Carbofox Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles - Ultralight, Shock-Absorbent, Hiking, Walking Sticks - Durable & Adjustable with External Quick Lock Mechanism


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  • EXTRA LIGHTWEIGHT and STRONG – Each hiking pole weights about 7.1 oz. It is Made with nano-compound carbon fiber 66% turbo – more durable than traditional carbon poles. Carbon is a natural damper in comparison with loud anti-shock springs.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT – Each walking pole is collapsible. The poles are way more durable compared to folding sticks. Quick flip-lock mechanism allows to adjust length of trekking poles between 24 and 51 inches. Ideal hiking sticks for men, women and children.
  • BEAR EXTRA WEIGHT – every trekking pole is designed to support more than 155 lbs. This is the best solution for fitness and Nordic walking exercises. All trekking poles tested with extreme pressure in our laboratory. They will not let you down!
  • COMFORTABLE – The ergonomic non-slippery foam handle absorbs moisture and provides comfort for your hands during long outdoor walks.
  • WARRANTY – if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason – we will refund in full within 30 days. Carbofox Hiking Poles are covered by one year warranty against manufacturer defects.


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Carbofox Hiking Poles are the most Light and Strong Trekking poles available on the US Market! Sold by pair, packed with love for mountains and customers.

  • - Collapsed size: 24 inches (60 cm)
  • - Extended size: 54 inches (130 cm)
  • - Weight: 7.6 ounces per pole – 15.2 ounces for 2 poles – Under 1 pound!

Each pole is only 7.6oz – that is less than any aluminum pole. It has a reliable quick-lock system which is the great mixture of simplicity and security. After undergoing multiple tests for pole strength the data shows that the 18mm diameter can bear the weight of more than 180kg.
We are the first to implement the quick-lock poles with twisted lock. It is secure and easy to open. Patents are pending for the quick-lock system pole in Europe (NO.002113381-0001) and China (NO.201220350427.0).
Poles are adjustable from 24.4 to 54 inches and feature a smart-lock height adjustment that can be used by both men and women. Because of the weight, they will also work well for children. Thanks to the easy-lock height adjustment these poles are perfect for everyone.
Comfortable, ergonomically designed EVA handles provide all-day comfort and come with adjustable wrist-straps, that prevents you from dropping them accidentally.

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  • ASIN: B01M28R0W9

As expected with this kind of clamping mechanism for length adjustment, there is a knurled knob on each clamp that you can turn to determine how tightly the clamp holds. Set for a strong enough hold to take my full weight, they are still easy to clamp and unclamp. The hand grips are comfortable, and they do not smell. These poles weigh approximately nothing, and collapse down to a size one can easily carry in hand or strapped to any kind of a pack. They appear to be of good quality, and slide smoothly when you set the length. On impact with the ground, vibration through the poles is very much less than that of some aluminum poles I bought a few years ago at a similar price.

5 far. The Carbofox Carbon Fiber Hiking poles arrived promptly and they seem very well made - light, strong and flexible. That said, I've yet to take them out on the street. Full disclosure, here...I'm not a hiker. I walk the city streets for my daily exercise. I bought my Carbofox poles to take some pressure off my geriatric knees. My wife thinks I look silly striding through out intra-urban neighborhood swinging poles like a cross-country skier. I say, if poles prolong the life of my knee joints, I'm will to endure the mocking of Millennials, Gen-Xers and lifelong athletes like my wife.

I want to love these and I'm hoping someone can advise me on my issue so I can increase my rating.

If I lean forward and bear weight on the sticks, they collapse even though the clamps are locked down.

I normally walk with a cane and purchased these due to the reviews saying how sturdy and strong the individual sticks are as I need to be able to count on an individual one catching me.

I did my first walk with them and when I need to stop and stretch, I bend forward and put my weight on them, they collapse. I'm not overly heavy.

Is there anyway to tighten the clamps down further so this doesn't happen?

Otherwise, they are great and lightweight. As a person who has neuropathy in their hands, the handles are a little tricky. I wish the tops were a little longer so I could. Change my grip and get more support, but I expect for folks without my issue, they'd be very comfortable.

I have had the "Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork" $170 poles and the Carbofox are compatible with the BD, the only difference would be that the Carboxfox does not have flexible carbide tips in case it breaks or bends.... although I wonder if those would fit, but I doubt it.

I returned the BD Alpine Carbon Cork as the handle was a bit hard and uncomfortable due to the Cork being hard. So I got this much less expensive ones... Have not use them but I can see they are well build, light and durable... Will update more after I have used them for awhile.

Also the Carbofox foam handle is really good and comfortable. I wish the Carbofox had two things: An antishock option and the ability to switch the carbide tips so as to be able to put Leki or BD tips in case it breaks or to preserve the life of the poles.. Otherwise this seems a very good buy.

The foam issues some people were complaining about that they were supposed to be split, as you can notice on the picture if you look closely..... Those issues as far as I am concerned are gone... I notice the foam handle piece is only ONE piece, so its not split in two as appears on the picture and the comments, so apparently they change that part. The foam handle looks pretty solid and robust... pretty similar to the Leki handles.

My pair are still going strong after 2 years and many hikes including Mt. Whitney...
I just bought another pair but for some reason the poles seem very slightly more flexible then the first ones I got... (I did a test with both poles old and new... and leaned all my weight over) don't know if it is because they are knew or because the materials they were made with made them slightly more flexible.
Everything else seems the same and still look strong... but just I wonder if the'll be as strong as the first ones I got as there is that slight flex when leaning over all my weight... Not as much as other carbon poles out there but they are not as rigid as the first batch...

Great product, very durable, solid quality.

My first tracking poles. Both myself (5’2’’, 100lbs) and spouse (6 feet, 190lbs) been using for it a month now and really enjoying it so far. Height is easily adjustable and quick lock can be tightened to make sure height level stays the same. Again, only been using it for about a month but quality seems to be solid.

I went out on a 7mi back country hike in snow conditions and the poles are strong and very light. However, the handles are not stable at all the foam came free and slid half way down the top portion of the pole while I was trying to accent at a 30deg+ incline.

No issues supporting my 245lb frame. Total feeling of confidence trusting these adjustable poles. Even with two bad knees, I'm hiking again because I have been able to trust on these poles to catch my weight on propelling uphill and support downhill. The Quick flip-lock mechanism is a breeze to adjust and the marking lines on the poles makes it easy finding the right length after the poles have been collapsed. Grips and wrist straps comfortable and straps easy to adjust.

I just had a chance to try out my new Carbofox Carbon hiking poles. We had one of the first snowstorms this winter and I thought I would be housebound for another weekend. Instead, I dressed up and went for my usual walk. The poles are extremely lightweight and are no strain on my arms. The grips are contoured to my hands and even with gloves they remain securely in place. The height adjustment is simple and the locking mechanism hold sturdy even in 6F weather. The poles come with snow cups. They feel like a well-made product that would last.

I can honestly say for the price these are the best poles. I’m sure they are going to be just as great in summer as I often go through heavily-forested areas where leaves, loose soil and brush undermine my footing. I highly recommend these poles to any outdoor enthusiasts and casual walkers as they will only make your outdoor experience that much better!