Azarxis 25KN Aluminum D-Ring Locking Climbing Carabiner Clip Rated 5511 LBS, Heavy Duty Large & Durable Strong Rock Hook Carabiner Set Screw Gate Buckle for Outdoor Hammock Rocking Camping


AZARXIS is an outdoor sports brand that advocates "ENJOY SPORTS, ENJOY OUTDOORS ADVENTURES". It has been committed to the research and development of running equipment and outdoor sports products. AZARXIS provides convenience and protection for your outdoor adventures. BETTER ENJOY SPORTS! BETTER ENJOY OUTDOOR ADVENTURES!

25KN Auto-Locking Carabiner

The Rock Climbing Carabiner is ideal for a variety of Adventure Activities, including Rock Climbing, Downhill, Rescue, Swing and Aerial Yoga, as well as Regular Outdoor Activities such as Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Hammock Hanging. It is also suitable for Keeping Dog Leashes.

Why Choose Azarxis Climbing Carabiner

※ Security: CE certification

※ Material: 7075 aluminum alloy

※ Loaded Strength:

Major Axis Strength -- 25KN (about 5511 lbs / 2500 kg)

Cross-Loaded Strength -- 7KN (about 1543 lbs / 700 kg)

※ Features: High Strength, Heavy Duty, Easy to Carry, Lightweight

Lightweight Carabiner

The high quarity aluminum alloy is lightweight and strong, making it ideal for those who like to explore, such as climbing, because the extra weight can put a drag on the climb, and the lightweight carabiner is very friendly to the explorer.

Each carabiner weighs only 2.19 ounces / 62g. Very light weight, it minimizes your outdoor gear.

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Non-Slip Screw Threaded Locking Gate

The carabiner has a threaded sleeve above the gate. The screw thread design, non-slip, easy to lock.

The gate can be locked in the closed position to provide additional protection against accidental door openings.

D-shape design is more powerful and stronger.

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Compact & Portable Design

The rugged carabiner is ideal for everyday use, pinning dog leashes, swings, aerial dance settings, etc.

Screw Threaded Locking Gate

The screw threaded locking gate makes the carabiner difficult to slide and open, safer and more reliable, ideal for long distance climbing, hiking, camping, caving, downhill, etc.

High Quality 7075 Aluminum Alloy Material

7075 aluminum alloy is lightweight, hard and durable. Compared with other climbing equipment (such as rope), the heavy duty aluminum carabiner is very important for its strength rating and suitable for wide use.

Read more 000 111 222 333 Hammock Carabiners Locking Hammock Carabiner Locking Rock Climbing Carabiner Locking Rock Climbing Carabiner Type Wiregate Screwgate Twistlock Twistlock Weight Limit (lbs) 2646 2646 5511 5511 Rating (KN) 12 12 25 25 Locking No Yes Yes Yes Size (inch) 3.35 × 1.97 inch 3.19 × 1.83 inch 3.94 × 2.28 inch 3.94 × 2.28 inch Weight per Piece (oz.) 0.74 0.87 2.19 2.19 Quantity (Pieces) 4 2 2 4 Application Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Keychain, Dog Leash Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Keychain, Dog Leash Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Swing, Rescue, Aerial Yoga Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Swing, Rescue, Aerial Yoga Available Colors Black, Blue, Green, Orange Blue, Red, Silver Black, Blue Black, Blue
Product details Color: Blue - 4 Pack
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strong, light and worth the asking price

I love the color of them and how easy they was to work

They work for me

Nicely made, easy to use

I liked the quality and the colour combination

Great Value! i wasn't expecting it to be this good. I bought the double pack because it was cheaper than a single biner from other companies. The screw down gate works well and the 'dovetail' tongue and groove for the gate is good. When buying a caribiner that you'll depend on, you need a strong gate, and strong steel. This has both.

I'm going Climbing with this soon and will Update with pictures here and a video on my YouTube Chanel.

Thanks for the great product!

For the price these are hard to beat. Top quality

Very good