. The lighter simply won’t charge. It’s now dead. Beautiful but useless. So my attempt to stop using plastic disposable lighters is a crash/burn.

With no fire.

As you read reviews you’ll note that half of them love this lighter snd half of us bought a worthless piece of technology.

The question for you is: do you feel lucky?

I was tired of replacing the fuel so I bought it.It only needs 2 hr to fully charge and great lighter charge lasts more than one week.It's actually windproof,I tried but could not blow the arc out.And it looks pretty cool.

 Slim, polished, flameless lighter. It is rechargeable. When you flip the top, you will see two double arcs. We all know what lighters do. So, the extra specs for this one:
Elegant style, flamesless, rechargeable,four blue lights to tell percentive of charging left, one larger blue button is the on button. You need to keep your thumb on the power switch the whole time you are using the lighter... that's a big safety issue. As soon as you release the button, the heating arcs turn off. Windproof, waterproof up to 70%. Just watch the percent of your charge. Mine is not used daily, so it will hold a full charge about 5 days for me. Love it!